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Scorpio • 4 months ago

Hey, "Lion of Judah;" You sound like one of those corny horror movies that used to be the staple of Hollywood's "Poverty Row." Why don't you submit your fever-caused scenarios to them. They'd be g;lad to have them.

Civil unions: turn three years old, 'but the climate has changed'
answer. NO rainbow families can exist,
because marriage can only be between a man and a woman!

Le unioni civili compiono tre anni, 'ma il clima è cambiato'
answer. NON possono esistere famiglie arcobaleno,
perché il matrimonio può essere soltanto tra uomo e donna!

Bosnia, a mass grave discovered
With the remains of at least 12 Bosnian Muslims.
Islam fluctuates between genocide to do or genocide to suffer:
does not know an intermediate solution:
because the Islamic theocracy has no reciprocity and integration!
in Kosovo they did the genocide of the Serbs and nobody said it!
3000 among churches cemeteries and monasteries of Serbs? they no longer exist for Erdogan's disposal

the precious Nehama Rivlin was buried among the Great of Nation.
and I do not ask myself the question of why he had a privilege in burial:
because Unius REI does not interfere in government actions!

la preziosa Nehama Rivlin è stata sepolta fra i Grandi Nazione.
ed io non mi pongo il problema del perché ha avuto to privilegio nella sepoltura:
perché Unius REI non si intromette in azioni di governo!

we pray for these children who can return to their homeland!
BEIRUT, JUNE 5 - About 15,000 Syrian refugee children in Lebanon are likely to remain without shelter after Lebanese authorities have ordered the destruction of a series of informal gatherings of refugees. It is the warning of three international humanitarian organizations operating in the Country of the Cedars. Lebanon has a population of less than four million inhabitants. And since 2011, more than one million Syrians have been fleeing the war in their country. Beirut authorities complain about the difficulty of supporting what is described as an unbearable social and economic burden.

so the Poles are the cousins of the Nazis!
can anyone tell me what was wrong with Putin for the Poles?
BRUSSELS, JUNE 5 - Jaroslaw Kaczynski, a strong man of the Polish ultra-conservative majority party Law and Justice (PiS / Ecr), speaking to the Polish private broadcaster Radio Wnet, rejected the idea of forming a political group in the European Parliament with the League , explaining that Matteo Salvini's party, as well as the French Rassemblement National of Marine Le Pen, and the German movement Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) have pro-Russian positions, unacceptable for the Poles.

ok. well!! our Western civilization has been profoundly de-Christianized: the Vatican and all Christian denominations have been de-Christianized:
and this was an excellent work by the synagogue of satan: shadow Government BILDERBERG: esoteric agenda: FED FMI ECB NWO.
therefore there are no crusaders:
on the other hand, however: we have many Satanists and Masons who are in control.
why: the crusaders cannot make the genocide of the Muslims:
while the Satanists and the Masons are certain, that they can do it!

Europe is mainly threatened by Rothschild Bilderberg and his antichrists accomplices: Freemasons, and the Democratic Party: lgbt islam ECB etc ...
in reality: things in Europe are going too badly: many sharia areas of france, UK, Belgium, Holland etc .. etc .. are already a caliphate Erdogan: they are no-zones: for democracy and the police can not enter! rapes and murders: and the Nigerian mafia are hidden by the TV Network NWO satellite:
and for information on this silent and unstoppable Islamic conquest (ethnic substitution) of Europe you must go to "VoxNews"
youtube com/user/noahNephillim/discussion
Lorenzojhwh UniusREI king
Lorenzojhwh UniusREI kingdom

if you recognize Koran? then you recognize your dead akbar genocide ummah NAZI ISIS Erdogan worldwide.
if you recognize Palestinian you recognize islamic terrorism: and jihad galaxy!
if you recognize sharia? then, you recognize that Muslims have the right to claim your genocide!
if, you legally recognize the Palestinians or the ARAB LEAGUE itself
is tantamount to legitimizing all shariah genocides from Muhammad to today!
if the ARAB LEAGUE refuses to deny sharia: to obtain the laicity state:
then, we will be forced to destroy all the ARAB LEAGUE !!

riconoscere giuridicamente i palestinesi oppure la stessa LEGA ARABA
equivale a legittimare tutti i genocidi shariah da Maometto ad oggi!
se riconoscete la sharia? allora, voi riconoscete che gli islamici hanno il diritto di pretendere il vostro genocidio!
se la LEGA ARABA si rifiuta di rinnegare la sharia: per ottenere lo Stato laico:
allora, noi saremo costretti a distruggere tutta la LEGA ARABA!!