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Doctor Bennett • 11 months ago

Please do anything necessary to wipe that evil, satanic smirk off of his face.

VTS • 11 months ago

He looks like Tlaib. Are you sure it's not her?

Jim Miller • 11 months ago

That is another deranged Democrat and after the crime is committed the blame will fall on President Trump, the NRA or even Israel.

alpcns . • 11 months ago

Another disgusting moron, period.

AJL • 11 months ago

What a goofy looking creep!

chaim silver. • 11 months ago

oh sinner man, oh sinner man where you gonna run to? where you gonna run to? on that day...(0ld spiritual song,)

Xi-Jinping: Donald Trump is right about Hong Kong island (香港 島, 香港 岛, Xiānggǎng Dǎo)
even if Allah and Satan will be happy for a new one: Tienanmen?
no, we won't be!

Ohio man considered threat to Jewish center arrested

1. we cannot leave people free:
potentially guilty,
and then,
2. to leave potentially innocent people in prison.
therefore psychologists must be added: social workers, and we must add: Pastors rabbis and imams:
and other social figures
because you don't have to make mistakes.
in this collaborative way: with an educational journey to do at home: you can also recover people with an erroneous conscience!
therefore a final outcome: positive, weapons can be returned

I VERIFY with you, only: in mode RATIONALLY on the UNIVERSAL and METAPHYSICAL IDEALS of JUSTICE (the evil you do not want for you? you at others not to do) and TRUTH (you do not lie). On these rational and political premises, I am already your friend or your enemy forever in my Kingdom of ISRAEL!
the Kingdom of ISRAEL does not need to be founded: because it has always existed:
my Kingdom of ISRAEL only needs to be discovered!
Who does not know the scam 666 banking seigniorage FED 322 IMF etcc.. Rothschild SIGNORAGGIO slaves trade goyims and its Masonic and Islamic implications of institutionalized transnational satanism, ie. Bilderberg Parallel shadow government, can not express any political judgment on the reality that surrounds it!
Then? Good world war and good Freemasonry to all:
because I have told all the Nations to bring their embassy to Jerusalem and they did not do it!

Mi VERIFICO con Te, solo RAZIONALMENTE sugli IDEALI UNIVERSALI e METAFISICI di GIUSTIZIA (il male che non vuoi per te ad altri non lo fare) e di VERITà (non mentire). Su queste premesse razionali e politiche, io sono già oggi il tuo amico o tuo nemico in eterno nel mio Regno di ISRAELE!
il Regno di ISRAELE non ha bisogno di essere fondato: perché è sempre esistito:
il mio Regno di ISRAELE deve soltanto essere scoperto!
Chi non conosce il SIGNORAGGIO bancario e le sue implicanze massoniche e islamiche del satanismo istituzionalizzato trasnazionale Bilderberg Governo ombra parallelo, non può affatto esprimere alcun giudizio politico sulla realtà che lo circonda!
Allora? Buona guerra mondiale e buona massoneria a tutti:
perché io ho detto a tutte la Nazioni di portare la loro ambasciata a Gerusalemme e loro non lo hanno fatto!

George • 11 months ago

With a little luck, he will not come out of prison alive !!!!!!