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ChazakChazakVenitChazek • 1 year ago

This is the "WORLDISRAELNEWS JOKE PAGE". They cannot be serious, can they?

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 year ago

Russia offered to remove Iran from Syria, in exchange for sanctions removal to IRAN
the sanctions are motivated by the fact that IRAN has planned and sworn to destroy ISRAEL and this fate of destruction will now fall on one of them!
2. if IRAN leaves Syria and Iraq, then Putin will be able to keep his bases in Syria, otherwise he could lose them at any moment!

: Russia offered to remove Iran from Syria, in cambio della rimozione sanzioni ad IRAN
le sanzioni sono motivate dal fatto che IRAN ha pianificato e giurato di distruggere ISRAELE e questo destino di distruzione ora cadrà su uno dei due!
2. se IRAN esce da Siria e Irak, poi, Putin potrà mantenere le sue basi in Siria, diversamente potrebbe perderle da un momento all'altro!

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 year ago

Putin Vladimir Imam Putanazzo] boy you are so lousy, that even Facebook 55LGBTQTP gender sodoma: can act as an exorcism for you, since: accredit my comments via sputnik? it's just impossible for me,
because of the ballast of beak communists and Imam Kim Jong-un,
that it is this ballast that will sink you deep in the sea.
Courage not be sad you have so many weapons to be able to defend yourself!

Putin Vladimir Imam Putanazzo ] ragazzo tu sei così schifoso, che anche Facebook 55 gender sodoma: può fungere come un esorcismo per te, dato che: accreditare i miei commenti via sputnik? è proprio impossibile per me,
a causa della zavorra di comunisti beceri e Imam Kim Jong-un,
che è questa zavorra che ti affonderà nel profondo del mare.
Coraggio non essere triste tu hai tante armi per poterti difendere!

uniusrei@protonmail.com • 1 year ago

Generale iraniano: le basi degli Stati Uniti si basano sui "facili obiettivi" per i nostri missili
pity that: the shariah takes everything: and not give nothing to anyone: in fact it is said without reciprocity (as if to say: "it is a fraud")
therefore the sharia law of ARABA LEAGUE can only be dogmatic (in its worst sense of irrational).
since lilith-allah said that all others are evil

peccato che: la shariah prende tutto: e non da niente a nessuno: infatti è detta senza reciprocità (come a dire: "è una frode")
quindi il diritto della LEGA ARABA può essere soltanto dogmatico (nel suo significato peggiore di irrazionale).
dato che lilith-allah ha detto che tutti gli altri sono il male
Iranian General: US Mideast Bases ‘Easy Targets’ for Our Missiles

Michael Oconnor • 1 year ago

Putin has NO chance of Blackmailing Netanyahu, if the Iranians get too close to the Israeli borders Israel will deal with them, Putin offering to remove Iranian troops from Syria in exchange for the removal sanctions, President Trump to remove Sanctions from Syria lol, that Putin who does he think he is?, I know he is a little man in charge of another no good regime of communists Russia.

ChoiceAmerica • 1 year ago

exactly,...remove the politics behind it. We will stand firm,...and firmer if we must.

AVIGAIL • 1 year ago

Iran is crushed economically and wants the costs of its presence in Syria placed somewhere else.
Russia is their ally and can continue pursuing Iran's interests acting instead of the Iranians. They recently deployed TU-49 fighter jets into Syria.

This is another trap to Israel, just like the Russian "peace keeping" forces have been on the Golan border, when the great Liberman gave Russia the go-ahead.
If Bibi thinks there is a reason to talk about this with Putin he is naive.

How can Putin, after accusing unjustly Israel of downing their jet, and using that as a pretext to ship more arsenal to Hezbolla, how can Putin even stand in Netanyahu's presence?
Pray so Bibi will not cave in.

Don Spilman • 1 year ago

Avigail, everything that seems like a trap for Israel is just the hook going deeper into the jaw Gog? “What satan means for evil will turn out good” for Israel. It’s going to look scary but in the end, when God personally intervenes, Russia is going to be pretty much destroyed.

Jeanne R • 1 year ago

I don't trust Russia as far as I can throw them. Look what they have done with their occupying ways with the Ukrainians. I say walk softly and carry a big stick. Russia can't be trusted any more than Iran.

agnes losonczi • 1 year ago

I wouldn't trust putin. Of course, I'm from Hungary, under his thumb.

