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Wickliffe • 3 years ago

These 1 to 10 mm beams are similar to 12 cm beams used in microwave ovens, which readily dissipate their energy into things like meat. WW2 radar techs got their eyeballs cooked like egg whites. I'm sure nothing like that will happen with these nice little devices.

Fred J. Schrank • 2 years ago

Your comments are not far off, and you're right about WW2 radars. While mmWave and Microwave's have varying degree of penetration on material it's not about the frequency, it's about the power output to be concerned with. Picocells, one such example may be 200mW whereas your microwave oven is probably ~1100watts. Marine radar is another example, many use pulse-modulated magnetrons and have an output of ~4-6,000watts. Cellular technology is cw, not pulsed. The cell phone next to your head and wifi access point you may have in your home is far more powerful because of power density per square meter and distance from it. WW2 radar operators actually heated their food, that's where the microwave oven was discovered and yet again it's not the frequency or distance as the power.The guy was named Percy Spencer, and he worked for Ratheon sometime in 1940's (ww2 era). It's been awhile since I was doing history studies in radar.

Now, I should really add to your point and concerns brought by others. I've heard this question a lot. This part is true: it's not 5G, it's all G, it's all wireless in the mm/lower cm band, it can penetrate the BBB (blood brain barrier) and cause leakage. From my research on that, it takes considerable time and/or power (depending on how you apply it) for it to occur. Nonetheless 5G is no more dangerous than our existing wifi infrastructure in most households, cordless telephones, etc.

Tamás Nagy • 2 years ago

Seriously ???? Time to educate yourself ....I help you , here is a link for ya : https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/ and here is another one https://www.youtube.com/wat... after you come back and tell me what you think please, thank you , have a wonderful day

Jaymate123 • 4 months ago

Two meaningless links, nice.

Fred J. Schrank • 7 months ago

Hello, before you tell me to educate myself; please I would love for you to share with me to what aspect I didn't make clear? If It's not clear enough, I will explain but I think before you make a generalized statement you should give me the one of many topics I ran through, where is inaccurate in your view? I will load you up with so much accuracy your ass will swell. Sound good?

Shari Lynn Peterson • 9 months ago

FYI he should have said cordless telephones and wi-fi networks already use 5G level frequencies. The communications and corporate/government wi-fi networks moving forward will take it up to the 60 GHz millimeter V band range.


Jaymate123 • 4 months ago

60Ghz is not being used for Wifi networks. 60Ghz is not even being used by 5G currently. Not that frequency is relevant.

Fred J. Schrank • 7 months ago

Troll. LMAO, you really have no idea what I do... LOL!

Mr. Analog • 4 years ago

Interesting article, but it missed a very important aspect of beamforming. These techniques concentrate the transmit power in a certain direction - that's what the article is about. These same techniques also concentrate the sensitivity of the receiver in the same direction, reducing interference from other devices. Beamforming is bidirectional.

Fred J. Schrank • 2 years ago

I think I landed on a comment section with conspiracy theorists.

Shari Lynn Peterson • 9 months ago

I think I landed in a comment of someone that doesn't do research for fun or profit.

Fred J. Schrank • 7 months ago

I think I landed on a reply with a person who thinks 5G is a conspiracy theory out to control your mind. FYI: That's neuralink... T-Mobile is utilizing 5G on 600Mhz, not every 5G implementation runs on 60Ghz my friend. 60Ghz is a upwards frequency with very little penetration. Have you read the 5G NR draft by chance?

Cedric Villani • 3 years ago

Wow you all need an education in EMF, RF Emissions, and Radiation Patterns. If you touch an antenna you will get a nice burn, but it's not on the order of even getting to the level you ppl are worried about, Really?? Genetic Effects?? please tell me you ppl didn't just throw up your dumb comments all over IEEE? lol

Fred J. Schrank • 2 years ago

Thank you!!! This is a disgrace to IEEE.

Shari Lynn Peterson • 9 months ago

There are ample studies on the impact on biological beings from millimeter range, including microwave of course, frequencies. AMPLE.

Fred J. Schrank • 7 months ago

AGAIN, it's not the frequency, it's the radiated power. 60Ghz has shallow penetration. Rule of thumb, the shorter the wavelength the more shallow the penetration. Your microwave oven is give or take 1100watts @ 2.4Ghz CW, same frequency as 802.11b/g yet you cannot cook a hot dog on your Linksys can you? This is what's known as radiated power. You have ionizing and nonionizing, while microwaves are non-ionizing they can be detrimental to your sperm if you are exposed to high power output for a long exposure time. See marine radar...

