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StevoR • 1 month ago

@ di Israele il Re lorenzoJHWH : Dude, ya gunna let someone else comment here too or just fill the whole thread yourself?

Luigi Di Maio on the government crisis: "No mess. We rely on Mattarella liked enlisted Merkel and inciuciato technocratic Bilderberg Soros Rothschild"
I don't think that Mattarella understood that,
if he does not bring the Italian people to the vote quickly: he will find himself with a sedition, riots: dead and wounded this time!

Luigi Di Maio sulla crisi di governo: "Nessun inciucio. Ci affidiamo a Mattarella inciuciato Merkel e inciuciatore tecnocratico Bilderberg"
io non credo che Mattarella abbia capito che,
se lui non porta al voto rapidamente il popolo italiano: si troverà con una sedizioni, sommosse: morti e feriti questa volta!

it is not easy to judge a Pope
because even if he is a despicable catto-communist
then, he can always say that he did it because he was blackmailed: from extermination against Christian martyrs from: OIC jihad Wahhabis sharia Erdogan and Rothschild 666 FED Bilderberg Ursula Von Hitler
worldwatchmonitor org/

non è facile giudicare un Papa
perché anche se lui è un catto-comunista spregevole
poi, lui può sempre dire che lo ha fatto perché era ricattato: di sterminio contro i martiri cristiani da: OIC Wahhabiti Erdogan e Rothschild Bilderberg Ursula Von Hitler

Bin SALMAN ] my boy [the Kingdom of Israel has been prophesied!
and God forbid that we must make all the Wahhabis disappear from this planet!

Riyad ] ragazzo mio [ il Regno di Israele è stato profettizato!
e Dio non voglia che dobbiamo far sparire tutti i wahhabiti da questo pianeta!

Soros Satana lgbt FED IMF NWO Lilit Allah belfagor Marduch ] [ it is not my fault: in the world there is always someone who laughs and there is always someone who cries: "now is your time to cry"
non è colpa mia: nel mondo c'é sempre chi ride e c'é sempre chi piange: "ora è il tuo momento di piangere"

#Jerusalem in the esplanade of the mosques dozens of wounded: there is the "jihad Erdogan virus" that hits the brain: and this is what drives Muslims all over the world crazy!
Satan Owl lilith Your twitter account has suspended
'Islamist faithful sharia genocide: for now they are treated by rubber bullets, grenades and gas'

#Gerusalemme nella Spianata delle moschee decine di feriti: c'é il "virus jihad Erdogan" che colpisce il cervello: ed è questo che fa impazzire i mussulmani in tutto il mondo!
Satana Owl lilith Your twitter account has suspended
'Fedeli islamici genocidio sharia: per ora sono curati da proiettili di gomma, granate e gas'

in this world: there is no place for Chinese and Russian and Christians-Israelis peoples!
in fact, the Pharisees Enlightened "lucifer eye allah" on FED jihad FMI pyramid Rothschild have designed it in the last 400 years: so that it can become a single slave population: laogai goyim dalit dhimmis "kafir", disbeliever, "murtad", apostate: sentenced to death.
with exploitation to death: banking seigniorage: high constitutional treason and its Masonic consociativism FED IMF ECB CIA UN OIC for its Islamic sharia genocide
Bilderberg of world wear Rothschild FED FMI BM NWO: bank seigniorage is high constitutional treason.

it is clear: Israelis will not survive all this satanism and they will be the first to succumb!

Epstein Riyad Hillary and his Democratic Party NWO for kill shoah israeli people
regno666unitonwo blogspot com/2019/08/epstein-riyad-hillary-democratic-party

Rothschild FED freemasons and sharia Wahhabi genocide their accomplices have built a system that they were never to be punished!
but all this? must end!

Rothschild FED massoni e sharia genocidio wahhabiti loro complici hanno costruito un sistema che loro non dovevano mai essere puniti!
ma tutto questo? deve finire!
Jeffrey Epstein dead in apparent suicide, FBI investigating

Then we saw an organized criminal system come to l i g h t, r u n by social workers, psychologists and magistrates to s n a t c h children from families and give them to friends for money
#BibbianoPd #forteto.
#Epstein is the brick that brings down the Pyramid #Pd ped0-es0terica ultranationals Masonic consociativismo lgbt satanists?
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Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by World Israel News.
in conclusion:
Here with us, after the scandal of ped0filia in the upper echel0ns of
Vatican, there was the incredible one of the judiciary (whose: outside
hand is quite visible) that brought precisely in these
hours to the resignation of Riccardo Fuzio, Procuratore General of the Cassation.

