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Marjorie Rosenfeld • 5 months ago

Why doesn't someone just send the relevant legal documents to Bensouda: the 1922 Mandate for Palestine, the UN Charter's Article 80, and Israel's 1994 peace agreement with Jordan? Maybe this lady doesn't know that these documents specify that the Jews are to be encouraged to settle closely on all the land in Western Palestine, including State lands and Wastelands not needed for public purposes (the Mandate for Palestine), that the rights of all peoples given them by previous legal instruments are protected (Article 80 of the UN Charter), and that Israel's eastern border with Jordan is the middle of the main course of the flow of the Jordan and Yarmouk Rivers (Israel's 1994 peace treaty with Jordan), putting all of Judea and Samaria (the so-called "West Bank") squarely within Israel.

Dajjal • 5 months ago

'Cuz they know she would wipe her butt with those documents. They know that the ICC is not interested in facts; their only interest is a preordained outcome.

Efram Paul • 5 months ago

The woman does not care. Antisemites NEVER care for the truth, except to ignore it.

Gabor Ujvari • 5 months ago

This is the classic definition of witch hunt and Stalinist showcase trial.

If Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda is looking for war crimes, she should look around in black Africa among her own kind, in the few communist countries and in the vast Muslim world from Yemen to Afghanistan. She will find war criminals there at every corner by the dozens.

Leonie Pipe • 5 months ago

What do you expect from a prosecutor named Bensouda? The name is a dead giveaway. Even more disturbing, how do sworn enemies of Israel get to be in charge of judging the country? The World Court is like the UN, stinking of corruption.

Dajjal • 5 months ago

Isdamn & 'Slimes are recognized by wise and informed people as existential enemies of Jews and their nation; the powers that be, unwise, uninformed and corrupt, do not recognize the enemy.

Steven Thompson • 5 months ago

Bensouda may not be sadistic or discriminatory against Israel. Bensouda may instead choose to be very objective and consider all evidence and arguments for and against.

I have viewed the evidence and history of actions by both Israel and of the so called Palestinians, and I also am knowledgeable, and can understand the struggles of Israel since its 1948 rebirth against all odds. This history and facts are there for anyone who has eyes to see.

Bensouda may have such eyes that can see. I hope and pray that will be the case. .... There is actually no law that negates the historical reality that the West Bank, including East Jerusalem and Gaza do actually belong to Israel.

The so called Palestinians today are actually Arabs who moved to Israel from the surrounding Arab nations to herd sheep, live nomadic lives, or lived in small towns. In all respects, the whole land of Israel remained desolate (undeveloped) and without hardly any natural resources after Israel was conquered by invading armies - this fulfilled prophecy.

However prophecy declared a time when Israel would be reborn, and a time when God would regather the Jews into Isreal... at that time, prophecy states, Israel, that was once desolate, will again flourish and be fully developed. That prophecy has come true.

In actuality, there are no Palestinian people. The Caananites who once lived in what was called Palestine in 500 BC were not Arabs. Caananites originate from the Hamite race, while the Arabs origins are Semitic along with the Jews.

squeakywheel3 • 5 months ago

"The Caananites who once lived in what was called Palestine in 500 BC were not Arabs."

The Canaanites were LONG GONE by '500 BC.'

The last remnants of them had been exterminated or expelled by Solomon's day, ca 950 BC.

And Judea was never called "Palestine" till after the Emperor Hadrian re-named it following the Bar Kokhba Revolt of AD 131-135.

Think about it:
Did you ever read --- in the gospels --- of Jesus, or any other figure therein (or even any of the gospel narrators) refer to 'Palestine'?

Rolande Parel • 5 months ago

The court probably feels emboldened to do this because of the support of the four anti-semites in the United States Congress who have been pushing for this action. They should be impeached because their actions are definitely in violation of the Constitution of the United States. Because they haven't been censored by the leadership of the Democratic Party I have lost all respect for its leaders.
Hopefully all Jews, particularly the "self-hating" ones will come to their senses and withdraw their support.

gerald m. serlin • 5 months ago

Unfortunately, impeachment of Members of Congress is not an option. They can, however, upon proper application of the Rules of Congress, be removed from the House by a vote of the members of the House.

Rolande Parel • 5 months ago

Exactly. Unfortunately, the Democrats do not have the courage to do that.

Dajjal • 5 months ago

Not happening until the house flips.

Efram Paul • 5 months ago

As long as the Demagogues are the majority, this will not happen. Just as impeachment of our jihadist-in-chief, a GENUINE felon, was never considered.

Dajjal • 5 months ago

Courts held that MC are not general officers for the purpose of the impeachment clause.