Central Scrutinizer • 3 years ago

A Dangerous Evil in these microwaves.....

ron davison • 1 year ago

5G can increase and decrease cancer risk, depending the actual methodology and frequencies.
As Fred J Scrank mentions, distance and interference levels matter.
its like talking in a full dinner of people eating with little or no sound absorption.
So you have to raise your voice for the other person you are talking to to hear you. The guy next to you with the big lungs that made you raise your voice slightly can't hear now and raises his voice...
This is the enemy.
Output power at distance.
Not 5G
Assuming no added data overhead (read from advertisers, IA...)
Then 5G lowers cancer rates.
Get rid of interference and everyone gets to lower their power to a wisper.
= No brain cancer.
This is a perfect world example if technology worked perfectly.
It does not, because the output power keeps growing.
If you just talk to phone calls specifically then this is still fundamentally true.

The second enemy is just the shear data.
from advertisers...

I used to wait till I got home to see who wanted to talk to me that day.
Now advertisers have the right to cook my brain with my phone pushing out advertising 1st before my needs are met.

And if you hot spot, dont hold your phone next to your head while Google,Amaon,Yahoo, and anyone else is cookifying your brain cell via your hotspot modem next to your brain!
So sometimes the power goes up, sometimes it goes down, depends...

2nd myth, more cells are bad vs a few giant ones that can cook birds.
The math is pretty clear here.
Beamforming allows larger number of users in different smaller areas to be covered by a frequency or frequencies.
This allows frequencies to be reused including under certain conditions simultanously to other small spots or areas from a particular antenna in a antenna array.
3) 6G Cell phones in a mesh using same 5G cell site concepts at an even smaller location sharing resource pipes into space with multiple cell users. Working with 5G cell towers to provide 6G
Divide and conquer.
The other side of the coin is it can increase cancer rates if just deployed without reducing power.
I will give just one example, there are many...
If a beamforming goal is met, where else is power from these specif intended antennas also become additive, even partially. Now add all the other antennas power and spacial power map and time dependent power at a point of all tracked and untracked RF sources. 1st just the system at hand, and then all RF sources. There may be a way to track and avoid the worst peak power superposition's, but that requires knowledge of them, just to be possible. Now what to do with any other source that is not precisly tracked and controlled such as the 5G that is not yet perfected or differentiated from a stupid meaningless moniker. And I propogated with using 6G...ugg.

Fred J. Schrank • 7 months ago

Ron -- I tried, I finally let them believe what they want. They think the government is taking over their mind with 5G.

screamingmimi • 3 years ago

HEYYYY...HOW ABOUT TELLING US HOW 5G IS GONNA COOK OUR BRAINS, SCRAMBLE OUR THOUGHTS, AND GIVE US ALL KINDS OF DISEASES?!? I don't seem to see that in your snappy little video! What else AREN'T you telling us???

Dov Even • 3 years ago

RF radiation is not ionized radiation, in addition to that the power leaving an antenna drops proportional to 1/(R)^2, think of it as being 10 meters away from a tower top base station and the power reaching you is 100 times lower...and so on

Fred J. Schrank • 2 years ago

Absolutely right. I wanted to add though that even non-ionizing radiation has been found to do harm to the human body. Now of course distance and time of tx is a major factor, nonetheless it has been found that mmwave/cmwave can actually cause the blood brain barrier to leak. Let me ref a link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.go...

Citing that ref, I will add that the power density of any wireless access point, picocell, etc is too low. There are debates about a actively transmitting microwave at cw ~ mw of a cell phone in close proximity to the head.

Ricky Ricardo • 3 years ago

I'm going to reiterate here! 5G millimeter waves is a WEAPON, developed by the military! Do you understand what the military does? These waves work in conjunction with HAARP technology. Do the research and ignore the zombies who say this technology is harmless! A little knowledge is a dangerous thing! Talk about the elephant in the room!

Dov Even • 3 years ago

Please educate me in 5G, just built a system this year 28 GHz....are you saying that you can explain 5G to me?

TazaDeCafe • 3 years ago

They will need to FLOOD the cities with transmitters like say 300,000 / and their 5G antenae will be attached to every telephone lighting pole and with that kind of energy and frequency it spells Speedy Depopulation -- spinning the water molecules in our bodies, breaking DNA Strands, the providers of this military weapon system aren't looking for information on its serious health hazards, they only talk HYPE and How Wonderful zit's Going To Be, at everybody's EXPENSE of course, see you all at the morgue! This is the type of epuipment being used at aeroports and they will be running this 24 hours a day year round and it can map the insides of our houses so what do you think it will do to our bodies? Isn't the cancer rate high enough already? ,

Information Information • 3 years ago

The whole network can be a gigantic specific or non-specific weapons system, deployable at the flick of a switch. Microwaves break hydrogen bonds which hold proteins, DNA and water together. You just need to switch to a certain pulse mode, as understood by the Soviets (US Embassy scandal) and the US (check the ARPA Project Bizarre) already in the 60's, and you can made people sick or degrade their performance. All this research was at radiation levels below currently legal levels. Furthermore, you can track people who are not carrying a device, just with the devices in the local environment, all of which, as Wikileaks Vault 7 showed, are completely externally controllable by CIA and NSA. Given what we now know from Snowden and Wikileaks, it is almost certain that the US, at least, has developed this capacity. Quite ingenious really. The only question is why.

