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John Bleskacek • 3 years ago

This technology is utilized in some interesting garden power tools. http://coreoutdoorpower.com...

Gary Richardson • 3 years ago

Popular Science and Popular Mechanics both published articles on Core Outdoor Power's technology back in june of 2013.

Anthony William Sloman • 3 years ago

There's a long-established business of making printed windings for transformers, and printed circuit shops who specialise in this work offer thick copper layers and very thin substrates, so that they can come close to the sort of copper fill fraction that you can get by winding enamelled copper wire. I've never had it done, but I've talked to potential suppliers at at least one trade show.

Bill Sloman

WulfCry • 3 years ago

Saw the same design in I believe a Panasonic 1.4 disk drive in the nineties was intrigue by it. There is a simple engineering trick to it to make this work its a common one the Hall effect sensor. The coil where in a triangle configuration got some part of it in an old box somewhere. Might stil find a patent on this design out there. Almost forgot about this one.

Gary Richardson • 3 years ago

Please post if you can pull up the patent or do a teardown on YouTube.

Boofus • 3 years ago

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. http://www.walkmancentral.c...