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obviously: LGBT ideologies threaten the survival of mankind!
Trump asks the Supreme Court to legitimize the dismissal of the transgenders

Grace Joy • 2 months ago

Fascinating they have money for such things . . .

alpcns . • 2 months ago

Blow Hamas back to the Stone Age. They'll fit in perfectly - they have the right IQ and the right smell already.

AJL • 2 months ago

It's great that the iron dome can destroy rockets fired at Israel by Hamas. Now destroy Hamas!!!

who knows all the towns and all the neighborhoods of the cities that Erdogan Islam: nigerian mafia, ARAB OIC LEAGUE with sharia has taken away from national control?
Immigrants drag little girl to rape her, people try lynching August 18, 2019
Melbourne and Birmingham 2019: occupied cities August 18, 2019
Pd throws the mask: "to the government to try Salvini" August 17, 2019
The M5s wants to "resign" Salvini to reopen the ports to the NGOs on August 17, 2019
Count Effect: boat with 57 illegal immigrants in Lampedusa August 17, 2019
Open Arms, ong had invented everything: patients were healthy and minors were adults August 17, 2019
Patronage wastes your money: helicopter doctors to visit illegal Open Arms August 17, 2019
Open Arms, landed minors unmasked: they are adults August 17, 2019
Open Arms, the founder confesses: "I talked to Merkel and Macron" August 17, 2019
The "children" of Open Arms have a beard: total shame - VIDEO August 17, 2019
Clash between parish priest and bishop: "First the Italians!", "No, before the others" August 17, 2019
"Talk to us about Bibbiano", Mayor PD complaint August 17, 2019
Sardinia, locals must be replaced by the Pakistanis: newspaper exults August 17, 2019

Ehud Barak [Former Prime Ministers of Israel]
as: patron, shareholder, and personal friend of Jeffrey Epstein,
he is no longer fit or politically eligible

Ehud Barak [Ex Primi ministri di Israele]
come: frequentatore, azionista, e amico personale di Jeffrey Epstein,
non è più idoneo o candidabile politicamente
ilprimatonazionale it/esteri/quadro-clinton-vestito-donna-nella-casa-del-miliardario-suicida-epstein-127472/

Bin Salman Riyad ] for your love 666 CIA 322 UK lgbt? yes from youtube they are blocking my computer.
but you know: against me? every resistance is futile

Kabul, suicide bomber: 63 dead
if from Allah we accept the good ( jihad ISIS Turkmen)
why should we not accept evil from sharia UMMA?
and this speech by Imam Erdogan? it's a coherent speech!

Kabul, kamikaze a matrimonio: 63 morti
se da Allah noi accettiamo il bene jihad ISIS Turkmen
perché da sharia UMMA noi non dovremmo accettare il male?
e questo discorso dell'Imam Erdogan? è un discorso coerente!

the serial killers and dictators: and slanderers like Macron, Iran, Riyad, Erdogan and Maduro would not talk like this: if they had no accomplices Ursula Soros Merkel Bilderberg Pd to support them! CARACAS, AUGUST 17 - President Nicolás Maduro has argued that the United States government is giving Venezuela what "Hitler did to the Jewish people during World War II". In a speech delivered in Caracas in the framework of the 'Workers' Productive Councils' Maduro insisted: "Donald Trump is doing to Venezuela what Hitler did to the Jewish people, persecute him, search him, block him".

Alessandro Meluzzi☦️🇮🇹 @a_meluzzi

A long-term PD-M5S government represents the greatest danger and misfortune that can happen to Italy! Driven by strong international powers, it would destroy national sovereignty. Avoid at all costs and sacrifice! @GiorgiaMeloni @LegaSalvini @Corriere @francescatotolo
Aug 17, 2019

the continuous threats and assaults of PD M5S: Democratic Party: Soros and Rothshild Ursula Von Hitler: against the Italian people! in reality rarely foreigners (who have nothing to lose) know that they serve their sentences in prison in Italy!
Immigrants drag little girl to rape her, people try lynching
August 18, 2019
Terror for a young girl dragged to a secluded place by two immigrants, who then tried to rape her while a village festival was taking place.
It happened in Solesino, during the traditional Assunta festival. The two foreigners would have dragged the 16-year-old to a secluded place with the intention of abusing her.
Only the strength of despair allowed the girl to break free and escape. While she was taken to the hospital in Schiavonia, where she was treated for wounds.
The victim made a complaint to the police and also recognized one of the attackers from the photos. Aggressor that on the evening of August 15th he would return to the festival near the rides, where he was joined by a group of people who tried to lynch him.
Meanwhile the carabinieri continue to search for the second man who would have participated in the attempted rape.

why do Muslims claim religious freedom all over the world, but are not available to grant it to anyone?
WHY CHINA RUSSIA and USA threaten mankind with Islamic genocide?
Gulf monarchies against Israel for violence in the Temple Mount (which Muslims provoked because they do not accept freedom of religion)

Clashes between faithful and police started yesterday morning, during the Muslim festival of Sacrifice and the Jewish anniversary of Tisha B’Av. The first budget speaks of two arrests, dozens of Palestinians injured and 15 hospitalized. After an initial ban, the police allowed Jews to enter the holy place. The extreme Israeli right blows tensions.

Why can Erdogan invade sovereign nations and Israel cannot defend himself?
Why does Rothschild prevent legitimate defense from Israel?

