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Noddyjonesrevenge • 1 year ago

Why don’t some of these opportunistic philanthropists/activist who go to these things and all that, Ask that they get 20,000 for their causes and not for skin serums they can afford?

What an embarrassment honestly and why exactly are you posting this hypebeast I hope no one on here finds this interesting

Elagabalus • 1 year ago

I was thinking the same thing. I wonder how many of these limousine liberals are going to spread the swag amongst the common folk. It irks me when some wealthy celebrity says shit but live in gated communities.

wow, this is epic *brofist* i hope some cool swag ceelbertitites will be there

edwinlaroo • 1 year ago

Dr. Jane? Nurse Gigi? Are these real people? Are these products rich people want?

Jackie • 1 year ago

Its all promotional, don't stress yourselves about it too much

SneakerLad • 1 year ago

Why not just donate the money for those in need what a time to be alive Hollywood ... yo Tyrone get at them Grammies will have a lot to steal bay bridge cuntz

triple ü30 • 1 year ago

this shit sucks. the candles look like 20cent.

vicunawearer • 1 year ago

just give me a patek and I'll be fine.

Axel • 1 year ago

Nah watches/jewerly it would be too tacky imo, it is practically giving cash to them, half of these kits are gonna be gifted to a guests friend/familiy

zenmasterchen • 1 year ago

They finna put a guitar in the bag?