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alpcns . • 1 year ago

"Gantz’s centrist bloc, which could potentially include the Joint List of Arab parties"

Oooh. How lovely. The very last thing Israel needs right now is a bunch of deluded "progressives" in power aided by islamofascists. That would be the end of the country. Quite literally, I'm afraid.

TruthBeRising • 1 year ago

Leftism is a mental disorder. There is no known treatment, except quackery. Yes, the diagnosis is dim...but the prognosis is even worse.

President RIVLIN] countdown [missing 9 days to destroy Iran's nuclear and military potential

Muslims are committing thousands of terrorist attacks and massacres all over the world and the sharia of the ARAB LEAGUE must now respond!
Terror on the bus: 50 children part civilly against Sy - Lombardia
"We expect justice, in our opinion those who have put the vehicle in the hands of this man are also responsible, and for this reason we will request the summons as civil leaders of the Autoguidovie company and of the Ministry of Public Education". The lawyer Antonino Ennio Andronico, civil lawyer of the families of Adam El Hamami, Ramy Shehata and other 50 children taken hostage on a bus burned by Ousseynou Sy said so.

The fifty kids who were hijacked on March 20th in Milan, their families and 3 companions, entered into civil proceedings in the trial before the Court of Assizes of Milan against Ousseynou Sy, the driver who took the hostages young on the bus, then burned, in San Donato Milanese. The municipality of Crema has also been set up and, only for the crime of fire, the company that owns the vehicle, Autoguidovie. The defendant arrived in the courtroom and there are some parents and a little girl that day was on the bus.

Netanyahu: 'I am in government or there is the danger of Arabs'
answer. a new Constituent is NECESSARY:
because democracy (human rights and freedom of religion) cannot foresee its suicide in ISLAM

Netanyahu: 'Io al governo oppure c'è il pericolo arabi'
answer. è NECESSARIA una Costituente:
perché la democrazia (diritti umani e libertà di religione) non può prevedere il suo suicidio nell'ISLAM

Phil Lesh Fan • 1 year ago

"Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday at a Likud
party meeting in Jerusalem that he opposes any government that “leans on
the anti-Zionist Arab parties,” and said he would make “every effort to
prevent a dangerous government like this.”"

It appears that Bibi is up against a relative of the Democratic Party here in America, which relies on the anti-America socialist/communist wing of that party.

stevealevine vs UniusREI Yitzhak Kaduri Messia •

And you, Unius, will never be able to explain why they let you out without a minder.

UniusREI Yitzhak Kaduri Messia vs stevealevine • worldisraelnews com/analysis-islamist-inspired-terrorism-returns-to-yemen/
I have NOT been an observatory on the martyrdom of Christians, to no avail.
the ARAB LEAGUE is a total genocide against kafir dhimmis and MURTIDI!

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all my connections?
do not work!
tutti i miei collegamenti ?
non funzionano!

Influenza: first death in the USA, she is a 4-year-old girl. Health Department recommends the vaccine
answer. who will protect us from the ninth aluminum uranium steel particles they contain?
I demand vaccines of national production!

Hill • 1 year ago

Could you recommend me a psychiatrist?

TruthBeRising • 1 year ago

Carl Jung? He's a Jungian psychiatrist who can't stand Freud.

Prof. Stefano Montanari: Vaccines: ugly dirty and bad?
We publish the interview given by Prof. Stefano Montanari, an expert of European renown on epigenetic pathologies deriving from the intake of fine particles. Montanari reveals the unequivocal and documented presence of additives and pollutants in all vaccines, and explains the risks associated with them simply and completely.
youtube com/watch?v=Fimp11kDDOc
The interview was released last January in Telecolor.
Link to the original video:
youtu be/rbb1IfPOQKk

Grace Joy • 12 months ago

I doubt people here speak Italian. I've coincidentally given the link below for the list of "Excipients Included in U.S. Vaccines, by Vaccine" to two different people today; & here I find you talking about vaccines. Exipients are "An inert substance used as a diluent or vehicle for a drug." Replace the two * with . for link to work:


in order not to be forced to lay off: from the Masonic consociativismo of institutional power: Bilderberg.
officials with 1500 euros a month are forced to lie: by the Governments of the Democratic Party and by the drug multinationals.
and therefore declare all VACCINES as pure from nano ferrous particles:
but how was it demonstrated? it's not really what they are!
Vaccines Interview with Dr. Stefano Montanari exclusive censored by Italian television stations behind
/ youtu be / 35HsKFU_gDc

I'm not talking about metals not in the form of proteins.
I explicitly speak of mineral metal nanoparticles: uranium, zinc, aluminum, barium, etc. .. these? kill!
many have stroke infarction tumor leukemia autism senile dementia, etc ..
this is how Rothschild saves his NWO FED IMF Regime Bilderberg by it from NOT paying pensions!
with the molecular microscope only the vaccines of cats were found to be pure from nano particles of iron, steel, uranium, aluminum, etc.

Grace Joy • 12 months ago

Resultant illnesses distract us; & bring business to the medical industry (and funeral homes). Metals in the vaccines; in cigarette paper; in aerial & ground seeding of clouds, silver iodide, Aluminum, etc.; from geoengineering barium, lithium, mercury, & more pumped into the atmosphere . . . causing drought, hotter fires, leading to floods . . .

Also halogens: Replacing iodine are Bromine (reduces fertility) in flour; Chlorine (dementia) in water; fluorine in water (and Prozac, causes apathy). And drugs: A study showed that acetaminophen lowers empathy.

The Climate change hoax, Agenda 21 Sustainable Development, has taken on a life of its own. It, like most everything, is now under the auspices of the United Nations: UN Environment Programme (UNEP) (unenvironment dot org), & its Finance Initiative (UNEPFI dot org).

Hundreds of thousands of children around the world have been brainwashed to demand that we follow the recommendations of the Elite (includes wealthy entertainers & athletes, & social media giants), all of whom are "investing" in Sustainable Development.


I ousted: SATANA NWO NATO CIA 666 UK Sharia OCI lilit Jabull-on allah Belfagor from the planet and he can no longer brainwash anyone.
the climate of the souls has changed and the Rothshilds dont have control!
I had plans of happiness for everyone,
but nobody took me seriously
anyway for my fault
the elite has lost control!
I am sorry that CHINA and Russia are considering replacing the NWO with their NWO
they do not think of universal well-being:
therefore they will make themselves responsible with the ARAB LEAGUE of the world war

Grace Joy • 12 months ago

None can say you haven't blown the warning Trumpet. Remember Matthew 10:14.

yes, None can say

Vaccines Interview with Dr. Stefano Montanari exclusive censored by Italian television stations behind
/youtu be/35HsKFU_gDc
Replica of Dr. Montinari at the "La Battaglia dei Vaccini" Direct Taking Episode
//youtu be/kzXr8Z0qW9Y

I wouldn't know how to advise you: perhaps an imam rabbi or priest could advise you well, but
1. be very careful at psychiatrist Marxist froidians or you will end up lost in a brothel!
2. ,you pay attention to hypnotic techniques or you will end up becoming a demonic possessed ...
and please: this really not!
we are already suffering Erdogan!

TruthBeRising • 1 year ago

Erdogan needs a psychiatrist; but he thinks that everyone else is crazy except him!