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Awraham Itschak Sholem • 1 year ago

Hahahahaha, could this be the start of something better and bigger? The total eradication of any idea of a fakestinian state and perhaps at last a real state viable and according to democratic ideas for these arabs instead of further blood shedding, rape and torture, arson and sewer canal digging.

Pentagon: 109 troops suffer brain injuries from Iran strike
China Russia] if you bring your the embassy to Jerusalem? I make you make a military alliance with the USA

se voi portate la ambasciata a Gerusalemme?
io vi faccio fare una alleanza militare con gli USA

Rohani: the US will not make us give in
abra kadabra zulum babalu and the sharia is gone
the latest jihad famous words
Rohani: gli Usa non ci faranno cedere
aansssweerr brrrrr
abra kadabra
zulum babalu
ora la sharia non c'é più... "le ultime jihad parole famose"

Guest • 1 year ago
lewjac3 • 1 year ago

If they are thinking of playing their usual extortion game, NOT this time with Trump.

Attentato jihad suicida a sharia Kabul, 5 morti /// Suicide attack in Kabul, 5 dead into UMMA akbar
At least 11 injured, most are civilians
when Erdogan allah aru mazda calls?
Bum Bum Bum replies
Bum Bum Bum risponde

Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister of Israel
because in these 10 years, you have never given me 2 hours, only two hours: to be able to unleash a nuclear attack on the whole ARAB LEAGUE OCI kaput jihad kaput?

Turkey: '101 Syrian soldiers killed'
In response to the killing of 5 Ankara troops today
I said: "you regret Hitler"
for every German soldier killed? in retaliation hitler only killed 10 people

Xi Jinping Secretary General of the Chinese Communist Party [China Russia] Vladimir Vladimirovič Putin: Владимир Владимирович Путин listen.
Erdogan sharia perjury: he went to defend the terrorists of al-Nusra sharia,
so, Assad Sharia went to recover Iblid Umma sharia,
but what is the difference between: the sharia of the whole ARAB LEAGUE: and the sharia of ISIS?
none, there is no ideological difference: what changes is only: the Nazi-communist method of suffocation ...
so what sharia did you decide to sacrifice your soldiers for?
I say that:
all Muslims must be punished without exception ..
that's why, I'm waiting for you both in Jerusalem

Italians, people cheated by Rothschild, SpA: Soros Bilderberg and the EU Democratic Party Ursula Von FRAUD: the Masonic republic of bananas !!
1 in 6 victims of online scams in 2019
A research by Facile it has revealed that almost one in six Italians has fallen victim to scams during 2019.

Erdogan: Syria will pay a high price for the attack on the Turkish army
only Syria?
it is the world that must tremble!

jihad sharia UMMA Riyadh of IRAN Erdogan's logical reasoning?
starts from the first track, and ends at the last track of the tank!
.. Putin will mad

Xi Jinping Secretary General of the Chinese Communist Party [China Russia] Vladimir Vladimirovič Putin: Владимир Владимирович Путин listen.
io ho un inquilino di nome Erdogan che mi ha rubato la casa, e sono passati più due anni, perché il sindaco è del partito democratico

Xi Jinping Secretary General of the Chinese Communist Party [China Russia] Vladimir Vladimirovič Putin: Владимир Владимирович Путин listen.
quindi il BILDERBERG Governo ha detto: "la tua casa è una azienda che produce reddito, perché nel Sud Italia tutti sono diventati dei morti di fame, che non possono e anche non vogliono pagare l'affitto!"
adesso, come fai tu ad andare in Banca da rothschild a dire:
"io non ti posso più pagare il mutuo ipotecario, perché
io ho un inquilino di nome Erdogan che:
1. mi ha rubato la casa, e sono passati più due anni
2. mi impedisce di vendere la casa...
3. perché il sindaco è del partito democratico

PJ • 1 year ago

Finally! The U.N. can smell the Palestink!

shaongaon • 1 year ago

A good start. Now they should all sniff their own pits..

lewjac3 • 1 year ago

No, it has nothing to do with the feckless UN, it everything to do with president Trump!

Aldebaran • 1 year ago

At last, a little respect towards Israel, albeit, under pressure. Such pressure was never before induced so effectively, thanks in large part to Trump's team and the changing landscape of hostility towards Israel by UN Arab members. Eventually, the Palestinians will wake up and smell the coffee, the way forward and the path towards peace & prosperity is through negotiation, not, condemnation. It's time to sit and talk, fellas.

lewjac3 • 1 year ago


Martin Brown • 1 year ago

IT will never happen. No one can deal with stupidity.

Solving Politics • 1 year ago

Solve the problem on the world stage, tell the Palestinians that the world wants to see their peace planI guarantee you they won’t even try to draw one up. Game over diplomatically.