Fred J. Schrank • 2 years ago

Really? Yes, you're right we have technology that can cause harm from a directed energy weapon but there is no way that the power transmitting out of any pico/femto cell is high enough to be used as a weapon. That is beyond absurd. Other than that, your right about microwaves breaking bonds but all of that is energy density specific aka tx power.

anon2000 • 11 months ago

i dont know m8, isnt beamforming would be useable to heat precise veins over many weeks, thus causing clots ? if these antennas hacked by malicious people

Dov Even • 3 years ago

Are you talking about radar technology? 1kwwatt and up in power? these have been around for a while.. we're doing ok.

Fred J. Schrank • 2 years ago

Yes, and even radar mostly now uses all pulsed signals. CW radar is mostly obsolete.

Najiullah Hakim • 4 years ago

Beaming and focusing on one straight line with high frequency may increase radiation and may cause many diseases to the public.

VaricoseVain • 1 year ago

Sometimes I think we should let the antivaxxers and conspiracy nuts have their way, and let them kill themselves off with their own stupidty. Only problem is they will also be killing us smart people too. Maybe humanity just needs to go entirely.

Lu Calico • 2 years ago

The more I learn about 5G, the more alarmed I get about the implementation of 5G Telecom Technology. It appears to me that the FCC has given the Telecom Industry way too much power (literally). The power and the technology is one that can adversely effect our biology and cause us bodily injury and permanent damage, as we saw happen to our diplomats in Cuba. The FCC Chairman is an attorney, not a scientist and has not properly set limits on the frequencies and power levels allowed. Furthermore, the meters to monitor the frequencies proposed are not readily available to the public to even monitor compliance.

Worst of all, the beams of these microwave are designed to invade our homes and our privacy and these systems are “always on”. How is this not a violation of our Constitutional Right to privacy?

To summaries the harm being done to the public:
* Exposure to frequencies and power levels for durations that effect our biology and can do serious harm to us, without any means to monitor. Invasion of our homes and person with unwelcome exposures.

* Personal and mass surveillance that violates our Constitutional Rights.

* The theft of household wealth through the loss of property value with the placement of microwave towers and boosters. As hundreds of thousands of people lose their property values tens of billions of dollars will be transferred from household wealth to the Telecom Industry.

I believe this is another harmful public wealth and freedom looting scheme by a class of people who are not fit to rule

the world. Has President Trump joined them in this assault on the public or has Trump be Chumped?

Roger Meacock • 3 years ago

People are quite right to be concerned about potential adverse effects of 5G exposure. However, it isn't going to go away and has its uses so better to use techniques to enable us to live alongside it safely. There are a range of scientifically researched and verified products that mitigate the effects of EM pollution from all sources including 5G. Visit www.comosystems.com to find out more.

Anjan Saha • 4 years ago

5G Beamforming Technology is Okay for Rural Region. But is it feasible for Urban Landscape with Concrete Jungles and Metallic Structures with Skyscrapers. Office Cubicles and Residential Flats are mostly Located in the Shadow Zone from Mobile Tower. Due to Scattering,Reflection,Interference and Diffraction the Strength of Signal
at Mobile Handset will be weak and may have high Noise to Signal Ratio. SAR level
should not be high for user safety point of View.

Salmanext • 3 years ago

SAR levels are not the issue. It has been long known that radiation that doesn't cause heating effects can still affect cells in the body. Scientists are predicting skin and eye problems will occur after 5-10 years from 5G

TazaDeCafe • 3 years ago

In the UK they are destroying the trees on the streets that would interfere with signal transmission and you think the ENVIRONMENT is of interest in his case? Yet this will be used to implement Agenda 21 / 2030 / 2050, the asustainable Development Agenda where the tracking of EVERYTHING and our every move will be made our new nightmare reality.

Look for Max Igan videos on the 5G theme, the internet of things, merging our minds to artificial intelligence if they can get away with it, The Matrix, ah, what a lovely future ahead! I heard one woman talking about the latest way if growing things without sun or water using LED Lights: would you want to ingest that kind of frankenstein 'food'? ! Jesus, didn't the creator do a good enough job that we need maniacs from the labs tamperi with everything that was made to work properly without our meddling?!