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alpcns . • 3 weeks ago

This is good work, Bibi.

Bin SALMAN Putin] I will let myself be approached by the humble of heart!

Bin SALMAN Putin ] [ my dear, the priests of satan of a time with whom you could have enjoyed no longer exist: because they thought they were superior to everyone and even superior to me (poor people)
here youtube twitter facebook etc .., there are only infamous lgbt Rothschilds, and agents Erdogan who stabbed you behind in secret! Removed Removed
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Lion Judah☦️ lorenzoJHWH 6 days ago
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fedele3397 lorenzojhwh Unius KING the LEVIATHAN
UN 666 FMI NWO 322 BCE 187 lgbt]
I'm not a pacifist!
I am not an ideology or geopolitical or religion!
no, no, no.
but: for my human rights to freedom of religion to all?
I will fight for my universal brotherhood: in my jewish temple III!
and if you continue to make me fail?
that is why you are about to make the third world war

holy my holy jhwh

BIN SALMAN] [ in fact there are no more priests of satan in youtube because of me.
I don't know, or they all died or they all become all RICCHIONI!

BIN SALMAN ] [ in effetti non esistono più sacerdoti di satana in youtube per colpa mia.
non so, o sono morti tutti o si sono fatti tutti RICCHIONI!

BIN SALMAN ] [ the MOSSAD in Italy? they are fantastic guys!
when they kill someone who thinks of me: in an incompatible way?
they don't even let me know!
once a priest of Satan: with whom I quarreled in youtube,
he did 600 km to come see me, and in effect he succeeded in see me,
but since then (he himself stated it) his hair has grown like a woman to look like a hippie (or hippy): a child of flowers.
about then, to say what I did to all the priests of satan ie, cannibals of the CIA?
ok it would take an encyclopedia to be able to tell!

il MOSSAD in Italia? sono dei ragazzi fantastici!
quando ammazzano qualcuno che pensa a me: in una maniera non compatibile?
nemmeno me lo fanno sapere!
una volta una sacerdote di Satana: con cui litigai in youtube,
lui fece 600 km per venire a vedermi, e in efetti lui riuscì a vedermi,
ma da allora, (lui stesso lo affermò) si è cresciuto i capelli come una donna per sembrare un hippie (o hippy) : un figlio dei fiori.
circa poi, a dire quello che io ho fatto a tutti i sacerdoti di satana cannibali della CIA?
ok ci vorrebbe una enciclopedia per poterlo raccontare!

1. it is not right that the Ukrainian people should suffer the criminal choices of a GOLPE Rothschild empire made by NATO CIA and Nuland!
2. but it is not right that the people in DONBASS of the southern Russian speakers should be destroyed by a Nazi genocide pravy sector: Hitler Merkel Von Ursula!
after all, isn't Morgan SpA FED 666 IMF saying that sovereignty belongs to the people?
then Rochefeller can begins to return to us, all the banking seigniorage he stole!

1. non è giusto che il popolo ucraino debba subire le criminali scelte di un GOLPE Rothschild impero fatto della NATO CIA e Nuland!
2. ma non è giusto che il popolo dei russofoni del Sud debbano essere annientati da un genocidio nazista pravy sector: Hitler Merkel Von Ursula!
dopotutto non è Morgan SpA FED 666 FMI a dire che la sovranità appartiene al popolo?
allora Rochefeller incominci a restituire il signoraggio bancario che ha rubato!