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Robert Johansson • 10 months ago

Murder by mob mentality basically.
Pretty common issue when it challenges some truth of myths people hold.

marcdraco • 1 year ago

They're after Lawrence Kraus now. I don't fully understand the logic of these people but bloody groupthink comes to mind.

I can see a couple of (female) scientists I absolutely love (look up to and learn from) unfollowing me because I'm urging restraint.

Bobdisqus • 1 year ago

One more for the list.

Researcher forced to resign over study that found no bias in police shootings

memes_n_genes • 1 year ago

Just listened to the podcast. "I won't stop blogging" -- Great! We really appreciate it, and I've personally learned a huge amount from your blog. Now is the time to do more projects and share more ideas.

Reese Vaughn • 1 year ago

Bookmarked your blog as a result of reading the Quillette.com story today. I am so sorry for the spinelessness of your university and the stupidity of its graduate employee union.

John Dragon • 1 year ago

I recently ran across Ted Kaczynski's analysis of leftism from his manifesto and was amazed at how insightful and prophetic it is. The psychological motivation of leftism, as a means to power for over-socialized people who see no other way to express their power drive except by imposing their morality on others, and its quasi-religious nature, are well explained. Read excerpts here: https://genius.com/Unabombe...

Kevin • 1 year ago

Read it. Remarkably perceptive analysis (and prescient).

Mark Miller • 1 year ago

Technological Slavery was a good read, too. Steve and Corey discussed it with another guest on their podcast, who unfortunately didn't do a very good job of making Kaczynski's case. While the nature of Leftism is increasingly evident to even casual observers today, nothing has resolved my ambivalence on Kaczyinski's core thesis: on one hand, man should be overcome and resisting a post-human future seems retrograde. On the other hand, healthy specimens (or species) do not court suicide.

You should read Bronze Age Mindset :) Or at least the Claremont Review article about the author:

David Coughlin • 1 year ago

Two weeks later and I'm still aghast at how this went down. It was unconscionable. It's hard to even process because it shows that the whole system is freewheeling without accountability.

LondonYoung • 1 year ago

Galileo peered through his telescope and saw phases of venus and moons around jupiter and said "well, this is evidence in favor of copernicus' heliocentrism" - but, at the same time, it seemed the stars would have to be way too big to be so far away and reflect so much light from the sun ... but - no - the idea of the earth at the center of creation was not to be questioned

Kevin • 1 year ago

Frankly, only the timing was surprising. I did not expect that the cultural marxism of 2017's Evergreen State would take over quite this quickly. The soft Left (traditional academics, old media types, etc.) has never had either the desire or the will to discipline their more radical young'uns, so here we are.

The monster turning on Dr. Frankenstein - and the rest of us in the bargain.

Bobdisqus • 1 year ago

Jordan Peterson:
Missives of Appalling Idiocy and Envy Embarrassing to Behold

I have suspected for years that the STEM fields posed the most dangerous threat possible to the unopposed dominance of politically correct sociological idiocy over the entirety of the university environment, basing their claim to validity on recognition of something approximating a universally accessible objective reality. That claim is too powerful to go unchallenged in today’s climate of moral self-flagellating among those, particularly common in the ranks of university administrators, who want all the advantages of the power high-ranking hierarchical positions provide, but none of the hypothetical moral baggage that are part and parcel of the prejudicial and patriarchal structure that gave rise to those positions. The proper solution? Continual apology for the sins of others who occupy equivalent or superior positions, conjoined with a willingness to damage the reputation of those miscreants, and to force them into an apologetic stance—or even to apologize for their own unearned privilege, as long as that does not result in any true sacrifice of power, income or authority.


nonessential human • 1 year ago

Weird, I just read that article last night and it eventually lead me to this thread.

yulva • 1 year ago

Bezos did not realize that someday they will come for him?

June 6: Jeff Bezos explains his support for Black Lives Matter https://www.dailymail.co.uk...

1 hour ago: Activists Set Up Guillotine In Front Of Jeff Bezos’s D.C. Home, Call For Amazon To Be Abolished


Bezos: Wake up brother…it’s mob rule right now

Mark Miller • 1 year ago

Couldn't happen to a more woke <expletive here="">

Bobdisqus • 1 year ago


Hi LondonYoung i am interested in your thoughts on oil/gas, and specifically US production.


Rig count

LondonYoung • 1 year ago

Thought two: US oil/gas tend to have bad capital structures. This is probably best illustrated by the recent Major League Baseball dispute. Players contend: MLB is very profitable, and players don't want to take further pay cuts. Owners contend: owners won't make any money unless the players take more pay cuts. Both sides are, of course, right!

Imagine that a ball club produces $100 of revenue and divides it 50/50: giving $50 to the players and $50 to the owner. Then, one day the owner sells. The new owner points to $50 of recurring revenue and borrows to buy the club pledging the first $30 of his revenue share each year to a bank, and pocketing the marginal $20. At a later date, the total revenue falls to only $50 for the club. You should be able to see the problem ... To the players $25 is better than nothing, but that is not true for the new owner - for him, it is the same as nothing.

This is basically the problem of many oil/gas companies in the US right now.

LondonYoung • 1 year ago

Two thoughts. Thought one: The US is not a low cost producer, so in a depressed price environment we shut down first. This is likely being exacerbated by fear of a democratic administration taking office in 2021 which will likely take steps to make U.S. production even more uncompetitive.

Bobdisqus • 1 year ago

I am looking at the title of "THAT BLOG POST" and thinking how interesting it is. So in a way (not the one you intended) it has, and the question is what are you going to do now that you are free? Physicist can do stuff!


bourbaki • 1 year ago

More intolerance.




