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AJL • 12 months ago

President Trump and Jared Kushner wasted three years on this so called peace plan. The Palestinians will never accept anything unless it is 100% on their terms fully knowing that will never happen. There can be no peace with them, now or in the future. They don't want their own state. It is not good for the leaders because it doesn't make sense economically to them. They like how it is now so they can continue to line their pockets and incite the people to continue to attack Israel. After all their main goal is the destruction of Israel and the death of all Jews.

john o'neal • 12 months ago

I understand the frustration, but right in the ànnouncement, he warned that it may never come again.
The veiled threat was clear, and when the hammer comes down, they have no one to blame but themselves and we have documentation.

AJL • 12 months ago

I understand John but Abbas doesn't care and will continue on the same path he's been on. I highly doubt that whoever replaces him will also continue on the same path.

john o'neal • 12 months ago

I am not Thinking of Abbas', but the other nations who perpetually support pals over USA/ Israel.

lewjac3 • 12 months ago

Good reply, I am sure there is a plan B if the Arabs in the long run do not come to the table.

Dennis L. Ayers • 12 months ago

The Palestinians will not accept a peace plan even if t is 110% on their terms fully knowing that will never happen. They HATE everyone that does not bow to their Islamic false cult. They scream death to America (Big Satan) They scream death to Israel (Lil Satan) which God calls the Apple of His eye. They need to wake up and realize their Islam came from the Roman Catholic Church. Not Muhammad. A little of the Bible and a mix of their vision of the god (Idolatry). But in reading the quan vs the Bible you will see the angel that spoke to muhammad was satan. It is the IRAN leadership needs removed and replaced with someone that believes in Jesus, the Messiah. THAT is the ONLY hope for the Palestinians. Dump Islam and Muslim blasphemy cult and return to Jesus.
Want to really understand the Israel and Palestine division you must go to the Bible and read history about the offspring of Abraham ... Jacob = Israel

The term Palestine, while derived from the ancient Philistines, previously had become a common geographic distinction for the land well before the renaming. It had been used by Greek and Roman writers such as Herodotus, Aristotle, Pliny the Elder, Plutarch and others—and even a few times by the first-century Jewish historians Philo of Alexandria and Flavius Josephus.

The area continued to be called Palaestina later in the Byzantine period, and forms of this name persisted under the Arab caliphates and Turkish Ottoman Empire, though “Southern Syria” was the common distinction. “After World War I [when the Ottomans fell to the western Allies], the name ‘Palestine’ was applied to the territory that was placed under British Mandate; this area included not only present-day Israel but also present-day Jordan … [At that time] it was common for the international press to label Jews, not Arabs, living in the mandate as Palestinians” (Jewish Virtual Library, “Israel: Origins of the Name ‘Palestine’”).

alpcns . • 12 months ago

You're right: they'll never accept anything, just like you observe.

Consider this: Trump and Bibi are counting on it.

Tuvi Todd • 1 year ago

Islamic Extremists today should seriously consider exchanging their Jihad for realism,
before locking-in Palestine’s pathetic non-state stagnation, while Israel’s acceptance,
prosperity, and security only continues to increase. Since,
The "Deal of the Century" will be offer at least two good things:
-1- For Israel, Annexation of Jewish settlement & border/security regions, and
-2- For Palestine, Statehood (with some difficult to accept conditions surely).
And, perhaps most importantly,
If Hamas, and the PLO-PA again reject this opportunity, which may never come around again,
Israel will still, not only be able to accept it's opportunity and unilaterally implement it too.
It will do so, with far greater acceptance and support than in any previous time in history.

lewjac3 • 12 months ago

Put in a nutshell short and sweet, well done.

Mark Strazynski • 12 months ago

Hopefully, the terrorists (Abbas and his ilks) will reject this plan and eventually Israel will annex all of the liberated territories.

john o'neal • 12 months ago

Speedily, in our day soon!

