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Anton Loew • 6 months ago

We feel The Israeli leadership, must be “glutton for punishment” and that is why the Arabs no longer take us seriously; Jordan has violated all the clauses of the peace agreement with Israel; Thus, why should we abide by A FAILED PEACE agreement.
1. Jordan management of our holiest place the Temple Mount has been discriminating against Jews and actually subversive by encouraging violence by the PLO against Israel.
2. Jordan has arrested Jews praying at Jewish holy places in Jordan.
3. Jordan’s soldier murdered 7 small girls and he has not been executed for his crime.
4. Jordan has kept the state of COLD PEACE with Israel
5. Has become a leading country against Israel.
6. Worst of all Jordan has been the leading anti-Israeli voices and voters in the UN against Israel
Many more violations but that is enough TO JUSTIFY Israel keeping the land for ever since Jordan will never change.

Brynn Blade • 6 months ago

Israel should say it’s calling off the deal that gave the land to Jordan in the first place or at least protect the crops until they are harvested. Muslim countries rarely create anything themselves, usually they take it or in the case of water, are provided with a service. Stop giving the land away, you aren’t getting any peace from the Muslim countries. If they say different, like the Arabs now do, remember, they hope you will die fighting Iran for you and them and spend your money, so they don’t have to. The Jewish Bible says to stop trusting them ( the surrounding nations) instead of G-d.

Cauc-Asian Patriot • 6 months ago

This is why Israel needs US aid because it gives away advantages in treaties that are never to their long-term advantage. If Israel acted on cutting off water to Jordan how would the world talk about Israel? The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is one of the Arab, Islamic States that Israel has the best relations with so what does this treatment tell you about them? Basically, the Jordanians just stole a bunch of crops out from under Israeli farmers and have offered a lower sum than they were worth so the Israeli farmers get scammed! Bet the Jordanians would really be upset if Israel were to demand they pay them what the crops were worth up front or the Israeli farmers burn the fields before they leave leaving just bare soil for the Jordanians to have to start from scratch!

White Elk Clearwater • 6 months ago

Okay mouse from the Hejaz you want that land back? Fine & we stop giving you tens of millions of cubic meters of water each year, and stop allowing Jordan's use our airspace.
Why on earth should Israeli citizens pay more for water while TRANS-Jordan gets it at half price!

Eilia Ariana • 6 months ago

Move the so-called Jordanians, out of Israel!!! And never forget that Israel INCLUDES the British-created 'Jordan'.

Don Spilman • 6 months ago

I hope the godless muzslime of Jordan get blown to pieces too. There is nothing about ANY muzslime that is salvageable, they all need to be removed from human civilization, and totally quarantined like any deadly virus!

Min Dona • 6 months ago

So JORDAN and it’s king decide to terminate part of the agreement contained in the Jordan/Israel peace process!
Another terrible agreement Israel entered into with Arabs! Traitorous again.
Harvest the crops and burn what’s left over.
Jordan is NO friend of Israel. Whoever is telling you that, or believes it - is deceiving you. Arabs as friends with Israel? A lot of BS. How many naive Jews are out there? More wishful thinking and post Shoah syndrome.

ProclaimLiberty • 6 months ago

This article is missing important information. Lacking is any analysis of the legal status of what appears to be a one-sided action by Jordan and what are Israel's options relative to the treaty. Is there any connection between this action and Israel's impending potential "annexation" of Jordan Valley territory up to the river's edge? As I seem to recall, some accommodations were provided in that treaty to "straighten" the borders of farm fields adjacent to and overlapping both sides of a twisting river path, as a concession to facilitate the agricultural effort required to maintain those fields and farms. Is this what is being terminated as a 25-year lease expires? Would matters have been any different if politically-motivated accusations had not influenced the recent Israeli elections in a manner that prevented Bibi from making his promise a reality? Is this related at all to Gantz's recent agreement to pursue a similar annexation? It seems to me that the writer of this article failed to "complete his homework" and research this bit of news adequately.

IshTeva • 6 months ago

Jordan is an illegitimate state on land stolen from the Jewish people by Britain. Time to take back what belongs to the Jewish people. Start by cutting off their water.

bill53 • 6 months ago

To me an outsider, this is Israel picking its battles strategically. One thousand acres of farmland that Israel did AGREE to give back after 25 years. Is this really the thing to go to war over or create more animosity between the Jewish people and arabs. This was always a possibility, why would these farmers plant a crop knowing the agreement was coming to an end?
By the way I would take TOTAL control of the Temple Mount anyway and raze that God awful al aqsa mosque to the ground which should have happened in 1967. Never attach two different issues together, you will regret it later.