Until today everyone had gotten away with it, but now
after the arrest of Epstein and the acquisition of ped0phile files, with
names and surnames in the hands of #FBI, we'll see the developments. In
the last period we have also seen excellent arrests for ped0filia

both among founders of important #ONG, and between consultants #UNICEF,

like #Peter #Newell, author among other things of the «Convention of the rights of the child»

approved by the United Nations in 1988. The man was sentenced
to 6 years and 8months for the violence inflicted on a boy for three
years in a row.

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di Israele il Re lorenzoJHWH • 9 minutes ago

Trump (and those who advise him) knows very well that the abuse of children sold and child p0rn0graphy

touches the highest summits of the Shadow Government ...

So his was a clear and profound signal: to the ped0satist rot that permeates the UK lgbt City London and the world finance: Fed 666 Bce 322 FMI 187 BM and NWO! it is the real rot that lurks in the crucial ganglia of our falsely democratic Masonic System of high constitutional betrayal banking seigniorage.

1. We will see how far they are inserted in the control rooms.

2. We'll see if they manage to silence everything again this time.

3. We'll see if they can kill Epstein in jail.

But despite everything, either by reflex or by induction, the scandals (judiciary, trust, etc.) are coming out in all countries, including Italy #forteto #bibbiano.

Epstein Vs Trump] Epstein hated Trump! (therefore all the properties of the ARABIC LEAGUE must all be confiscated!).
at one point Donald
Trump learned about his friend's squalid behavior and threw him out of the club because he would "sexually assault an underage girl at the club".
Epstein is the brick that brings down the Pyramid # Pd pedo-esoterica transnational Masonic consociativismo: the lgbt satanists? Donald has a genetic incapacity to do politics in the usual and "correct" way and a public image that attracts many critics like a magnet. It is good to remember that he did not have to win
elections, because the #Sinarchia had placed trust in Hillary Clinton.
But in spite of everything it is right to point out that since Trump
took possession of the White House, very many financial scandals,
s-es-sua-li, sanitary facilities have come and are coming to light, above all
those concerning children.
and this is a precise political Plan.
this is why we have Trump's attacks on the "Deep State", that is to say the so-called "shadow government", would seem to confirm.
With this in mind, one can understand why on 21 December 2017 the President signed the Executive Order no. 13818 entitled: "Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption", that is, "Executive Order which blocks the property of persons involved in serious violations of human rights or corruption" (hence all the properties of the ARABIC LEAGUE must all be confiscated!).
The Order wants to hit anyone who is guilty of violations of the
Human Rights (therefore ped0filia and trafficking in men) and corruption,
not only in the USA but also in the whole world. So it affects everyone,
foreign governments included, as well as their officials. All
Epstein is the brick that brings down the Pyramid #Pd Islamic sharia pedo-esoteric transnational Masonic consociativism: the satanists lgbt jihad Erdogan Riyad?

me Unius REI; I have to lead this commission of inquiry! #Linda # Collins-Smith those of the CIA killed her with several gunshots on June 4, 2019] Hillary must now enter the same cell as Epstein

io Unius REI; io devo guidare questa commissione di inchiesta! #Linda # Collins-Smith those of the CIA killed her with several gunshots on June 4, 2019] Hillary ora deve entrare nella stessa cella di Epstein

#Linda # Collins-Smith those of the CIA killed her with several gunshots on June 4, 2019] Hillary ora deve entrare nella stessa cella di Epstein [We'll see if they can save the billionaire's head once again or "commit suicide" (prophetic words for the CIA satanists). Which intelligence service would not consider an Epstein treasure, with
his powerful clientele who loaded on the "Lolita Express" to have "s -e- x"
with girls on his private island? The murder of the senator of the #Arkansans she was called #Linda # Collins-Smith, who was 57 years old, and had been #Arkansas #manager until 2016.
Epstein is the brick that brings down the Pyramid # Pd ped0-esoterica transnational Masonic consociativismo: the lgbt satanists?
They killed her with several pistol shots last June 4, outside her home, near Little Rock. All for no apparent reason.
The interesting thing is that the senator was investigating in person on
cases of child porn0graphy in a criminal tour of Arkansas that also included child trafficking, with serious
responsibility of the social services of the State. The murder scene is Arkansas, the state where the Clintons live (Epstein's regular customers) they built their fortunes, in ways
very questionable. And Collins was in the process of denouncing Hillary Clinton herself for such management.
Epstein is the brick that brings down the Pyramid # Pd pedo-esoterica transnational Masonic consociativismo: the lgbt satanists?

