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Lily Sargent • 1 year ago

What I read about him, he is to intelligent to get mixed up into that part of it. I pray he stays connected with Benjamin.

Don Spilman • 1 year ago

“Liberman, head of Israel Beiteinu (or, “Israel’s Our Home”) party,”
And by damn we are totally dedicated to destroying it!!!!! I hope the whole left “cracks up”!

ok, 322 Kerry 666 doesn't need Epstain's lolite
because in his church of satan all the "hinds" are all of age and consenting

ok Kerry non ha bisogno delle lolite di Epstain
perché nella sua chiesa di satana tutte le "cerve" sono tutte maggiorenni e consenzienti

it seems fair to me that: Bush, Kerry Rothschild, Soros, Clinton, Freemasonry Bilderberg take their lolita from Epstain and
Cardinal George Pell: Completely innocent: without evidence, without the numerous and repeated accusations (which accompanies the phenomenon of every compulsive perversion)
he pays for them

mi sembra giusto che: Bush, Kerry Rothschild, Soros, Clinton, Freemasonry Bilderberg loro si prendono i bambini da Epstain e
il cardinale George Pell: completamente innocente: senza prove, senza le numerose e recidive accuse (che accompagna il fenomeno di ogni perversione compulsiva )
paga lui al posto loro

there is no unanimity of the magistrates
only because the accusation is provided only by two slanderers: and there is no proof!
this is an attack by Rothschild Freemasonry against the Catholic Church to overwhelm a totally innocent person:
that with liturgical clothes, he would have attacked two children in the sacristy in front of everyone!
MELBOURNE (AUSTRALIA), AUGUST 21 - An Australian court today confirmed the condemnation of the Catholic Church's highest prelate to be convicted of sexual abuse of children, Cardinal George Pell.
The Court of Appeal of the State of Victoria, with a majority ruling of 2-1, rejected the appeal filed by Pell against the unanimous verdict issued by a jury in December for which the ex Finance Minister of Pope Francis guilty of harassing two 13-year-old choristers in St. Patrick's Cathedral between 1996 and 1997.
The cardinal's lawyers should now present a new appeal to the High Court, the final judgment body of Australia.

The first golden jackal in Italy is captured in the wild.
the jackal in a pack loves to feed on people!
dozens of people have died for wild boar.
jackals and wild boars have never been in our territory and since you're there why don't you also introduce dinosaurs?

Liberman's envy against Netanyahu
it's so dangerous:
that he would also pass on the corpse of all Israelis as he is blinded by his hatred-demon.
and this move to the left shows objectively that he has no political project
but, that his only goal is only to harm Netanjahu

Netanyahu should be aware and resigned, because according to the satanic theosophy of GENDER Darwin apes lgbt everyone can change s. e. x. at any time and every time and even several times a day!

but the fact that Liberman is demoted from the puberal p h a l l i c phase to the p o t t y-p i s s a n l phase: this should not be excluded:

since others are happy to have a chain around their necks and enter the dog's domain!

the sodomite lgbt Luigi Di Maio M5S he called his companion sodomitic PD Nicola Zingaretti.
and told him:
1. "do we make a" beastly mess "to preserve the seats?"
2. "But you should guarantee for Matteo Renzi, that we can manage to trample the Italian people for the next 4 years!"
but Afro-Islamic invasion and genocide Italian people
PD Nicola Zingaretti: he replied:
"and who can guarantee the new Monster of Florence? for Matteo RENZI? not even himself know e understands what he does!"