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justisinus • 4 months ago

Typical Islamist cowards spouting idiotic nonsense, parasite.

White Elk Clearwater • 4 months ago

Talking head, that BTW can be zorched with 1 ATS missle from a helicopter.

Genesis 12:3 And I will bless whomsoever that blesses you, and curse whoever shall curse you:" ....And after the Akeida is also promised by Hashem " and your progeny will inherit the gates of their enemies"

Steve Sss • 4 months ago

Another Hamas leader on the list of targeted killing.
He will meet his 72 virgin goats sooner than he thinks.

OurSaviorLives • 4 months ago

“Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.”
Pslams 121:4

jegwe • 4 months ago

He sounds like so many hate filled enemies of the past who end up destroying themselves whilst the Jewish people continues to survive and advance through history. Perhaps we should be glad to hear this rhetoric. It probably means that their demise is not too far away. Let us remember to thank G-d when it happens.

Pamela Hackner • 4 months ago

This idiot should remember , that all the different people's who throughout history who have tried to destroy the Jewish people , have vanished from this earth, so will Islam P.G .good bye Hamas and tte rest of Gaza.

lewjac3 • 4 months ago

What happened to Arab hospitality and the religon of peace?

Pedro Rabaçal • 4 months ago

Israel is in the brink of destruction since it was created.
It was close of being destroyed even during 6 days war.

Muzzies: they have nothing but their mouths and their hatred.

Alexandra Ioffe • 4 months ago

Let it be the total annihilation and extermination of HAMAS and other terrorist groups like it. Those, who are blood-thirsty maniacs for extermination of their neighbors,have no rights to exist themselves.

alpcns . • 4 months ago

These Islamofascist savages all really look like the criminals they are. What a pig.

Robert Walters • 4 months ago

It's time to end the Hamas Terrorist Cowards hiding in Palestine to be DESTROYED.. All Nations must unite and destroy the Hamas Terrorist Organization. Bomb their Compounds and their hideouts to dust, they must be completely destroyed once and for all. Set loose the Israel Special Forces to hunt down "Seek and Destroy Mission" against the Hamas Leadership in hiding and destroy them.

Gabor Ujvari • 4 months ago

The poor guy copied the declaration of the 1942 Wannsee Conference.
But he forgot that those perpetrators are ended up at the gallows in 1946 in. Nuremberg, just a few hundred kilometers south from Wannsee.

John Williams • 4 months ago

I do not wish bad things on anyone, but when the SHTF, my money is on Israel, and the jihadists are going to bleed bad.

Ann Forsberg • 4 months ago

Israel’s ‘slaughter and annihilation’ is not imminent. According to the Bible Israel has at least not less than 1007 more earth years, then it goes beyond time to exist for eternity. Israel may be attacked. Israel may have some difficult times. It could even seem her enemies would overwhelm her- BUT Israel will come out on top. And all who try to defeat her will not survive.

White Elk Clearwater • 4 months ago

2nd prize after Karen in a close chase

Mahmoud El-Yousseph • 4 months ago

It is neither Iran nor Abbass, Jihad or Hamas are threat to ISISrael.

Crime Minister Naziyahu does not want Americans and the rest of the world to know that Israel has hundreds of nuclear, chemical, and biological war heads. israHell can wipe its enemies from the face of the earth, before you could spell RELIEF. But not the other way around!

Steve Sss • 4 months ago

Your Hamas brothers and sisters terrorist think that they will be able to destroy Israel.
If Israel was like Syria, Gaza would have been history a long time ago.

Karen Scarber • 4 months ago

Guess again, FOOL! God will NEVER allow Israel to be wiped out!.....AM YISRAEL CHAI!!

White Elk Clearwater • 4 months ago

You get 1st prize Karen for the best reply of all!

Peter Cohen • 4 months ago

Sand Roach

Hector Zuniga • 4 months ago

Just the same like the ancient Pharaoh ruler of Egypt , he curse himself, instead of curse Ysrael.

John Flynn • 4 months ago

I think that rant qualifies as hate speech..
I guess he got an A+ in hate speech at jihadi school - LOL

lesrun5k • 4 months ago

Blah'Blah,Blah,just a lot of fictional rambling is the only thing these hamas roaches can spew out,but one must remember the audiences that he is speaking in front of.The height of just ignorance for them to believe their leaders, but they bought into a pedophile's program named Mo.He is one night vision guided drone strike away from being a bad memory.