Also for Steele, also Leslie Wexner, the billionaire
master of the bra empire, Victoria's Secrets, the one who has
given (for 1 euro) to Epstein the 40-room-style cottage
renaissance in Manhattan, he would be a very active agent of the Mossad. (2) Wexner is defined by the media as a minion (exactly like George Soros) "philanthropist": he founded and finances the "Wexner Foundation", which has the task of "strengthening Jewish leadership ",
both with scholarships to students who want a master's degree in studies
rabbinical, both to Israeli public officials to whom he pays a master's degree in
public administration at the John F. Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University ... (3)
Anyway, Mossad or Cia for any diverted intelligence agency,
having in your hands the unspeakable secrets of characters that matter, is
fat that drips ...
A blackmail person is a great friend and ally!
Epstein is the brick that brings down the Pyramid # Pd pedo-esoterica transnational Masonic consociativismo: the lgbt satanists?

[Alex Acosta, Minister of Labor]
says that Acosta would have received orders from above not
pursuing Epstein: he was indeed a ped0filo (like the prophet Mohammed who shamed his peace over him)
Epstein: he was yes he was a ped0filo, but he was well protected by the secret services because he could blackmail the powerful with videos of them together with the children.
It is not known what these services would be: CIA or Mossad, even if the proofs lean towards Jewish intelligence, and this not only for the origins of #Epstein, but also for the ambiguous friendships.
#Epstein is the brick that brings down the Pyramid #Pd pedo-esoterica (esoteric agenda) transnational Masonic consociativismo: the Rothschild satanist agents lgbt
his partner and accomplice is "madame" Ghislaine Maxwell, the brothel keeper. She is the daughter of the British media patron, Robert Maxwell (Mirror Group, Pergamon Press) and computer science (Sinclair), as well as a well-known agent ... (1)
According to Robert Steele, computer expert and former CIA agent, who along with Bill Bonney
(NSA computer scientist) collaborates with Trump against the Deep
State, Epstein would be a clandestine Mossad agent, assisted by clandestine operative Ghislaine Maxwell, with the mission of
framing (thanks to video footage of pedophile relationships) US politicians, magistrates, celebrities, prosecutors and heads of big business ...
disinformation en / 2019/07/14 / epstein-and-the-brick-that-does-collapses-the-pyramid /

Epstein suicidal? nobody would believe it !!
1. someone had the cell key:
2. and the CIA had ordered special surveillance to be removed from him!
3. the official declaration on the death of the billionaire who knew a lot: and who had to be silent?
4. (in the insect-infested prison)?
this is a statement that doesn't hold water!

"Lolita Express" is the name of the Boeing 727
private of Epstein, with whom he was carrying minors for later,
harass them and rape them in his super-luxury residences, from the Islands
Virgins at Stanley's ranch in New Mexico.
But the plane was not only used to transport VIPs and "cannon fodder", because even in flight anything could happen ... and Bill Clinton should tell everyone now.
Besides, is there a place in the world more secure than a transatlantic flight?
Epstein is the brick that causes the Pyramid to collapse: Lucifer Eye rothschild "FMI IMF 666 NWO; EU ECB Ursula: Shadow Government: Soros-Bilderberg
the corporation: technocratic financial institutional Masonic politician: and usurocratic: the # pedo-esoteric #bibbiano #forteto #lgbt system: which is transnational and institutional Masonic consociativismo: the lgbt satanists: bank seigniorage and high constitutional betrayal.
In the past Epstein managed to covertly negotiate only 13 months in prison (spent in privileged conditions)
despite being formalemtne accused of sexually abusing over 30 minors.
The accusation spoke clearly: first she was massaged, "then he harassed the girls and sexually abused them".
Eventually he threw 100-200 bucks on his bed and convinced his victims to recruit other teenagers, to start again with a new round of violence: horrors and abuses: all included in the Rothschilds' esoteric agenda!

a crime of satanism of these proportions? can only be punished: with the death penalty for all CIA directors and managers of the last 20 years!
Epstein had direct contact with the "creme della creme" which is the real foam of the sewerage of this planet, with pieces like ninety:
former president Bill Clinton (according to recordings of flight plans obtained by Fox News in 2016, Clinton would have traveled at least 26 times on the infamous jet),
[from an agenda page of #Epstein]
Tony Blair,
Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom (Duke of York),
Kevin Spacey,
Alec Baldwin,
Dustin Hoffman,
Naomi Campbell,
Bernie Ecclestone,
Rupert Murdoch,
Peter Soros (grandson of George Soros),
Woody Allen,
Henry Kissinger,
Edouard de Rothschild
Evelyn de Rothschild ,.
and many others, we are talking about hundreds of important names.
Epstein is the brick that brings down the Pyramid # Pd pedo-esoterica transnational Masonic consociativism: the lgbt satanists of the FMI FMI OIC NWO.