LeCun apologizes, but not using the precise words/thoughts Gebru demands, so another intolerant twitter mob ensues. The irony is that PULSE makes faces more white. So wouldn’t this be acceptable for criminal detection? LeCun is actually quite woke himself, so I love seeing the cancers eat themselves.

Brendan Frisk Dubsky • 1 year ago

As a long time follower of the blog and subsequently the podcast, I'm appalled that this has happened to you, but also immensely grateful on a personal level that you insist on your innocence and refuse to grovel for the mob. The silence or even active participation in this madness from what should be the world's main intellectual institutions serves to gaslight me and (I'm sure) countless other still sane academics all over the world, so the importance of voices such as yourself and the prominent scholars who signed the petition in your support can't be overstated.

Peter Gerdes • 1 year ago

Out of curiosity do you think Stanley genuinely felt it was appropriate to fire you or was he simply trying to pacify the mob with your head because he wasn’t willing to stand up to them?

P.S. I know it’s selfish but I really hope that your great podcast continues after you’ve had some time to process this.

Peter Gerdes • 1 year ago

I’m sorry and appalled. I passed the petition along to my friends but was in the middle of deciding if it would be beneficial to sign given I’m not currently associated with a university (we figured it was better for both of us to focus on my wife’s career and it’s easier for me to do my math research without teaching) when everything went down. Sorry about that.

Anyway, let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

ForBetterWorld • 1 year ago

Steve should sue GEU and MSU for any financial damage and mental distress.

BobSykes • 1 year ago

Mass hysteria is the normal state of any people.

allthat • 1 year ago

Thank you for standing up to fascists.

Bobdisqus • 1 year ago

Jillian Kay Melchior, the name seemed familiar so i though i would give it a search here on Info Proc and sure enough i had seen it before. I trust this is not coincidence. It is good to have friends who will stand by you in the face of the mob.

Laurent C. A. Melchior Tellier

steve hsu • 1 year ago

No relation. It is a coincidence.

jmcb • 1 year ago

You haven't done a single thing wrong. You have shown excellent moral and scientific clarity. Please do not make the mistake of trying to invent an apology for anything. You will be vindicated one day, and when that day comes, it will be better if you have not made any false confessions.

Kate Chang • 1 year ago

The presumption of innocence is a basic human right. A human right President Stanley seemes to have denied Hsu, presuming him to be guilty of racism without any actual proof.

This twitter mob found Hsu guilty of racism by cherry-picking together a bunch of circumstantial evidence that proved nothing, but Stanley fell for their ruse hook, line, and sinker.

The twitter mob was made up of a core group of 3-4 antagonists who opportunistically used the current anti-racist mass-hysteria for their own ends, the kept hammering home the issue on twitter and through bandwagon effect many of their woke acquaintances joined in, deep down their acquaintances probably didn't actually know why they were joining in, but just felt the need to hop on the woke bandwagon.

renzo • 1 year ago

Have you considered going on Eric Weinstein's podcast, or inviting him to Manifold? I imagine there would be a lot to discuss.

Kevin • 1 year ago

Actually Bret Weinstein, Eric's brother, would also be quite an interesting guest. He did a recent podcast with Joe Rogan where he discusses this marxist repression on campus. He was actually the first victim of it at Evergreen State a few years ago.

Laurel Schwartz • 1 year ago

yes! What an excellent idea. No one would understand better than he - I would expect he would love to give you a platform to discuss this

Brian Robson • 1 year ago

Neither have any more courage than Stanley does.

Brian Robson • 1 year ago

Honestly Steve, you should consider moving to an actually free country.

BobSykes • 1 year ago

Ironically, you might consider Russia.

gmachine1729 • 1 year ago

FWIW, my over a year of experience tells me that Russian Yandex and VK (the latter especially) are in many ways way better than GoogFaces.

And I find the user interface of Ubuntu Kylin (a Chinese version of Linux) better than the one in Ubuntu.

bourbaki • 1 year ago

There are none. I too have been searching...Singapore or Japan maybe, but that is changing fast due to, ironically, white/social media influence. Basically, restriction of expression seems to be a conserved quantity across jurisdictions. Right now, the US is comparable to PRC, just different subsets of verboten topics, and different forms of punishment.

Brian Robson • 1 year ago

Yes, in the US, you will be punished for being sane. In the PRC, you may be punished for promoting insane ideas that attack Chinese society.

John Dragon • 1 year ago

LOL so true. The postmodern USA is running an experiment to see what happens if every time-tested value is turned on its head and every institution and technology is employed to assault people's peace of mind. The result, not surprisingly, is widespread insanity. And this is all coming from the top down; we have a radical elite infected by and spreading the madness; the inmates seem to have taken over the asylum. Not sure how this experiment ends, but I doubt it will be pretty. The new inmates (the sane people) have to clean house of the crazies before the whole thing devolves into chaos.

batmobiler • 1 year ago

UNREAL. Samuel L. Stanley Jr. should be ashamed for giving in to such a sloppy denunciation, although I obviously have no insider information. I read the Twitter thread denouncing Hsu when it was fresh and shook my head in disbelief as some of the supporting quotes/links to the statements were irrelevant and even contradictory, thinking this debacle would blow-over. The attack seemed to me like a fifth grade class project, and yet here we are. Anyway, this is a gem of a blog, and the podcast, Manifold, as well.

Mathew Halpern • 1 year ago

Really sorry this happened to you and to Mr Cesario.