McFerguson • 1 year ago

The U.S. should continue to strengthen its sanctions on Iran until such time as its economy is so weakened the Iranians will be forced to put the kibosh on their still viable, and expanding, nuclear weapons program.

Pedro Rabaçal • 1 year ago

Didnt Putain also said that he didnt stollen Crimea from Ukraine (it was local people´s choice...) and is just saving syrian people from muslim terrorists?...
I mean, he does not look very reliable...

rebaaron • 1 year ago

You call that an offer?

evangeline golding • 1 year ago

So what's in it for russia? It's not like putin would make this offer from the kindness of his heart (he doesn't have one).
And how does he have such influence with iran?
This is some trick to weaken Israel, and make it easier for russia to become a major power in the ME.

Nathan Dunning • 1 year ago

Well I doubt Putin will be able to remove Iran from Syria.Even if sanctions were removed. Iran are only using Russia for cover while they prepare to strengthen their foot holds and supplies on the Israeli border. The sad thing is Russia will get drawn into the Gog War against Israel out of necessity for natural resources.

hendrik kiliaan • 1 year ago

Putin could deliver on that promise, neither can Bibi get Trump to lift sanctions on Iran.
Figure of speech only, like when pigs fly I give you what you want.
No point discussing it further.
What is needed is a change of regime in Iran and the West try to influence who is going to be next in charge.
Not an easy task.

garybkatz • 1 year ago

Putin couldn't deliver that, even if the U.S. went along with it, which the U.S. wouldn't.

ChoiceAmerica • 1 year ago


Arthur W. Sanchez • 1 year ago

No doubt! Putin may have made such a gesture, but not in sincerity!

The Russian government under Putin is a farce! For what President or government can be called moral, good or just that supports a murderous and genocidal government like the Assad regime? Or sells military weapons to terrorists? Or sells nuclear weapons technology to a tyrannical and evil government like the Iranian dictatorship and jeopardise the safety of the whole human race?

Netanyahu and Israel are not so blind and stupid as the rest of humanity!

Jason • 1 year ago

Lol does anyone see the irony in this

Gershon Perry • 1 year ago

This is not a pro-Israel site and they don't like Netanyahu. I am saying this on good authority and I know I will get hammered for saying it.
There will be no reason for Iran to hate Israel because Israeli engineers built in Iran and developed the oil fields in Abbadan.

Dajjal • 1 year ago

Wala Wal Bara!!!!! Muzz hate Israel, it's what they do.

Porter • 1 year ago

Putin said this (if he said): For Russia to remove Iran from Syria is same as for Israel to convince USA to lift sanctions on Iran. It is not really an offer, but a figure of speach

Gabor Ujvari • 1 year ago

Removing Iran from Syria is just a token offer, as long as Iran carries on with the rocket and nuclear program.
Removal of the ayatollahs from office would be a real offer!

Dajjal • 1 year ago

Nothing less than total deislamization of Iran will suffice.

punch_corona • 1 year ago

.. the syrian pres is nothing but a little puppet to the russians.. they own syria.. the question to ask is why the russians want the rag heads in syria..?

JussSomeBloke • 1 year ago

so iran would be out of syria but free to develop nukes ?? No deal. There's nothing to negotiate.

Tuvi Todd • 1 year ago

If Russia can get Iran out of Syria, then ending Iranian sanctions should be conditioned upon Russia also getting Iran to halt its support for the Islamic militias in Lebanon (Hezbollah), Gaza (Hamas), and Yemen (Houthis). AND THE WORLD COULD BE A BETTER PLACE.

kitty fane • 1 year ago

Sounds terrific, but not if Iran can develop its nuclear weapons, in addition to the rockets to deliver them, as it has been doing. As long as the Ayatollahs run that place, nothing good will ever come from them, not for their own people, who try, from time to time, to revolt; but that is tough in a tightly controlled fascist state, nor for the rest of the world. I believe, sanctions are still the only thing that can hold them in check. Without money, their weapons program is stifled; there is little they can do for hisbollah, or the other terrorist organizations they support. And sanctions make their people suffer, so maybe eventually they garner enough strength to overthrow that wicked regime! There will be no peace on earth, as long as the Ayatollahs run Iran.