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Nichus Block • 7 months ago

Maybe he will release the plan or maybe he won't. Maybe there isn't a plan. Chump talks more than he acts.

Tuvi Todd • 7 months ago

If it was a "Palestinian Statehood" plan, then Arabs would be interested, but Arabs are not now,
nor are they likely to ever be, interested in a "Peace Plan" with the Jewish State of Israel. So,
Trump's plan will be "dead on arrival" when ever its released, and the status quo will continue.

alpcns . • 7 months ago

I agree that the Fakestinians are only interested in plans that are detrimental (if not fatal) to Israel and the Jews.

Something tells me that Trump already knows all that (for many months already) and has plan B ready. And that plan might very well mightily surprise the Fakestinians, which is why Jordan got very nervous.

Stuart Wineberg • 7 months ago

What a pillock you seem to be.You post a load of crap

Trump: Mideast peace plan to be released after Israeli elections
we all know what kind of peace: jihad takfirio Sudairio Riyad-Erdogan Iran sharia has given sharia life: martyrs christian slaves dhimmis: kafir Murtidi to all previous peoples:
in fact everybody says: "that peace is on our prophet Muhammad" in fact all the cursed souls in hell know it, they don't have peace!
Muslims do not want their homeland as Jews:
no, they want the homeland of others.
Obama who was a Satanist helped them kill Israel,
while TRUMP he seems to be a fool!

lo sappiamo tutti che tipo di pace: jihad Erdogan Iran sharia ha dato la sharia a tutti i popoli precedenti:
infatti tutti dicono : "che la pace sia sul nostro profeta Maometto" infatti le anime maledette all'inferno, lo sanno tutti, non hanno la pace!
islamici non vogliono una loro patria come gli ebrei:
no, loro vogliono la patria degli altri.
Obama che era un satanista li aiutava ad uccidere Israele,
mentre TRUMP lui sembra proprio essere uno stupido!

Bin SALMAN] you should stop living like a frightened cordard:
and stay there thinking all the time: "Who could hurt me more than Rothschild or Unius REI?"
because everyone saw that I slammed Rothschild like an octopus on the rock!
you instead think about realizing justice: and walk on the path of justice
and therefore: you follow me on this road without fear!

China Russia US EU India]
if the UN says to Israel: "ok enough now! you deported all the Palestinians to Syria"
then, Rothschild would say to Israel: "no, don't do it! where there is a homeland also for me: and for my priests of Satan?"
and so the Israelis would be forced to obey Rothschild!

#Epstein #lgbt "eye of" lucifer-allah "on Masonic pyramid" video of Prince Andrea at the financier's home
here is how Rothschild controls and blackmails his corrupt and our woldwide Leaders

italian crazy masonry consociativism ] losers ta do: "purpose government": axis: Macron Merkel Bilderberg M5S-Pd (that is minority)
Conte will report in the Senate on the 20th, and we will have to cry!
yes, but GRILLO Beppe derails the M5S with Pd, because together they met at LGBTQ Sodoma: which is the land of Rothschild's toys.
and what does the Italian people think? a President MATTARELLA (Mattarellum) does not care.
now, not even a fraudulent false Masonic democracy: of fraudulent bank seigniorage: it can save us from sharia genocide from the Islamic theocracy

governo di scopo dei perdenti: asse: Macron Merkel Bilderberg M5S-Pd (la minoranza)
Conte riferirà in Senato il 20, e ci sarà da piangere!
si, ma GRILLO Beppe deraglia il M5S con Pd, perché insieme si sono incontrati a LGBTQ Sodoma: che è il paese dei balocchi di Rothschild.
e quello che pensa il popolo italiano? a Presidente MATTARELLA ( Mattarellum) non interessa.
adesso, neanche una fraudolenta falsa democrazia massonica: del signoraggio bancario truffa: ci può salvare dalla teocrazia islamica sharia genocidio

IMF 187 FED Salman 666 Bin Rothschild sharia micro-chip: esoteric agenda Bilderberg-Soros Riyad ] the Israelis have remained the last and the only nation in the world to have not lost their freedom of speech: this is why Allah and Satan, now they must prey it on the bottom back faggott maggot

FED Salman Bin Rothschild sharia] gli israeliani sono rimasti l'ultima e l'unica nazione nel mondo a non aver perso la libertà di parola: ecco perché Allah e Satana, ora lo devono prendere nel fondo schiena

Epstein case, video of Prince Andrea at the financier's home
it is through: masonry, corruption, perversion, lgbt
that rothschild manages to blackmail the leaders and manages to steal banking seigniorage all over the world!

Caso Epstein, video del principe Andrea a casa del finanziere
è attraverso: massonerie, corruzione, perversione, lgbt
che rothschild riesce a ricattare i leaders e riesce a rubare il signoraggio bancario in tutto il mondo!