V.V. • 4 months ago

HaShem says, What you wish upon my people I will bring down upon your own heads."

AJL • 4 months ago

Now that's funny, Hamas will be the ones who will get slaughtered. If they try a massive attack on Israel the the IDF and IAF will let loose and will not hold back. That will be the end of Hamas. These roaches will cease to exist.

Katalina Wierzba • 4 months ago

Bravo !!!

Fima Ruchman • 4 months ago

Possibly this is the only solution. As you say when it will start, none can predict how and when it will finish.

Norm • 4 months ago

He is merely a high salaried CEO of an evil company.

Don Spilman • 4 months ago

This evil fool is right about someone’s end drawing near but he just has the narrative backwards. The existence of all phalusstinkians is soon coming to a close! It’s his end he should be watching for, perhaps he should look at his butt in the mirror now and then because it will soon be no more! HAHAHAHAHAAAA!

lesrun5k • 4 months ago

Don,he has no time to look at his butt,as a premiere goat humper he only has eyes for the but in front of him,Ha,Ha.

Don Spilman • 4 months ago

LOL les, I’ll bet most muzslime males really miss their good old barbarian goat hump er herding days with lots of goats within easy reach. City life must be fairly unpleasant for them!

Albert Reingewirtz • 4 months ago

One one question remains. How is the BBC going to translate this hate and promised of slaughter of the whole Jewish State of Israel? It is about time to shut down all the vital spigot into Gaza. No other country would ever supply all the vital needs of a sworn enemy that having targeted towns and villages with missiles burned fields and forests promising more blood shed. What other state would suply such an Islamic terror gang all of their vital needs? Who beside the Jewish State of Israel caring for other human being even supporters of Islamic terror, Hamas, Islamic Jihad?

AJL • 4 months ago

You got that right Albert!

Tuvi Todd • 4 months ago

Fathi Hammad is delusional or a liar, for
- Israel’s "slaughter, extermination, and annihilation has NOT drawn near" and "there IS a place for" it both securely in the Middle East and United Nations, while
- "Palestine", at best will continue as an impoverished suffering authority, and is likely to just collapse and fade away instead, given its support of terrorism and war crimes.

Guest • 4 months ago
Robert Walters • 4 months ago

Put a missile in the front door of every Hamas Terrorist, give them No Quarter, No Surrender, No more lies of Peace. DESTROY THEM AND THEIR COMPOUNDS IN PALESTINE.

lesrun5k • 4 months ago

Yep,lets pray he gets his wish.

Alexandra Ioffe • 4 months ago

Not only him, but all its leaders, political and military ones and in general,everybody from HAMAS

Don Spilman • 4 months ago

Could give new meaning to the term, “up yours”, couldn't it Fuzzy? HAHAHAHAHA........

Joe Jakobs • 4 months ago

And those low life Palestinian savages are demanding to have a state ???????? Who in their right mind agree to that ??? All they deserve is !&$$$=*@@@&$ !!!!!! Well you get my drift !!! And that is all they deserve & nothing more.

since ISLAM is an Sharia political octopus,
therefore the right to the homeland of all peoples is also denied!
I can also understand that Putin is an infamous person who does not care about Christians and Israelis, but what can happen to his people after his death? he should worry!

WATCH: Israel's 'slaughter and annihilation' imminent, claims Hamas political chief
Il massacro e l'annientamento di Israele sono imminenti, afferma il capo politico di Hamas
poiché ISLAM è una piovra politica sharia,
quindi il diritto alla patria di tutti i popoli è anche negato!
posso anche capire che Putin è un infame che non si preoccupa di cristiani e israeliani, ma, di quello che può succedere dopo la sua morte al suo popolo? lui si dovrebbe preoccupare!

Vladimir Putin, Russia] nobody talks about my 30-year Horror: as an observer of Islamic genocide "observatory on the martyrdom of Christians"
so even the Vatican cannot do it!
but: 1. you have energy independence: 2. you say you are better than American satanists.
so your silence and complicity with this crime of communist and Islamic genocide? it is much much more serious!

Vladimir Putin, Russia ] nessuno parla del mio Orrore di 30 anni: come osservatore di islamico genocidio "osservatorio sul martirio dei cristiani"
quindi anche il Vaticano non può farlo!
ma: 1. tu hai la indipendenza energetica: 2. tu dici di essere migliore dei satanisti americani.
quindi il tuo silenzio e complicità con questo crimine di genocidio comunista e islamico? è molto molto più grave!