Mark Strazynski • 12 months ago


john o'neal • 12 months ago

None of those Arab gangsters masquerading as Royals like the
pretend pals for anything but a thorn in the side of Israel, and they sure don't want those maniacs stirring up trouble in their own lands.
The pretend pals wore out their welcome in Jordan specifically a very long time ago.
Smart rulers always try to choose the winning side, and it's obvious to anyone with the sense G-d have a rock which side will ultimately prevail. Dozens of airplanes destroyed on the ground can't be wrong.

john o'neal • 12 months ago

Mark Strazinski: Amen.

john o'neal • 12 months ago

Plan B, in 4 years, still leaves a year of Mr. Trump's second
term to execute.
I am sure he realizes as well as we do the pretend pals aren't going to give up their cash cow and power base without force being applied, and despite the mirrored BS that Mr. Netanyahu gets in stereo from Mr. Trump's detractors, I am certain he too can read the writing on the wall, and likely the same for Mr. Gantz.
But all any of us can do is "wait, I say, on the L-rd "

michael greene • 12 months ago

The so-called palestinians have NEVER lost an opportunity to lose an opportunity for peace. Their rejection was a foregone conclusion, and now provides a legitimate backdrop for Bibi to do what should have been done over 50 years ago--annex all of Judea and Samaria.

Curtis Renkin • 12 months ago

But buy out any Arab who wants to leave lesser or greater Israel first! Then annex it all. ;-)

kevvr • 1 year ago

Hashem will handle this not polititians

john o'neal • 12 months ago

Truth, however unpopular, is the Eternal, blessed be He.

kevvr • 12 months ago


john o'neal • 12 months ago


Martin Brown • 12 months ago

Don't believe that idea. How can Hasheme do anything that human have not been able to do?

kevvr • 12 months ago

im assuming your kidding

lewjac3 • 12 months ago

God gave humans freewill.

kevvr • 12 months ago

you mean like create the universe and sustain it this very second

Martin Brown • 12 months ago

You believe that? Fine. It is a spirit. It can't change the destruction that humans are doing to their world. Did Hasheme stop Hitler? You are in a dream LOL.

michael greene • 12 months ago

Nothing happens in this world unless the Al-mighty wills it or allows it to happen. Period.

kevvr • 12 months ago

he could have , but for reasons you could not understand chose not to. why stop at hitler ,there is evil everyday in the world

Trump plan calls for Palestinian state, but PA leaders already reject it

there is no possibility of integration between sharia and the rest of the world ..
you cannot cover with the patch (Trump's plan), the terrorist bubo of the Islamic genocide!

Bjørn W. • 1 year ago

It`s a fundamental error. League of Nations gave religious and civli rights for non-jews, but no political to form statehood inside the jewish homeland, which
was given the legal right to be established and re-constituted in secure manner.
The Declaration from Tel Aviv signed May 14, 1948, reflects the Mandate from League of Nations.

Furthermore Israel became a nation on the biblical Feast day Shavout / Pentecost according to full moon March 25 1948, counting seven days in seven weeks from First Fruit after the holy seventh set-apart sabbatical day, as astronomical empirical
and scientific fact confirmed from God of Abraham, Isak and Jacob. The state of Israel has legal right from the Most High Creator, who delivered and established Israel in the eternal Torah, confirmed in Acts 3.20-22.

Trevor Barry • 12 months ago

The Palestinian's & Abbas should be wise to accept a deal & to get on with life however if they do not accept which is likely they won't, then if they are smart negotiators, then to receive more land from Israel they must go & twist Jordan's, Egypt's, Syria's & Saudi Arabia's arms to look into their hearts to give Israel a land gift up to 150Km into those countries listed which almost surround Israel . Those four nation's & the Palestinian's all realise that Israeli Jews were badly short changed on the land issue back in the last century whereby the Jews only ever received about 10%% of the land originally promised to them for their freedom to rule themselves! With colonials offering 100% yet providing +- 10% is not fair to the Jews so in order to be fair all round if the Palestinians want more land then they need to go ask those four countries fo a gift so Israel can give a larger gift to the Palestinians for a workable future. The world even relates that Israel was short changed on receiving land sum 75 year's ago so if the Palestinian's can pull a rabbit out the hat & swing a gift from those four countries to providing a land's gift to Israel then all sides should be happier. The question is... Will those four countries whom hold an abundance of land be prepared to give Israel their own lands back as a gift or a big part of Israeli land or are they going to hold onto Jewish lands & still expect Israel to buckle to the ongoing Palestinian demands? The ball is in Abbas Palestinian camp to go do some hard negotiating for Israel to receive a huge gift in return for the Palestinian's to receive a gift from Israel !