Rodney Murray • 1 year ago

They "demand" with arrogance instead of "request" in humbleness! Doesn't matter if you put lipstick and clothes on a pig...they're still a pig!

shaongaon • 1 year ago

Failure is his middle name You'd think he'd be used to it by now. Waaahhh...

Excuse me • 1 year ago

"We didn't want to humiliate ourselves..." Well, it's too late for that, but at least it's a start to be aware of how ridiculous you appear.
The pretend Palestinians demand a pretend country carved out of land won in several conflicts against a rabid Arab League by a small, nascent, independent nation of REAL refugees who have returned home to their ancient lands. These returnees from a 2000 year+ diaspora fought belligerent Arab squatters, created a fertile medium from rock and sand, embraced technology and education, and developed one of the most successful societies on earth. Their citizenry form a disproportionate number of Nobel prize winners in the world.
Meanwhile, what have the "former" Arab squatters, now claiming to be a "people" achieved? Murder. Mayhem. Political tomfoolery and lies. Theft and corruption. Degradation of the lives of the individuals who counted on them to steer their floundering ship. Loss of a future for their young people. Refusal of any plan to effect a change on multiple occasions.
Yep, the humiliation should have been obvious decades ago.

c0mm0ncenz • 1 year ago

Excellent response, just excellent!

Geo Tavernaris • 1 year ago

Agree totally !!

LA Cava • 1 year ago

Wow! I have never heard the situation wrapped up so nicely before and in so few words. You are an amazing writer.
May G-d be with the people of Israel in their victory. Am Israel hai

Aldebaran • 1 year ago

I must say, you have a way with words. I surely could not have described the truth of the matter as succinct & effective, as you. Kudos, indeed.

Excuse me • 1 year ago

You are very kind. Thank you.

Earl Mann • 1 year ago

Jordan is Palestine!

Aldebaran • 1 year ago

Precisely, my good Mann. IMHO, peace will only come when Jordan begins to absorb these so-called Palestinians. They became squatters the the day after the Romans forced the Jews into exile, some 2000 years ago. However, after returning to their homeland in 1948 the Jews were not allowed to pray at the Kotel, and the Arab squatters audaciously claimed the land they occupied, as their own! Yet, they migrated largely from Jordan which doesn't want them back, for the King knows all too well how disruptive and violent they are.

Don Spilman • 1 year ago

Muzslime know no shame, humiliation will just make the freaks more determined to destroy Israel. Let’s just face it Izslime is simply incompatible with ANY other form of human life on the Planet!

bob • 1 year ago

Great move to let those who are not siding with USA that there is a potential for economic suffering ..and for what?
Could it be that FINALLY the world has had enough of the PA? IS there now, is fearful that USA is not longer the throw rug of non-meaningful threats, (red line) and USA's comments have more meaning?
Say what you will about Trump's goofiness, lying, etc., stuff like this I LOVE. All it takes is ONE or TWO nations to break away, and perhaps a tsunami will began. Where are you bernie and AOC,? the PA needs someone on their side. Make a comment and maybe you'll get the Palestinian vote, perhaps not the Arab vote any longer. I am a proud member of AIPAC

bill53 • 1 year ago

Has the spell of arab discrimination and faux apartheid finally coming to an end? I hope they continue to reject the peace plan because the two state solution is DEAD. Time for all the arab countries hosting phony arab refugees from Samaria and Judea to go ahead and absorb them in situ.

Next up Israel taking FULL control of all of Samaria and Judea including the entire length of the Jordan River and valley along with the Temple Mount. The al aqsa mosque should be razed to the ground.

Menachem • 1 year ago

Aw shucks. The “Palestinians” are humiliated - again. Theiy need to realise that the world us getting sick of and fed up with their lies and deceit. Their humiliation is all of their own doing. You can’t earn respect with lies.

Arthur W. Sanchez • 1 year ago

What a waste of everyone's time, money and energy! Both Hamas and Fatah (the PA) are clearly extremely violent terrorist organizations. Why do global leaders still support and give legitimacy to the Palestinian terrorist organization Fatah (the PA) under the terrorist dictator Abbas?

This farce has been playing on the world stage for over 2 decades and the Palestinian people/terrorists have only become more illiterate, impoverished, uncivilized, culturally lost, dependent on foreign aid, the corruption and antisemitism of the UN and on the naive stupidity of well-meaning imbeciles.

Angelo Sturino • 1 year ago

It is a sigh of relief, that the UN S C did not vote to approve the PA - Abbas plan. There has been several of the past several years from the PA to move away from the peace process.........

Madeleine Donaldson • 1 year ago

The son of one of the Hamas Leaders once said, Hamas doesnt want peace, it wants to annihilate Israel and take the Land. No President before has had as much success as President Trump has had on the international stage. He gets to the nub of a situation and understands economic freedom for the citizens brings about peace, not war! God bless President Trump always