ProclaimLiberty • 5 months ago

An international court, even a legitimately recognized one, can only have jurisdiction over disputes between nations. Palestinian Arabs do not constitute a nation, and the disputed territories were already assigned to the Jews a century ago. The territory in what was then called "palestine" which was assigned for local Arabs is east of the Jordan river and is called "Jordan". The ICC cannot have jurisdiction or legitimacy where it is not recognized by all parties to a dispute. It cannot adjudicate laws that do not exist; and international law must be defined by treaties and agreements. These do not exist, because Palestinian Arabs were never a party to any such treaty nor have they abided by agreements that have been formulated toward a treaty. Their ideology is one of insurrection and usurpation to destroy the legitimate Jewish state. The ICC in this matter is only contributing to the instigation and promulgation of war against that state. That is certainly contrary to the UN charter, if anyone actually still cares to read it.

Jill Abbott • 5 months ago

Without a declared war there ARE NO "war crimes".

Henry Carlson • 5 months ago

As far as I am concerned EVERY THING (palistinian) is a TRUE WAR CRIME

Jeffrey Lev • 5 months ago

Israel should just start launching rockets into Gaza blindly, evidently that is okay with the ICC.

Meshulam • 5 months ago

No, the IDF never did that. We are not as they are.

MoonshineSA • 5 months ago

Smart idea, Israel should put destination labels on the rockets, like “Mars” or “Pluto” then when they take out an arms factory it would be ok. As long as the ICC think Israel is too dumb to hit what they are aiming at, all is fine.
I think the Pals intend to hit a target occasionally, the rest of the time they know the Israelis’ lives are seriously damaged because you can’t just ignore them. Cruelty is their speciality.

Cheryl Detar • 5 months ago

What about all the crimes and attacks against Israel? They do not attack first, only defend.

Yor Anaseb • 5 months ago

ICC is a BIAS court,they always sided on the Criminals not on the Victims.

Don Spilman • 5 months ago

International Criminal Court Is ran by CRIMINALS that need to be hanged from the very rafters of the building they sit an lie in!

Raul Diaz G • 5 months ago

The ANU (Azanian National Union) leadership (the legitimate heir to the Bantu/Cushitic Pharaonic culture system) urges the ICC not to allow itself to become an instrument of political games. The Israelo-Arabs conflict is wholly political in its nature; and the only way forward in this quasi unending crisis of these region(s) is to ensure the inclusion of Arabs continuing colonial occupation of the Sacred Land of the Bantu/Cushitic-Ethiopians pharoanic culture institutions in any realistic and non-apartheid peace process for the peoples of both regions m i.e the Middle East and Azania (colonial Africa?). The ICC seems to be oblivious of the fact that some of these so-called victims of Israel colonial occupation of ancient Ka-naan (Arabs land?) are deeply embroiled in genocide against indigenous people in places like Libya and elsewhere in the Sinai valley of Arabs occupy Egypt as well as other parts of Azania. It is time for the international community not to shy away from these obvious facts; and to acknowledge the fact that castigating Israel as an apartheid state while turning a blind eye on Arabs colonial occucation of the Sacred Land of the Azanians is not at all conducive to peace. Peace is attainable and realistic for the peoples of these regions but only if the politicians are allowed to work closely in resolving the crises of these politically volatile regions. Pressuring Israel legally and while turning a blind eye on Arabs continuing colonial occupation of north Azania is bias and myopic and not all conducive to peace.

Will-BWL • 5 months ago

Israel is like the United States neither recognize the ICC. The ICC has no venue in the territories of Israel which includes where they live. The Palestinian Autonomous state laid out by the Oslo Accord were dropped because of Yasser Arafat refused the final negotiation where Israel offered 95% of what the Palestinians wanted. 5% was given to Israel because Arafat did not offer concession to enter peace. Arafat turn down the Oslo Accord final negotiations In 2000. The Palestinians have not autonomy now or territory known as Palestine. All Palestinian come from the East Bank of the Jordan River or Jordan, The West Bank Israeli territory. ICC allowed Palestine to join the ICC. The only problem there is no Palestine. ICC broke their own charter by allowing the Palestinians in.

Hector Zuniga • 5 months ago

No one of those demons called fakestinans, will keep their liars for so long against Ysrael.