with the Epstein murder that the CIA has carried out: now the rich men who took part in its rubbish: they feel calm, but, it is not so: because here I am and I will remain there so that all of them will go down to hell before their time!
rich masons rothschild reigning, etc .. could be hooked by some trained little girl, or, easier, they were the ones to choose the prey or the preys ...
The "Epstein System" worked perfectly because it was protected and supervised by the CIA secret services.
The subscriptions to his fund would have given guarantees: being in a #paradiso #fiscale he was not obliged to provide the list of names,
guaranteeing total security, and then a fund managed in a tax haven justified the huge commissions required.
It was a seemingly perfect system.
but, now Epstein is in
prison, and according to rumors he seems to want to empty the bag
investigators listing the names of the people involved in the shady underage prostitution ring. All to have a reduction of the sentence, not exceeding 5 years.
but the priests of Satan who protect Obama and Clinton Hillary have already closed his mouth: definitely
disinformation en / 2019/07/14 / epstein-and-the-brick-that-does-collapses-the-pyramid /

I ask for the confiscation of all bank deposits: and all the real estate, against all those who contributed to this fund: "Il Sistema-Epstein" and who then went to take their girl child!
Epstein was known not for his background, but for the very special party he organized, of the "bunga-bunga" type.
Participation at parties was very expensive, and indeed to return
in the list of guests there were to be subscribed quotas, to several
zeri, of its offshore fund in the Virgin Islands.
The money was widely repaid, because at the festivities, besides champagne, there were rich and precious cotillons: boys and girls of your choice!

/disinformazione it/2019/07/14/epstein-e-il-mattone-che-fa-crollare-la-piramide/

stop giving cover to all these satanists!
I demand at President #Donald #TRUMP: different working groups: a full broad crossover and even parliamentary inquiry: why this worldwide corruption scum ends!
According to a survey by the "Miami Herald", based on
stories of the alleged victims traced over the years, at least 80 women
they said they were harassed by Epstein from 2001 to 2006.
Almost all were poor girls who came from disadvantaged families and
problems or who lived in an orphanage; the billionaire monster
he knew how to exploit their weakness and their need for money. Some young women were traumatized by the suicide of parents or friends, others
they had mothers beaten by fathers and companions, or fathers who harassed and beat them.
In all, the FBI gathered the stories of 36 girls who had been
harassed but over the years new testimonies emerged that suggest
that the underage girls and boys were a thousand

#Epstein is the Masonic globalization of consociativism trasnational masonic democratic party, Soros Bilderberg
Epstein is the brick that will bring down the Pyramid: FED "lucifer eye" #Pd pedo-esoterica transnational Masonic consociativismo: the lgbt & satanists all NWO agent?
The billionaire would have sexually exploited hundreds
of underage girls, abusing them in their homes
in Manhattan and Palm Beach in Florida
therefore it offered a service to all the shareholders of the Central Banks and their accomplices politicians!
/disinformazione it/2019/07/14/epstein-e-il-mattone-che-fa-crollare-la-piramide/

I do not know if, I have expelled all the Satanists: 187AudioHostem CIA cannibals from youtube, if, that is, this: it was something positive, given that now it is filled with lgbt sodomitics: who have control of youtube: and now I do not know how to do :
because, the lgbt being aware of their moral and cultural ethical inferiority: they dare not oppose you with a method of intellectual honesty, but they stab you in the back: only !!

non so se avere espulso tutti i satanisti: 187AudioHostem CIA cannibali da youtube, se, cioè questo: sia stato qualcosa di positivo, dato che ora si è riempito di sodomitici lgbt: che hanno il controllo di youtube: ed ora io non so come fare:
perché, gli lgbt essendo consapevoli della loro inferiorità etica morale e culturale: loro non osano contrastarti con un metodo di onestà intellettuale, ma ti pugnalano alle spalle: soltanto!!

they first passed by the Bohemian Grove (cremation of cure) from their Owl Rothschild God and their Lucifer Eye Rochefeller on piramyd masonic Golpe FED 666 IMF OIC sharia.

and then they all went to do dirty things with the kids!
I ask for the death penalty for all of them!
#Epstein commits suicide in prison.
everyone who is approached by CLINTON sooner or later dies dramatically!
Your account twitter is suspended
Obama, twitter, socialNetwok, satelliteTV, Ansa lgbt and the Democratic Party are all under the protection of Satan's Priest
prima passavano dal Bohemian Grove dal loro Gufo Rothschild Dio e occhio di lucifero Rochefeller
e dopo andavano tutti a fare le cose sporche con i bambini!
io chiedo la pena di morte per tutti loro!

now let's put all his friends pinging rothschild in jail!
Epstein commits suicide in prison with CIA support!
The financier had been overwhelmed by a s e x scandal and accused of abuse, exploitation of female prostitution and child trafficking