Bob N • 6 months ago

I agree. Give them back their farmland and in exchange, take control of the Temple Mount. Jordan is taking the land because it is their land so Israel should take control of the Temple Mount because it is in Jerusalem and according to the Balfour Declaration (1917), the League of Nations (1922) and the Court of Appeals of Versailles (2013), all of Jerusalem belongs to Israel.

bill53 • 6 months ago

I didn't even realize there were signed agreements. To me as a Roman Catholic the Temple Mount is where Solomon's Temple was. It is also the place that Jesus Christ knew as an observant Jew. It is Jewish/Israeli land for 4,000 yrs, the Jewish people NEVER left Jerusalem or Samaria and Judea. Yes there was a diaspora, but no amount ethnic cleansing removed all of the Jewish people.

The Crusaders talked about the Jewish people in Samaria and Judea. Saladin the muslim general talked about the Jewish people being there. The Turks described Jewish people being in Samaria and Judea. Then the ignorant Turks decided to call is Palestine, incorrectly I might add.

retired22 • 6 months ago

Machiavelli wrote that,
"It is better to be feared than loved,if you can't be both''.

The problem is that Jews have a reputation of always being reasonable & objective.

There are many people out there who misunderstand being reasonable for being weak & being weak leads to being disrespected. Being disrespected leads to being abused.

Or as Eric Hoffer once said

" They bite the hand that feeds them while licking the boot that kicks them".

bill53 • 6 months ago

Do you really believe arabs think Jewish people and Israel are weak? Or that living up to an existing agreement makes look weak?

To think reasonable folks heads are exploding over 1000 acres of farmland.

retired22 • 6 months ago

Most Arabs live in a world of 'eat or be eaten''
If you don't kick them in the rear end they think it is because you can't.
And if you can't maybe it is time for them to kick you in the rear end instead.
This was the way Europe existed in the Dark Ages 12 hundred years ago.
The Arabs never left those Dark Ages!

alpcns . • 6 months ago

I smell a rat... I have a strong feeling this is the work of Pelosi with her strange surprise visit to Jordan recently. What else would she (speaker of the House, not a diplomat!) do in Jordan, of all places, other than to create new problems (preferably a crisis) for Bibi and Trump?

A normal reaction would be for to Israel stop immediately all water deliveries to Jordan in return... but maybe that is exactly what they (and Pelosi?) want - a full blown crisis or even the threat of war.

Dajjal • 6 months ago

i smell feces oozing from the ears of those who ceded the land to Jordan in the hudna.

Kathleen Moore • 6 months ago

Are the farmers going to burn the crops before they leave? God will pull his hand from that land.

Volvi Goldberger • 6 months ago

Naharayim and Tzofar are both on Israel's side of the Jordan river and should be held by Israel. Had they have been on the other side of the river I may have understood, but on Israel's side? What were they thinking? Dumb and stupid, no self respect. Bibi obviously cared little about it, otherwise he would never relinquish.

VTS • 6 months ago

This is what all peace negotiations with arabs are all about.

Tom Dickson • 6 months ago

ISRAEL should retake the lands and give that Jordanian king kong a bloody nose!!! PERIOD.

VTS • 6 months ago

Exactly. Israel shall tell fake king to fock-off.

White Elk Clearwater • 6 months ago

Yes & send him a flock of goats to do it with as per their habit

Maria Darvell • 6 months ago

When will this stop - NEVER! Gone on for hundreds of years. Stop giving away land Israel - we do not have enough as it is - please wake up and smell the roses.

Albert Reingewirtz • 6 months ago

The left in it's rosy dreams of peace with Arab/ Islam despite their cultivated Anti- Semitism gave away this "island of peace" liberated with Israeli blood from the Jordanian occupation as it has given away control of Har Habait, the holiest place to Jews anywhere on the planet for this same absurd rosy peace dream now culminating world wide with the other rosy dream of "Open Borders" allowing movement of Islamic terror with no possible controls and checking to prevent them from killing the innocents not Muslims.

Phil Raimi • 6 months ago


Agreed 1000%.

Phil (Reingewirtz) Raimi

punch_corona • 6 months ago

.. can’t give the land back.. national defense & agriculture.. already the fence in gaza is breached every day by hamas.. no need to create another battle zone.. the headquarters of hamas are located in jordan.. for those not well informed..

.. the day least expected.. the little king 🤴. could have a coup d’etat & overthrown by hamas.. then you would have hamas on this land mass..

Phil Lesh Fan • 6 months ago

If I was one of the farmers, and If this goes through, I would salt the land as deeply as I could, before I left it in my rear view mirror. Salt the land, poison the ground, and get out. Shameful that this has not been settled already. Israel will continue to provide the water and airspace for Jordan, appeasing them just as Israel appeases the terrorists of Hamas and Fatah.

What a ganza world.....

leonore35 • 6 months ago

That is a terrible suggestion. Farming/arable land is being lost worldwide all the time. Suggesting 'poisoning' land is not only criminal. but stupid And what if the Jewish framers get the land back later?

alpcns . • 6 months ago

It is disgusting. But I fear there's more to it than simple Islamofascists having their idea of fun. I think there's a nefarious connection here. I think this sudden hostile move has something to do with Pelosi's completely out-of-the-blue visit to Jordan recently.

