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ihatefacebook121 • 1 year ago

Nevertheless, western liberals will continue to hang on her every claim as gospel truth. The stupid will believe anything.

navigator37 • 1 year ago

I would disagree with you. Most of them are not stupid. They simply hate Jews and would take anything as long as it hurts Jews.

sandraleesmith46 • 1 year ago

They keep voting for the destruction of the best form of governance humans ever devised in all of human history: that makes them STUPID!

WeeksMD2 • 1 year ago

'&' , I'd Love to See the Jobs These 'residents' Have Used to Get These Things. Perhaps a Large Majority Drew Straws to See Which One of the Children Would Be a 'martyr and hero' for their Family ? Perhaps, It's Just Simply "Drug $$$", &, or, 'Iran, Syria, hezbollah, hamas, U.S. or Israeli Taxes, Etc. Murderers & Thieves Will Always Find a 'Way' . . .

punch_corona • 1 year ago

.. grandma is strong like an ox.. the martyrs abbas looks for are the the ignorant, stupid, and demented people tied to the extreme islamic ideology.. the rep apparently comes from the upper crust of the plo.. from jordan.. they hold jordanian passports.. nice cars... nothing but the best German cars.. bmw, mercedes, audi, alfa romeo.. no Korean or japanese cars in the family..they wear the finest clothing.. nice shoes.. best perfumes .. eat at the nicest restaurants.. the queen would have dual loyalty issues .. the pLo & jordan nationality as a right... the bull that comes out of the queens is business as usual.. no oppression here...

VTS • 1 year ago

...and they miss Hitler, the ultimate white supremasist, a lot.

VTS • 1 year ago

They live much better than Obama's brother Malik. The name of Tlaibs village is Beit-Ur al-Fauqa. That is why Rashida is so fauqaed-up.

Erica Ling • 1 year ago

You heard Tlaib complained her sister Layla Elabed was on the FBI no fly list since 2012 ? Tlaib could not understand how as a "lawmaker" she could not do something about it. Back home, a bung in the right hands or threats from their tame goons would have fixed it. FBI say less than 10% of all those on Terrorist Screening Database go on no fly list. So not only a first for Muslim women in Congress, but the first to have a relative on the FBI top 10 % list ! Did anyone check this out before she ran for Congress ?

HebrewProphet • 1 year ago

No one in the former Obama
administration bothered to
check Lalya Talib's record or her
sister Rashida and their connections to radical Islam
terror orgs. so FBI Director
Jim Comey now has even more
skeletons in his closet .

Erica Ling • 1 year ago

What about the 2018 mid terms campaign ? It would be futile to expect the Democrats to check out their own candidates for anti-Semitic or terrorist affiliations. That would be as effective as the UK Labour Party conducting internal investigations into its own institutional Jew hatred.

only Muslims are capable of this crime of perfect sharia genocide: against humanity under the aegis of NATO Russia and the UN: in fact, in Kosovo the Muslims have uprooted 3000 between Churches Cemeteries and Monasteries,
and what about Erdogan who historically erased the Armenian people?
Islam cannot be treated politically: but only militarily !!
in Commonwealth military cemetery in Gaza City for broken headstones on May 10, 2004 in the Gaza Strip. Vandals with axes and shovels desecrated 32 graves of soldiers killed in World War I, including those from Britain and India

Devasahayam the Deplored • 1 year ago

10,000,000% on the nail -- and lest it escape notice, all actual genocides and attempts thereof against Muslim groups since birth of arch-thug Mohamad's parents were done by Muslims (and total number of Muslims killed by "kafirs in that same time is less than half of Muslim "internal/internecine" toll since 1945)!

the Islamic approach is totally: supernatural and demonic as it is criminal: even towards oneself:
they say, "how many died to us, and how many died to them?"
in this way they show that they do not actually possess the concept of the sacredness of human life!

Erica Ling • 1 year ago

This is why Islamic states never prosper. All their emphasis is on death, rather than life. And NOT in the way we understand it from our saints, or Jesus, who advocated we live a GOOD life, so that death is a reward for living.

c0mm0nsensical • 1 year ago

But they DO see death as a reward. They get 72 virgins after they die, rather than the one or two nags they get on earth.

Erica Ling • 1 year ago

The difference is---their emphasis is on death itself, not on living, first. Besides, we can only imagine the disappointment and frustration, when confronted by 72 virgin adults, when their predilection is for small boys.

Communists, Satanists, Muslims, Pharisees: like all predators Luciferians Enlightened: the over man or the super man?
1. or do not have an afterlife like Jews and communists
2. or theirs is always a terrestrial representation: like the Muslims
because this is their truth: they have everything now and then there is hell!
Rothschild masons and Mohammed have lied!