#West #Bank, Israeli soldier stabbed to death
The young man, aged 19, was a student of a Jewish religious school and grandson of a well-known rabbi. According to preliminary information, the military would have been the victim of a failed kidnapping attempt. The kidnappers abandoned him at the edge of the road.

#cisgiordania, killed soldier: hunt for the Israeli army man in search of the culprits
The victim is Dvir Sorek, grandson of a famous rabbi killed in the 2000s. In a few days he would have turned 19. For the Israeli authorities the members of the commando would be ready to strike again. For Netanyahu they are "despicable terrorists". Hamas justifies the gesture as a "response" to "crimes" linked to "occupation".

intolerable reality!
1. what has CHINA promised the world? protect Hong Kong democracy

2. China. The regime removes "God" from the classics of children's literature
Leone Grotti 2 August 2019
In the textbooks for the fifth grade, summaries of classics such as "La piccola fiammiferaia" or "Robinson Crusoe" are inserted, but the terms "God, Bible, church, prayer" have been censored

3. #India. [[ i not defending Muslims under the Sharia regime (and this is an exception)]]
Hindu radicals burn a Muslim boy alive
Leone Grotti 1 August 2019
The young man of 17 had refused to intone the hymn "Jai Shri Ram" to Rama, the seventh incarnation of the Vishnu divinity. The murder is the emblem of how religious minorities are treated in the country: "Hindu radicals are like ISIS"

tempi it/pakistan-200-cristiani-condannati-a-morte-basta-un-sms-blasfemo/
Pakistan: 200 Christians sentenced to death (a blasphemous text message is enough)
Paolo Affatato 8 August 2019
"Persecution of Christians is on the rise," says lawyer Mushtaq Gill. 40 Christians are now on death row
Pakistan: 200 cristiani condannati a morte (basta un sms “blasfemo”)
Paolo Affatato 8 agosto 2019
«Le persecuzioni contro i cristiani sono in aumento» dice l’avvocato Mushtaq Gill. 40 cristiani sono ora nel braccio della morte

it is said that a Marshal of the Carabinieri (the Police) has been blackmailed, threatening to take away: just his children if he does not give up investigating #Bibbiano!
Giorgia Meloni 🇮🇹ن @GiorgiaMeloni
New wiretapping scandal you entrust: two neuropsychiatrists would have wanted to threaten the carabiniere who asked for #Bibbiano documents. If the facts were to be confirmed, we would be faced with a new and disturbing chapter of a scandal on which silence must not fall
twitter com / i / status / 1162680256987353090

Giorgia Meloni 🇮🇹 @GiorgiaMeloni //twitter com/i/status/1162762285565300736
"We are serious. Those who have lost the elections cannot go to the Government. We can't go out the door and enter the window with a palace game ".
Ladies and gentlemen here is what Matteo Renzi said a year ago: "RENZI a name, a guarantee ... in fact today the Pd is ready to make a government turn around with the M5S, the President Mattarella- Bilderberg -Rothschild FED IMF NWO ECB?

does not lend himself to this insult against the sovereignty of the Italian people!

"Resign if he has a shred of consistency"
The 5 Stars continue to attack Salvini and ask for his resignation.
but Pd and M5S both lost 50% of the votes:
while the "LEGA" alone (according to forecasts) could govern alone!
unfortunately the traitors, starting with President Mattarella, hide behind the Rothschild Masonic laws and prepare to create a Government, which, it would be legal
but that is illegitimate: because it has already been rejected by electoral consent!

this was twitter's response to requesting the removal of my identity
this is the twitter channel not made by me:
// twitter com / lorenzojhwh

I sent the same message from 2 twitter channels is true
but they banned me from twitter definitively only because I voted for Matteo Salvini's LEAGUE
while having asked youtube (for 10 years) to remove 2 videos of insults: made against my true identity?
this was completely useless

Your twitter account is suspended and is permitted to perform this action: Becouse Erdogan Sharia Riyad.
here more than a feminine Bill CLINTON
there is the traceability of a sad0-mas0 relationship

where Hillary is the SAD0
and Bill is the MAS0
that this is also the Democratic Party's Obama cult agenda 666 gender darwin lgbtq Sodoma radiography

it sputniknews com/mondo/201908177989985-Bill-Clinton-tacchi-vestito-da-donna-Jeffrey-Epstein/

Twenty-seven minors arrived on the Lampedusa pier
all are minor sharia jihad Erdogan 3-legged.
but, they could not come down first because the razor blades were missing!
Open Arms, the landing of the 27 minors in Lampedusa
Video. From the Aquarius to the Sea Watch, the 'war' to the #Ong of soros Erdogan Saud Salman Macron and Merkel: to get the genocide of the Italian people!

CHINA RUSSIA INDIA EU USA UN OCI Riyadh Iran, etc.. if you think this could be normal? there is no one who can deprive you of the emotions of the third nuclear world war: then.
but, if you think the world should improve? I want to see your embassy in Jerusalem within the next 30 days!

CINA RUSSIA INDIA UE USA ONU OCI Riyad Iran ] se voi pensate che questo possa essere normale? non c'é nessuno che può privarvi delle emozioni della terza guerra mondiale nucleare: allora.
ma, se voi pensate che il mondo dovrebbe migliorare? io voglio vedere la vostra ambasciata a Gerusalemme entro i prossimi 30giorni!
WATCH: Red alerts sound in Israel after rocket launched from Gaza