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Sword of Honor • 2 months ago

Left-wing Jews are fascinating. They bad-mouth Natanyahu as if he were not the only man standing between them and a cut throat. Dilenttantism and vapid idealism will not guarantee Israel's future.

Stupidity is self-punishing. Read the Tanakh for the bitter lessons of the past.

Jim Miller • 2 months ago

Soon the Israelis will be stupid enough to turn the Israeli Government over to the radical muslims as they did with the temple mount in 1967, some Israelis neglect the TORAH or common sense as they want to be Politically Correct as the crooked US Democrats.

Esther Schrager • 2 months ago

I think that whatever and however the government is formed, the top priority MUST be security. That means a realistic approach to the Arabs and not a fantasizing blind notion of "all you need is love."

Whatever and however the government is formed, reality must take precedence.

Before any more negotiations can even begin, a number of factors need to exist:
There must be a responsible authority among the PaLIEStinians which is prepared to make peace with Israel, to guarantee that peace for the future, and to acknowledge Israel as the historic JEWISH homeland. This authority must
—absolutely, unconditionally renounce violence as a political tactic. That means absolute, unconditional renunciation of terror (including rocket attacks);
—absolutely, unconditionally put an END to teaching children that Jews are "apes" and "pigs"; that Jews are all evil; that killing Jews is good and right. All payments to the killers and their families must cease immediately;
—absolutely, unconditionally CEASE the outright lies: Holocaust denial, blood libel, Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Additionally, massive and ongoing instruction in every school to teach children that they have been taught lies for years;
—absolutely, unconditionally CEASE the nonsensical claims about historical figures who lived hundreds of years before Muhammad being "Muslim." Moses was not a Muslim. David and Solomon were not Muslims. Jesus was not a Muslim. Linked to this is the necessity of acknowledging the historical and spiritual significance of Israel for the Jewish people, and the religious legitimacy of Judaism.

Do I expect this to happen? No. But without these elements, there is NO possibility of peace with the Arabs. Nothing Israel does — nothing that involves the continued existence of Israel — of a SOVEREIGN JEWISH STATE — will ever be acceptable.

This must be explicitly recognized by whatever government is formed, and explicitly expressed to any would-be negotiator.

Hector Zuniga • 2 months ago

Those whom said so, have a twisted mind filled with excrement, Jewry has 5780 years and as a nation since they cross the Yardeny River, ( Jordan River), with Yoshua at front on charge of the 12 tribes of Ysrael., 2000 ago, after the destruction ( by the Romans hordes) of The Temple build by the King Solomon in Ysrael to The G-D of Ysrael, The last of the Roman emperor order that all the people in the Roman empire became a "Christian", falsely using the Name of Yeshua, to create a "Roman religion", with the mother of the Emperor, at the head of the task, her name was Elena, and about another 400 years appear in scene, a beduin ( man of the desert,), talking about having dreams, and he start the creation of the Muslim world, he raise in war town by town, later nation by nation inflicting fear to the people of been killed if they don't convert to the lunatic new religion. The Temple Mount on Yerushalayin ( Jerusalem), is the site of the first Temple build To The G-D of Ysrael, by The Jew King Solomon of Ysrael. After the destruction by the Roman, The Jews send wandering by the Roman hordes, by the four corners of the Earth, and finally in Our Times, The Prophecy was fulfilled with the return of The Jews to their ancient Lands, The Jews People ARE The Legal land Lords of Judea an Samaria, any other fictitious and false statement made by the false Palestinians, are just that, a dirty LIE; Yerushalayim is and all ways has been and will keep been for ever the Eternal Capital of Ysrael.

alpcns . • 2 months ago

Agreed. What you're talking about, requires the end of Islam. Remove Islamofascism from the person, and you're left with a normal human being. Not likely to happen, unfortunately.

tjke • 2 months ago

Yes and the Arabs should not be allowed to vote in Israel, even if they are citizens, because they are the worst enemies of the Jews and they should nit be allowed to have citizenship in Israel

Every single "peace" negotiated so far has been a lie. That is to be expected when you are negotiating with known & proven liar terrorists. There is no truth in them any more than there is Satan. How many times do that have to prove themselves?
Trying to buy peace always fails because they only respect strength. There will never be peace. Ever. No matter what promises they make. Until that is understood by all of Israel the same false peace will occur over & over & over.

cofer • 2 months ago

Exactly, 👍

His Holiness John Paul II
he went to beg the Masonic rothschild satanists of the antichrist Merkel Von Hitler URSULA FED BCE.
to write the obvious in the EU constitution:
1. the common roots of the European peoples are Christian roots,
2. the common European identity were and are the authentic roots of Jewish-Christian identity.
That's why this parasite ja-Bull-On by Soros Juncker Prodi d'Alema Veltroni is in a wicked and predatory body!
no one defended the Christians who suffered the sharia genocide in all the ARAB LEAGUE!
so how could the Israelis survive?
if IRAN will not be destroyed? now the Israelis will have to die!

Esther Schrager • 2 months ago

Oh fer cryin' out loud. WILL YOU STOP CREATING NEW NAMES?

I keep blocking this nutjob but it just keeps reappearing under yet another idiotic name.

and how could you escape your judgment?
you are insulting the universal justice that I represent!
also because what do you not share what I say? nobody knows!
you're just a bully!
bad people like you should be expelled from the internet!

#Iran: Chief Pasdaran, ready for every enemy
'We are so strong that they need to accuse us unjustly'
I don't accuse anyone unjustly, in fact you give:
10 years in prison to apostate MURTIDES, to which are added: another 5 years in prison for those who pray to Baby Jesus:
and this is right that, since IRAN is the demon Allah, then, it is normal that those who pray to Jesus BABY make an attack on the national security of Kim Jong-UN.
I had said it before: "all my bombs? they are always smarter than your Prophet Muhammad"

is the smell of blood: an Islamic excitement jihad frantic sharia; a compulsive Islamic raptus Erdogan.
when does Allah enter your head?
then, you can't stop!
Bomb truck, at least 20 dead
in Afghanistan
Mecca World 666 Kaaba imperialism.
Says official source. Ninety wounded. Semi-destroyed a hospital

bev • 2 months ago

it is far too difficult to follow what this person writes. makes not much sense at alal. I dont have the patience to try to follow these posts

you want to be stuck and stay happy with your demons: that prevent you from knowing,
or do you want to do a spiritual fight to get eternal life?
Is it so hard for you to ask questions?
God is love, God vibrates with love for each one of us: God JHWH loves you personally, and will never take revenge for your sins: that is, if the blood of the Paschal Lamb will cover you.
but Allah? he doesn't know all this!

there is a theater of: NWO 666 FED FMI Government Shadow: Deep State: in which Rothschild (the puppeteer SARUMAN)
tells Macron: "you play this role"
then, he tells Merkel: "you play this other role"
etc .. etc .. etc ..
then, he says to the SAUDITI: "you do so and so"
then, Bin SALMAN tells Rothschild: "In exchange for the destruction of IRAN, how many Christian martyrs will you exterminate me?"
actually, that's how the history books will be written: because I will kill them all!