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Madlicka • 11 months ago

Believe the NY Times at your peril. Fake news network. Don't believe anything they say

I say to IRAN OWL Riyad: dance? and you have to dance!
burn satana rochefeller trilateral in jesus's name,
SHARIAH cannibals SYRIA Allah Mecca 666 idol kaaba genocide Erdogan jihad sharia law NAZI UMMA!
FED IMF NWO NATO Human sacrifice 666 Cremation of Care, amen
burn Satan-Allah: in Jesus's name! amen alleluia
by UniusREI Yitzhak Kaduri Messiah • amen alleluia hallelujah

burn satana rochefeller trilateral in jesus's name,
SHARIAH cannibals SYRIA Allah Mecca 666 idol kaaba genocide Erdogan jihad sharia law NAZI UMMA!

FED IMF NWO NATO Human sacrifice 666 Cremation of Care, amen

burn Satana-Allah: in Jesus’s name! amen alleluia

Steve Sss • 11 months ago

The national Inquirer has more reliable news reporting then the NYT.

Stephen Vishnick • 11 months ago


Irgun • 11 months ago

Obama's 'diplomatic agreement' would be 6,000,000 more Jewish corpses.

Yalissa • 11 months ago

The headline of this article is very misleading.

Yitzhakhazak • 11 months ago

That plan is still on.... With certain changes. Who is surprised?

18_18 • 11 months ago

Chas V'Shalom, the Socialist Democrats win in 2020. Will Israel, then attack before the inauguration?

ricardo • 11 months ago

The real truth why it did not happen is that Obama leaked the information to the press, destroying the element of surprise. I remember those days very well, and my surprise with the leak.

I hold Obama responsible for the mess the world is today, with the Iranians on the brink of having a nuclear weapon.

Davey Wavey • 11 months ago

Gosh -- what about the "nuclear threat" represented by Israel's nuclear program? This is a threat to the entire Middle East. Israel will not attack because it will be showered with missiles and unable to block all of them. In fact, if the US bombs Iran, it is probable that Iran will let the missiles go as well. Of course, this isn't about nukes at all because Iran has no nuclear program as 16 different US security agencies have testified repeatedly! It is used to justify forcing Iran to recognize Israel's dominance of the ME. Iran is ten times more populous than Israel and is sophisticated in some areas though the military ordnance is getting old.

if, I pray to Baby Jesus in Israel? perhaps none of the Jews will say to me: "I am happy", but they will not give me 15 years in prison: like a MURTIDI who must be condemned to death for apostasy: in all the ARAB LEAGUE: this is why: the Israeli nuclear fears only fear you, the Wahhabis: and your paranoid criminals Erdogan jihad sharia OCI ONU EU Rothschild Rochefeller who have bad intentions only!

garymrosen • 11 months ago

Israel has had nukes for probably four decades and though Arabs may grumble they don’t really object because deep down they know Israel is civilized and would use them only as a last resort. But they are scared s*itless at the idea of the crackpot savages who run Iran getting their hands on nuclear weapons.

Ernest Gross • 11 months ago

Every additional day brings Israel closer to attacking Iran.It cannot be a question of pro and con, or political consideration. because every day will make Iran more resolute to destroy Israel

mka • 11 months ago

Whether true or not,they reported it. Soo unless they are trying to throw Iran a curve ball,realize they will give out vital "secret Info". I believe if they had any idea of Israel's or the United states game plan concerning the rogues in Iran,they would print them on the front cover of their rag,and send comp. copies to the azzahola in Iran.

TommyGun • 11 months ago

Iran should have been taken out a long, long time ago. The USA still owes them for the hostage crisis back in 1979. They are the center of terrorism! Either overthrow their government led by religious fanatics or take them out militarily. Then, and only then will the more sensible, level headed Persians take over.

Davey Wavey • 11 months ago

They are the center of resistance to US/Israel domination. Both the US and Israel are far more "terrorist" than Iran, wantonly killing Arabs and Iranians as they will. And repeatedly. Americans are fools to believe anything that Washington says because it is in the hands of the Jewish and Oil Lobbies.

Alastair_Gordon • 11 months ago

Something even scarier, Davey... The JEWISH OIL LOBBY! Oh Davey, If you're a paid troll, your paymasters are wasting their money. You may not be convincing anyone, but your unoriginal ravings are good for a laugh.