WeeksMD2 • 1 year ago

Mere 'Grave Robbers', Who Prefer to Kill & Steal Rather Than Work . . .

Erica Ling • 1 year ago

They do what ISIS did---erase all evidence of other religions.Shows what an insecure , puny little religion Islam is.Why we condemn ISIS, but not these troglodytes, is all down to the Great God Oil. Roll on electrification ! Then our politicians might say kish mein touches to the Arabs.

if the Arab League does not remove the sharia? then, the human race will be removed!

Palestinian village where Tlaib's grandmother lives is rolling in dough

until, waiting for the sharia of Nazism and genocide (replacement theology) to be condemned by the ARAB OIC league all over the world?
to all Muslims worldwide must immediately have all active and passive political rights removed!

Erica Ling • 1 year ago

Trouble with that, Hitler did it already with the Jews, made a good idea stink.

Erika you reversed good with evil
Hitler of today? is the sharia of the ARAB LEAGUE!
and THIS is TRUE: AS THE SHARIA also also has its good reasons:
but, he is wrong in the dogmatic method: given that if instead of hitting the Rothschilds he hits the whole Jewish people.
and, in fact: the sharia does not forgive you: if you are a kafir Dhimmis and Murtidi: because the sharia does not recognize and respects diversity!

Erica Ling • 1 year ago

I appreciate what you say.But whatever method you envisage of repressing, eliminating, disenfranchising or disposing of another group of humans, however well deserving, has been done all through history, but especially made infamous by the Third Reich.And for some obscure reason, I do not want to follow their example, nor see Israel soiled by that comparison, justifiably.

you speak as someone who has no meaning of the word "good" and the word "evil"
the genocide of sharia from which mankind must defend itself is bad.
it is bad "rothschild who stole monetary sovereignty"
all that violates the natural law is bad!
therefore the "good" must defend itself from these evils!

stop talking to me from behind!
if there is a candidate who promises to deport all Palestinians: ok come forward and vote for him: instead of Netanjahu.
otherwise shut up!

shaongaon • 1 year ago

OMG! The arab(s) lied??!! Say it isn't so!

MoonshineSA • 1 year ago

I would have said “It isn’t so” but you offered no reward or benefit and I don’t lie for free.

Bowel Movements Matter • 1 year ago

Some of The "Arab"/Fakestinian Villages I've seen in Israel show no signs of poverty. Quite the opposite...Most of them live better than the average Jewish Israeli. Everyone should be so "oppressed".
Looks like "The Occupation" gave them the lifestyle of the Rich and Famous.

Erica Ling • 1 year ago

All these "protesting " Palestinians in the news--have you ever seen a skinny one ?

ArleneB • 1 year ago

Also, ever seen the upscale malls and swimming pools in Gaza City?

White Elk Clearwater • 1 year ago

Someone should show photos & data of what those villages looked like under the control = occupation by Trans-Jordan. Bach then they really were squalid impoverished dumps like concentration camps!
Those xxxx ragheads lie so much better with Israelis than they ever have with their "brethren".

Bowel Movements Matter • 1 year ago

Aint that the truth Bro.

White Elk Clearwater • 1 year ago

Yip & I almost forgot to mention what the Jordanian Legion did to the inmates of those villages whenever they dared protest their conditions.
Jeeps mounted with machine guns would arrive to mow them down wholesale! (&BTW no one said peeps about it, not the UN & not Amnesty International)

Bowel Movements Matter • 1 year ago

Tell it Bro....A lot of folks don't remember what King Hussein did to Palestinians in "Black September".

alpcns . • 1 year ago

"perhaps Tlaib and her radical friends got it all wrong?”

Ya think?

Spencer • 1 year ago

Perhaps (as is more likely) Tlaib is just another bloody lying POS. Please remember she believes in and practices the doctrine of Taqiyya.

Edgarfletcher Fletcher • 1 year ago

Those that thrive in these communities are deeply involved in promoting the evils of the Palestinian Authority and the evils of Hamas in Gaza. They flaunt their wealth while so many in Gaza and the West Bank suffer true poverty. It's quite obvious the Tliab family suffers ZERO hardships, driving around in their BMWs and other expensive cars. The Tliabs are busy constructing brand new residences while their brethren suffer. I submit this; Rashida Tliab is nothing more than a fraud and a despot and flys the flag of poverty while laughing at the rest of us. Her family enjoys a life of luxury in PA and Hamas controlled areas, far better than most in the USA, far better than me! In conclusion, RASHIDA TLIAB IS A FRAUD, AND IS PERPETRATING A SCAM ON THE REST OF THE WORLD.

arigatoo • 1 year ago

Arab enemies should not occupy the Jewish land.

len • 1 year ago

UH-OH time to set up the Potemkin Village before 60 minutes shows up! I wouldn't worry. Exposing Talib for the fraud she is ,is not on the agenda of any Prime Time News Outlet! They might get boycotted! Maybe Fredo should look into it? Might boost his ratings or he might just meet Sonny's fate!