cammo99 • 5 months ago

Ben Souda is tied directly or not to Congresswoman McCullom, St Paul where black men literally go to the Mall to toss white kids 5 yrs old off balconies because they want to kill someone. Or white people? She is the sort of woman who uses the Constitution to wipe with. Bensouda's son died in McCullom's district outside a bar shot dead by a drug dealer.It is also where the Middle East Churches for peace a socialist Gospel group that is an advocate of the Palestinians and anti-Zionist code for antisemitic decided to locate their satellite HQ the main being in DC On line you may find a very nice letter MCCullom wrote to CAIR praising them for their work?
NOVEMBER 2, 2018 2:24 PM0
Why Did 101 Lawmakers Send Letters of Support to Israel-Bashing CAIR?
avatar by Steven Emerson
OPINION" If the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) stuck to its stated mission statement and only did civil rights work protecting Muslim Americans from discrimination and bigotry, you likely would never see it mentioned on this site. But CAIR has a second, perhaps more paramount objective that it never directly acknowledges: To oppose Israel and promote Palestinian nationalism."
BenSouda fronted President Johnson's regime when it ended civil law and imposed sharia law and put down all civil rights protests. She came to the attention of President Obama when she was assigned a role n making peace between the Christians and Muslims persecuting them in Kenya, her efforts have been described as incompetent, (Maybe she wanted to appear to be incompetent?) When McCullom was attacking the IDF for trying and holding "child" terrorists in military courts and prisons Bensouda was in Afghanistan trying to find reasons to accuse the US of War Crimes. She and her socialist friends in the West are pro Islamist racist bigots plain and simple.

Dajjal • 5 months ago

"political issues that should be resolved by negotiations" The existential enmity of Isdamn & 'slimes for Jews & Israel is irresolvable. Negotiations, concessions painful compromises & good will gestures will only make matters worse by nourishing and empowering the vampires. It is not a political issue subject to votes, legislation or negotiation. It is a scriptural issue. The Unholy Koranus commands 'slimes to conquer the entire world, subjugate it's entire population {8:39, 9:29 & 9:123} and reconquer any land lost in the process {2:191}.

'Cuz Allah "gradually gives the land to Muslims through conquests" and "there is none to put back his judgment" {13:41}, the restored nation of Israel is living blasphemy to 'slimes: proof of Allah's status as an impotent idol. No way in Hell will they ever tolerate it!!!

"land dispute at the heart of the decades-old conflict" Milenia, not decades; since Moe attacked the Jewish settlements around Yathrib, esp. Khaybar Oasis! 'Slimes were slaughtering Jews in Israel before the middle of the last century.

Dear reader: if you agree with me, please share this comment to your social media.

Efram Paul • 5 months ago

What do you expect from that schtik drek? Justice is anathema to such a 'person.'

Don Spilman • 5 months ago

No national anything has anything to do with truth and justice! National bodies exist to promote and establish ONE WORLD ODER that really stinks!

Dajjal • 5 months ago

What happened to 'inter'😉

Don Spilman • 5 months ago

This is curious I had a lot of trouble getting four comments published this morning, and when I went back in the afternoon they were all deleted. Now this curious changing of the word international to national. Of course national is good international is OWO ... One World Oder! ?????

MoonshineSA • 5 months ago

I have also been getting a message saying “hold on this post is being (whatever, can’t remember the exact words or if it’s on WIN or United With Israel) and then the post disappears. To be fair it could be that I like words too much and use too many of them. So it could be based on “word count”. 😇
I think it’s also a Disqus comments but some are now twinned with FB posts.

Update- it is this site and it’s because we used a word that upsets their “auto-checker”? If you got to your profile you will see the offending word coloured blue in your pending post. The word may not have been used in a derogatory way but the checker doesn’t know that. It works with the speed of light.

Don Spilman • 5 months ago

Thanks moonshine, I appreciate that, I was going to say if it was word count the poor dysfunctional Lorenzo, et Unius would have been banned long ago!

MoonshineSA • 5 months ago

A laugh a day...
I sometimes think we should give him a word of encouragement or at least on special occasions hit the “like” up arrow. Then my brain kicks in and... in any case I don’t think anyone would forgive me.

Dajjal • 5 months ago

The spell checker can do that to ya. Sometimes it is a real pain.

how the Jewish-Christian civilization and the identity of the Italian people are destroyed!

*** #Islam, #Pakistan: professor sentenced to death for blasphemy (but this is not a war crime)
*** SeaWatch, it was Bilderberg Soros Rothschild government that seized the ship of Carola Rackete
*** Zalone: ​​"Politically correct is a psychosis"

*** Rai3 spits on Italian dead: "Foibe not comparable to Shoah" December 22, 2019

*** ‘ndrangheta knew about landings early: so he ran the body business December 22, 2019
*** Citizenship income also for working immigrants
*** Rome, journalist kidnapped in the Islamic quarter: illegal mosques reopen - VIDEO
*** "You Italians will be submissive": Islamic sharia jihad Erdogan bursts into church, 18 years to expel him
*** The trick of the PD to keep the children of immigrants in Italy: and to forage the Coop
*** Illegal crib: Baby Jesus arrives with the boat and immigrants
*** NGO, a French ship loaded with illegal immigrants, closer and closer to the Sicilian coast

tutti i malati mentali Erdogan lo stupratore? il Marocco li manda tutti in Italia!
Marocchino ha licenza di stuprare bambine, giudice lo manda in comunità di recupero