Henkie Rompas • 12 months ago

I am dreaming to see the the territory border of Israel as stated in bible Exodus 23: 31.

Pete • 1 year ago

I'd give them some real estate in the middle of the ocean.

john o'neal • 12 months ago

Or in the state they were already given, Jordan.

lewjac3 • 12 months ago

The Hashemites wont like that.

bullaa • 12 months ago

Nothing unbelievable as both are idiots and would do anything in their own interest.

Michael Lewis • 12 months ago

I wonder what the Palestinians would do if a peace agreement was offered to them giving them all they asked for and Israel agreed to return to the pre 1967 borders. Somehow I get the feeling they would find reasons to reject that proposal as well.

Wayne Wastier • 12 months ago

They reject it because this would mean they can't drive Israel into the sea. Their spots haven't changed.

Peter • 12 months ago

As long as the PA Authorities once and for all recognize Israel and it's right to exists!!!! However, if they reject the deal, then all Arab countries, the UN and the EU and Russia should all sever their ties with the PA!!!

norseman • 12 months ago

The plan involves giving PA double land compared to today. The A and B-territories comprise 40 % of the West Bank; so, the plan gives them 80% ? More surprising is that both Netanyahu and Ganz have accepted this. How could they? They are repeating the mistakes of 2000 and 2008; 'land for peace', when both PLO, PA and Hamas have proved they don't want peace.

Rachel Newer • 12 months ago

the best plan already offered by Rabbi Kahane OBM. Transfer. They must go!. Get off Jewish promised land all who disrespect Jewish sovereignty. Send them to Jordan, Algeria, Libya, Africa etc, plenty of land there. Help build infrastructure. end of story.

MoonshineSA • 12 months ago

The only thing the Palestinians would lose from this deal is the destruction of Israel but they should have accepted that would not happen anyway. They should grab this opportunity to have their own state. Abbas could be a real president of a real country and with fifty billion dollars plus the offered help with experience and expertise to build a great future for the Palestinians, they would be mad to refuse the deal.

How many struggling countries would give their eye teeth for an opportunity like this? Instead of being used as cannon fodder and “martyrs” the ordinary citizens of Palestine could be building something good for their children.

Guest • 12 months ago

I would be nice to hear from the actual people who live there instead of the global puppets and purveyors of terror

Jonny • 12 months ago

If they reject, which is as sure as "amen" in church, Trump is not gonna back off. Trump will continue and the palis will be worse off, but Trump doesn't care, nor do I. Instead, he will be able to say:"look, we offered you, but you rejected". And this time, nobody ecxept Iran, will help them. The only danger is if Trump and/or Netanyahu are not gonna be reelected. As always, the enemy within.

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Jeremiah Oluwadare • 1 year ago

Great Deal!

Curtis Renkin • 12 months ago

They could have SO MUCH with sovereignty even if it is one mile square (an air force, nukes, you name it)! That's what the Zionists did last century! They are fools, the PLO-PA leadership, and don't deserve one square inch! Maybe the next generation, and probably people that have nothing to do with the PLO-PA. Trump have should kept his mouth shut. Four minutes, or days at most, is all the time they should have had, not four years to accept. They have had SINCE 1937 several chances to make peace but their goal is the eradication of Jewish Israel.

The only winners here are the Israelis who can again say, "at least we tried!". They can bring back Jews who have soured on Zionism because of the lack of peace EFFORTS, though in the 2030s they will have to do this again as peace proposals seem to have an expiration date in the American Jewish mind. It is also doubtful that the D's will go along, calling it a distraction from the impeachment trial. ;-)

john o'neal • 12 months ago

Forty years and they would not comply. We have documentation, Trump warning of not likely to be offered again.
Frustrating, yes, but needful to refute condemnation.