What on God's green Earth has the speaker of the house to seek in Jordan, of all places, in the middle of an (artificial) impeachment inquiry other than create more mayhem and troubles for the two men of State she (and her party) hates most: Trump and Bibi.

I smell a rat.

White Elk Clearwater • 6 months ago

Smell a rat? Yes a demo-rat

Phil Lesh Fan • 6 months ago

Very insiteful, man. That trip of Pelosi's did not come to my mind. I wonder if the president could ask for transcripts and first-hand accounts of that trip, and all that those Democrats (and maybe some Republicans) discussed while in Jordan.


Adele Franklin • 6 months ago

Keep the land for the length of the extension, send in IDF reinforcements to keep it that way, wrap up whatever business is left and THEN leave. If Jordan doesn't like the terms, make 'em an offer they can't refuse - the land or the Temple Mount.

punch_corona • 6 months ago

…. About Hebron… Samaria .. Judea ..

(Genesis 13:14 – 18) .. “And the Lord said to Abram, after Lot had parted from him, “Raise your eyes and look from where you are, the north and south. To the east and west, for I give all the land that you see to you and your offspring forever. I will make your offspring as the dust of the earth, so that if one can count the dust of the earth. Then your offspring too can be counted. Up, walk about the land, through its length and its breadth, for I give it to you.” And Abram moved his tent, and came to dwell at the terebinths of Mamre, which are in Hebron; and he built an altar there to the Lord".

.. about the little king..
[Genesis 36:1..]. “This is the line of Esau – that is Edom.. Esau is viewed as the ancestor of the Edomite who sided with the Babylonians in destroying the First Temple and as the prototype of later Roman and European anti-semites..”..

Victor • 6 months ago

Donald Trump is a White Supremacist, sexist, bigot, racist, hypocrite, deceiving, two-faced, self-center, crooked, thief , cheater and a liar which the conservative, Christian , far right, white nationalist, tea party Republicans has been for the last 45 years. It is like the blind leading the blind. No wonder his supporters are following him over the cliff. He has pull the wool over their eyes !

Min Dona • 6 months ago

Democrat nazi propaganda and political crap. Millions of Americans are much smarter than to believe the nonsense of Democrat defamations, talking points, and strategies, and incitements of racial prejudices that do not exist! Millions of Americans have friends and neighbors of all colors, sexual orientations, and religions!
Does America have some extremists that are ignorant? Yes we do. But the majority of Americans care for each other!
Millions of Americans are opening their eyes to the destructive policies of Dem candidates, and the ruin and non-existent opportunities for decades for people of color, from existing Dem controlled big cities in America. People of color and all backgrounds have nothing to lose, and a new day of beginnings, by hopping on the Trump train.

Americans are much more united as brothers and sisters and see futures together with positivity.

QaakAufim • 6 months ago


Phil Lesh Fan • 6 months ago

You left out that President Trump, and those of us who admire and support his winning ways, ultimately want to outlaw puppies and kittens! That, Victor, is our end game.......sleep well tonight, my pretty. Sleep well.......

QaakAufim • 6 months ago

What winning ways? He’s starting to treat Bibi like most of his rejects. You can’t trust Trump!

Maria Darvell • 6 months ago

Puppies and kittens? Is this a joke? I know Trump is ignorant, sexist and basically a pig but puppies and kittens??!!

Phil Lesh Fan • 6 months ago

No, my dear, it is not a joke. Don't you know that anyone who has been so incorrectly labeled as you have labeled him, - incorrectly, mind you - really is using public behaviors in order to mask a dastardly objective? That is how he, and his supporters - and there are zillions of us working quietly behind the scenes, blending into even the Leftist gatherings you probably attend - keep you folks off guard and unsuspecting........

I hope you have not wet yourself, my dear. Yes, I was joking. You folks really must learn to lighten up. And for goodness sake, my dear, the anger you folks live in is not healthy, especially for your puppies and kittens!

MoonshineSA • 6 months ago

Phil, you were joking? Damn I almost “liked” your comment but my admiration disappeared when you wrote ‘lighten up’. Now is not the time for lightening up it is the time to “darken down”, be more morose, dredge up more hatred and blood-curdling fury. If you don’t hate anyone, especially those you don’t know, there is something seriously wrong with you. You should read my leaflet “How to hate people and spew venom in three easy lessons”. (Only $10.00 emailed directly to your inbox, while stocks last.)

Olga Vorobey • 6 months ago

maria, it was sarcasm (about puppies and kittens)

Phil Lesh Fan • 6 months ago

You might enjoy my reply to dear little Marie.


Froike • 6 months ago

So much for depending on our Peaceful Arab Neighbors.

Guest • 6 months ago
stevealevine • 6 months ago