i cristiani non esistono nel mondo, sono invisibili, perché come gli ebrei nei campi di sterminio di Hitler? non avevano un futuro!!
In short, Palestinian Christians are suffering from the same patterns of persecution — including church attacks, kidnappings and forced conversion — that their coreligionists suffer in other Muslim nations. The difference, however, is that the persecution of Palestinian Christians has "received no coverage in the Palestinian media."
"The only thing that interests the PA [Palestinian Authority] is that events of this kind not be leaked to the media. Fatah regularly exerts heavy pressure on Christians not to report the acts of violence and vandalism from which they frequently suffer, as such publicity could damage the PA's image..... Even less does the PA want to be depicted as a radical entity that persecutes religious minorities. That image could have negative repercussions for the massive international, and particularly European, aid the PA receives." — Dr. Edy Cohen, "The Persecution of Christians in the Palestinian Authority", Begin-Sadat Center, May 27, 2019.
The bread and butter of the PA and its supporters, particularly in the media, is to portray the Palestinians as victims of unjust aggression and discrimination from Israel. This narrative would be jeopardized if the international community learned that Palestinians are themselves persecuting fellow Palestinians — solely on account of religion.
"The systematic persecution of Christian Arabs living in Palestinian areas is being met with nearly total silence by the international community, human rights activists, the media and NGOs..." — Justus Reid Weiner, attorney, "Palestinian Christians: The plight of believers under Palestinian rule", International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem.

Nuova frana,costiera Amalfi in ginocchio
noi stiamo subendo un dissesto idrogeologico fuori controllo: un deprivazione che è pari ad un impulso di autodistruzione sociale, morale, istituzionale, ecc..
ed abbiamo bisogno di emettere moneta in regime di sovranità monetaria!

Donald TRUMP ====> TU FALLA ARRESTARE! Washington ha revocato il visto di ingresso al procuratore della Corte penale internazionale dell'Aja, la gambiana Fatou Bensouda.

Presidente RIVLIN:
1. è arrivato il momento di deportare tutti i palestinesi in Siria!
2. così finiranno tutti i nostri crimini di guerra contro di loro!
3. e inizieranno i crimini di guerra di: Giordania, Assad, hezbollah e Iran contro di loro...
4. anche perché i musulmani quando loro fanno un genocidio?
loro non commettono mai crimini di guerra!

Washington ha revocato il visto di ingresso al procuratore della Corte penale internazionale dell'Aja, la gambiana Fatou Bensouda.
a questo IMAM di procuratore Fatou Bensouda? le dobbiamo dare i rapporti dell'osservatorio sul martirio dei cristiani!

per il procuratore Fatou Bensouda il terrorismo islamico non è un delitto!

Netanyahu ha sbattuto la decisione della Corte mondiale di indagare su presunti crimini di guerra da parte di Israele.
ma, la SHARIA non è un crimine di sterminio NAZI COMUNISTA: perché questo genocidio islamico nazista: Erdogan Mustafà, Saud Salman Aziz: è un diritto sovrano di Rothschild Allah e ONU!

in realtà in tutto il pianeta? io posso offendere a livello personale: soltanto Bin Salman,
perché, io Unius REI e Dio holy JHWH holy,
noi abbiamo dato a lui il potere di distruggere il NWO pacificamente..
invece lui, come Rothschild gli ha promesso, lui vuole distruggere/sterminare tutti i cristiani e tutti gli israeliani: in ogni parte del mondo!
Quindi ha condannato il genere umano a subire la terza guerra mondiale nucleare!

il mio caro Presidente Rivlin? no, non ho nessuna intenzione di mancare a lui di rispetto: anzi io lo apprezzo e lo stimo, perché se, lui faceva come Maometto con Aisha 9 anni pecora: vagina di argento a Mecca idolo Kaaba?
adesso lui sarebbe ancora in allenamento...
anche perché Maometto: che la pace del genocidio sharia, sia sopra di lui e sopra tutti i maomettani della LEGA ARABA?
lui ha realizzato almeno il 50%, di tutti i peccati, che la Torà ha condannato, per dire di lui "un eccellente profeta di satana-allah"

Netanyahu ha sbattuto la decisione della Corte mondiale di indagare su presunti crimini di guerra da parte di Israele.
io sono osservatorio del martirio dei cristiani da 33 anni, tutti cristiani sterminati:
2. e con la sua galassia jihadsta sharia law..
e tutti questi genocidi Erdogan Riyadh: ISIS FULANI finanziati con la tassa islamica del 2,5% ?
per ONU non esistono!

Erin Eldridge • 5 months ago

Would you please just go away, you idiot.

Dajjal • 5 months ago

That lunatic will not dersist, Erin; use the block feature to avoid being bothered by it's spew.