PackerBacker • 1 year ago

Wouldn't be surprised if our tax dollars bought all this crap before Trump cut it off

Germany: 42% of children are immigrants, Islamic jihad Sharia Ottoman replacement is underway
August 23, 2019

Open Arms, Spain thanks judge Patronaggio: Spanish military ship will take only 15 illegal immigrants
August 22, 2019

#Bibbiano, a "psychologist" close to #PD #lgbt asked for 350 thousand euros to "treat" children stolen from parents with slander and Masonic consociativismo
August 22, 2019

Macron orders the Democratic Party to make a government with the M5s: "Salvini out of the Italian government"
August 22, 2019

Trump Netanjahu help Italy democracy]
the League one step away from 40% and the sovereign front is 50%:
that's why satanic antichrists lgbt Pd and M5S Merkel Macron don't want to vote

the parasitization of the world wear pyramid has several levels:
after the Rothschilds come Merkel and Macron: who suck the blood of all the African and Greek children!
that they, yes, they are lenient to you if you belong to the democratic Bilderberg:
because as the saying goes: "dog does not eat dog"

Amazonia: Macron-Bolsonaro clash
The first, "let's talk about it at the G7", the second: "colonialist"

South Korea: Abe, 'undermined trust'
Japanese Premier on Seoul stop decision on intelligence pact
ANSWER. if, you do not stop the logic of the NWO, its ideology (6x6x6x lgbt ped0-Masonic, sad0-mas0) and perversion Satanism and Freemasonry:
then, you will not be able to understand which of you, of the two heads of caxxo: can reason better!
if the head above or below!
in fact if you were respectable people? you would have already transferred the embassy to Jerusalem!

What is dark and evil in human nature? all that the Rothschilds have extolled!
Raped and killed a girl, new execution in Texas
execution thinks of death in Texas, where a man was executed for kidnapping, rape and killing a university student in 1998

when the Ox of the Antichrist says: "cuckolded" to the communist goat vigliacchi: 'The EU is opposed to the return of Moscow in the G8, because it is not a false technocratic usury and Masonic and demonic democracy without monetary sovereignty'
Shock in the USA, boom in children born not from the donor chosen
New York Times survey
Discovery thanks to the use of do-it-yourself DNA tests

#Riyad Moḥammad bin Salmān Āl Saʿūd (محمد بن سلمان بن عبد العزيز آل سعود; Riyadh, ... January 23, 2015,
for the death of that b a s t a r d of: king bdAbd Allāh, your uncle?
don't want to talk to me and go talk to satan?
that: it wasn't a smart option for him!

per la morte di quella carogna di: re ʿAbd Allāh, tuo zio?
non voler parlare con me e andare a parlare con satana?
quella: non è stata una intelligente opzione per lui!

Bin Salman wahhabiti takfiri ISIS Erdogan jihad sharia sudairio ] [ for this the Rothschilds DEMO PLUTO JUDAIC MASSON:
they killed all the Christian Kings:
because they couldn't fool around with their chatter!
that's why you have to prepare yourself for an unconditional surrender!
even because:
my metaphysics is not an enemy from which someone needs to defend himself!
no one can add or take away anything from the metaphysics of natural law.
that is why I am here to claim my Kingdom of ISRAEL from you

Bin Salman wahhabiti takfiri sudairio ] [ per questo i Rothschild DEMO PLUTO GIUDAICO MASSONE:
hanno fatto uccidere tutti i Re Cristiani:
perché non li potevano infinocchiare con le loro chiacchiere!
ecco perché tu ti devi preparare ad una resa senza condizioni!
anche perché:
la mia metafisica non è un nemico da cui qualcuno ha bisogno di difendere se stesso!
nessuno può aggiungere o togliere qualcosa alla metafisica della legge naturale.
ecco perché io sono quì a rivendicare da te il mio Regno di ISRAELE

"Merciful Doctor? Sick Dead!"
President Mattarella would be right: if the electoral consensus of the Italian people had not substantially changed.
while the vote in this circumstance is the only solution worthy of a sovereign democracy: and not subjected to a Protectorate: of Freemasons Bilderberg Trilateral Macron Uk lgbt Merkel: and all the technocratic scum of Rothschild!