In #Sudafrica foreigners are under attack. In #Johannesburg and #Pretoria, but police deny #xenophobic violence
answer. that Obama and Mandela have done a xenophobic Islamic genocide of: 500,000 WHITE people: in #Sudafrica, in the last 20 years: this is undeniable, even if, the NWO FED FMI BCE BM Bilderberg shadow government, and democratic party, Sharia Riyad trilateral satan sodoma dracula: banking seigniorage system: Mecca 666 kaaba NATO: satellite TV network: tried to hide it.
but, this aggression against Afro-Muslims who have children like rabbits and lice: fedophile-poligami jihad erdogan sharia: and who send them all over the world to colonize: #Ursula Von #Merkel #Allah #OCI #Riyad #fulani and to bring our millions of unemployed to suicide, mortgage loan Morgan?
of course this is not a #xenophobic #attack

In #Sudafrica stranieri sono sotto attacco. A #Johannesburg e #Pretoria, ma polizia nega violenza #xenofoba
answer. che Obama e Mandela hanno fatto un #genocidio islamico xenofobo di: 500.000 persone BIANCHE: in #Sudafrica, in questi ultimi 20 anni: questo è innegabile, anche se, il NWO FED FMI BCE BM Bilderberg governo ombra, e partito democratico, sharia Riyad trilaterale satana sodoma Mecca 666 kaaba NATO: network satellite TV: ha tentato di occultarlo.
ma, questa aggressione contro afro-islamici che hanno fatto figli come conigli e piattole: fedofili-poligami jihad erdogan sharia: e che li mandano in tutto il mondo a colonizzare Allah OCI Riyad fulani e a portare al suicidio i nostri milioni di disoccupati, mutuo ipotecario Morgan?
certo questo non è un attacco xenofobo

garymrosen • 11 months ago

Look at Syria. Hundreds of thousands slaughtered, millions of refugees. That’s what Israel’s enemies like to do to each other when they don’t have a Jew to gas.

garymrosen • 11 months ago

“Jewish and Oil lobbies”


TommyGun • 11 months ago

That kind of thinking is what will get a lot more Arabs and Iranians killed in the future. And you will lose!

Will-BWL • 11 months ago

Listening to NY Times is not recommended for gauging Israel's capability, or to start the war with Iran. I will leave that to the government of Israel and its military.

garymrosen • 11 months ago

The chance of anything reported in the “New York Times” being true is minimal. The chance that true or not it is twisted to support the Times’ anti-Zionist and anti Semitic agenda is 100%.

Davey Wavey • 11 months ago

Nonsense. The NYT is Jewish owned. You idiots.

skier69 • 11 months ago

The NYT didn't even report on the Holocaust. They are on the side of our enemies.

Madlicka • 11 months ago

and so is the slimeball soros

Greg Scollard • 11 months ago

And the worst enemies of Jews ARE Jews!!

Yitzhakhazak • 11 months ago


Dave Kaplan • 11 months ago

The NYT has been antisemitic since at least WWII, and anyone with any knowledge of this organiation knows that to be an irrefutable fact. Therefore, congratulations are due for making a public fool of yourself, at a minimum.

Leah • 11 months ago


garymrosen • 11 months ago

The Sulzberger family abandoned Judaism decades ago. Previous publisher Pinch Sulzberger was raised an Episcopalian. And the NYT’s hostility to Israel has also been apparent for decades. You are the idiot.

John Williams • 11 months ago

Maybe maybe not, if was going to bet money I would want a source other than the NYT.

Ian Wilson • 11 months ago

NO-ONE with two or more working brain cells believes any 'news' report that is put out by the NYT !!!

stevealevine • 11 months ago

Hey stupid...As you may know, the most objective, most important and most recognized measure of print news excellence are the Pulitzer Prizes, awarded annually by the Columbia School of Journalism, for delivering superior and factual news in America. Since their inception in 1915, the Times has won 127 Pulitzers, more than any other organization, During that same period, the Wall Street Journal has won only 37 Pulitzers! BTW...The same kind of award for television news excellence is called a Peabody award. CNN has won 13 Peabodys...Fox News has won NONE! ZERO! Zilch!!

garymrosen • 11 months ago

*Especially* if it has to do with Jews or Israel.

Ian Wilson • 11 months ago

So true !!! The NYT keeps lying and trying to stoke the fires of anti-Jewish / ISRAEL hatred up in the USA - still, what else can one expect from a bunch of raving anti-Semites, who can never seem to get their fact correct !!! Reminds me very much of the current DemoRAT party !!!

Arthur W. Sanchez • 11 months ago

How stupid people are becoming. Are people really thinking that something that happened almost a decade ago to be news?

18_18 • 11 months ago

Now you know, why Pres. Trump, uses the term "fake news".

Sid Weiner • 11 months ago

Everything from the Times is psychological propaganda designed to insinuate what they are driving at.

Bowel Movements Matter • 11 months ago

The NY Slimes? Really? This could be true, but who believes anything The Times reports?

Stephen Richter • 11 months ago

The NYT motto "All the news that's fit to print" really is "All the news that fits, we print".

Sid Weiner • 11 months ago

Notice How the words are manipulated when they want soft words to describe something they want to downplay & strong words when they are on attack?
They imply all sorts of nonsense without plainly saying what they mean in so many words!

Leah • 11 months ago

Yes. It's like "as you with it." If one says or does this, we'll say this. If one says or does that, then we'll that instead...."