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Joe Cohen • 5 months ago

Well of course the Deluth PD and DA wouldn’t prosecute this as a hate crime, after all, the guy tried to put the fire out by spitting on it. It’s the same issue with the MN representative Omar. She spits on Jews and no one in the Democrapic Party says anything. They go to a JStreet conference.
Minnesota has become poster child state for electing Arab terrorists. Why would they do anything about a synagogue destroyed by arson??

alpcns . • 5 months ago

Not a hate crime - just a coincidence, right? And he spit on it - even if you have video tape of him admiring his work. It's only Jews, after all, right?


Warren Pugh • 4 months ago


wannabgod • 4 months ago

Then if he had also urinated on the fire, would his sentence have been even further reduced?

mlinder46 • 5 months ago

guess what would happen if tis was done to a mosq. we would not hear the end od it

danielle_kaplan • 5 months ago

That's all the time he got? Proves once again that Minnesota is one of the top five anti-Semitic states. Even Charles Lindbergh was a virulent anti-Semite.

retired22 • 5 months ago

Getting away from the anti semitic angle involved.
Even if the building had no significant symbolism,was just any old structure,it's hard for me to believe that all the bum would get for arson would be 3 months in jail.
Arson,anywhere, is a felony & this criminal's actions are treated like a misdemeanor!

Howlingmad • 5 months ago

Talk about a MIS-CARRAGE of "Justice" . . . just 3 months in jail ?, frankly, thats INSULTING !.

C.Brian Ross • 5 months ago

Indeed! A year for every year that the building had been standing would have been more appropriate!

ShirleyMG • 5 months ago

This is ridiculous. We all know what an act of arson is. We all know what hatred looks like. The fact that he 'spit' on the fire shows how little he cared. He could've anonymously called the Fire or Police to report a fire. This was a hate crime, plain and simple. I'm sure the Muslims in Minnesota are celebrating in the streets and giving candy to their children. Why would I say that? Am I equating all Muslims with terrorists? No. What I'm implying is that when not one of them speaks out against this act of hatred and racism then one can only assume they are not unhappy it happened and delighted to see the perpetrator received a slap on the wrist.

18_18 • 5 months ago

And who is paying for the rebuilding of the synagogue and its contents? If all one gets is three months for arsoning a synagogue, then what is the penalty for arsoning a mosque?

lesrun5k • 5 months ago

Police maintains it was not a hate crime ?How ignorant/ naive are the bias pro muslim police in Minnesota, then what was it,they will take the politically correct spin so as not to upset the new musslime refugees,the bias Israel haters from the Democrap party.

qith • 5 months ago

I think the arsonist was heard to say, I really like the Jews, so I thought I would help them get sympathy in the press here. Yes, a crime based on intent is stupid. If you kill somebody or burn their house down, or steal their money, it doesn't really matter why you did it. It shouldn't, anyway.

suqsid • 5 months ago

So lets burn a mosk, so we will see if it's also so insignificant thing..

C.Brian Ross • 5 months ago

Don't forget to "spit on the fire" before walking away. That, it appears, is all that you need to do to ensure a soft sentence!

Jill Abbott • 5 months ago

Arson is arson, period, punishable by law. This sentence is a travesty.

Rephael Rechitzky • 5 months ago

Stop the excuses. It was a hate crime and I point to the police as anti Jewish organization too. I think what the Jewish community needs is a militia to protect it and show the world what we can do too and how painful that can be.

schapira • 5 months ago

You don't need one. We have the wonderful IDF here. Come and libe in Israel, where Jews belong. Why stay in a country full of haters?

VTS • 5 months ago

Well armed (not regulated) militia.

qith • 5 months ago

Uhmmmm, i think they could do that. Don't they call that the 2nd Amendment? Personally, this shows the folly of the "hate crime" label. If you burn down my church or synagogue, why would I care, if you hated me? And if you strike a match outside my house with a gas can in hand, I won't be asking if you hate me. ("you" is rhetorical here). In most places, that label is an excuse to try a person, or persons twice, and I don't support that.

J. Rochotte • 5 months ago

This is injustice to the max ! Pure Crap.

Patricia Anderson • 5 months ago

Figures Ill-han (yuk) Omar represents Minnesota in Congress. What a farce!

loreea • 5 months ago

This is a disgrace and I’m embarrassed it happened in my country... even worse, had this been a mosque, he Probably would have received the death penalty

MoRiem57 . • 5 months ago

How many years would he get if this was done to a mosque?

qith • 5 months ago

Arson IS a hate crime, but who cares about "proving" hate. Prove the act, ARSON. The rest is silliness. If you burn a shed on my property, that's also ARSON. I could care less if you hate me. But you must pay for your crime against me. We've made this too complicated!

punch_corona • 5 months ago

.. if this did not work .. "he tried to spit on the fire".. then why did he not take his weenie out and tried to shut the fire down with his sprinkler..?

Guest • 5 months ago
punch_corona • 5 months ago

.. maybe he would have had celestial justice done.. a roasted weenie..

True Modesty • 5 months ago

Crude, but funny!

Karl Elshoff • 4 months ago

Okay, this guy is a homeless man that had just fled a chemical dependency treatment facility. It is likely that guy started the fire to keep warm. Like a comic scene from the movie 'Dumb and Dumber' things started out innocently and got out of hand.

DoomedCoast • 4 months ago

Lol doormat Democrat Jews gonna let (hafta let?) this slide. Shameful. Shameful.

J k • 4 months ago

What do you expect in soon-to-be Minnesotastan?

Samuel Ralph Allen • 4 months ago

A "negligent fire charge" is a misdemeanor not rising to the level of arson. Nevertheless, in Colorado, I was sentenced to four years prison for "trespassing" on my own titled home and residence of nine years. I had no priors on my criminal record and I had to sell the scene of the crime to pay my attorneys. So no one has to tell me that the "justice" system is corrupt.

Kevin Donohue • 5 months ago

It's open season on the Jewish people here in the US (and Europe too). This guy is a serious threat - three months in jail? REALLY? 117 years of history, destroyed. He should have to spend the rest of his life earning money to rebuild it. Horrifying.

AJL • 5 months ago

If it were a mosque or church he would have gotten a much longer sentence. But this is a Jewish house of worship so that means nothing to the Jew haters.

C.Brian Ross • 5 months ago

Is there no "right of appeal" against this joke of a sentence?!

Stan Harder • 5 months ago

Sue him in civil court.

mrkspiii • 5 months ago


qith • 5 months ago

A state full of adherents to the Lutheran faith is reflecting their founder all too closely in his estimation of Jews. This seems to be a decision of which ignores the seriousness of the situation. Omar must be pleased.

AJL • 5 months ago

I went to the JStreet website and couldn't believe what these piece of crap fake Jews say what they stand for:

J Street organizes and mobilizes pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans who want Israel to be secure, democratic and the national home of the Jewish people.

Working in American politics and the Jewish community, we advocate for policies that advance shared US and Israeli interests as well as Jewish and democratic values, leading to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

J Street was created to serve as the political home and voice for pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans. The views of the majority of American Jews were previously underrepresented and ignored in our politics. We’re changing that, and in the process transforming our national conversation about what it means to be pro-Israel. We advocate and engage on every level – in Washington, in political campaigns, in our communities and on campuses. By changing the conversation, we open up political space for elected leaders to support policies that advance a secure, Jewish and democratic future for Israel and reflect the shared values that underlie the US-Israel relationship.