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garybkatz • 1 year ago

It's a good thing all of Israel isn't treated the same way, or Israeli Jews would have to change their name to "Israeli dhimmis."

UniusREI Yitzhak Kaduri Messia 8 hours ago
#Netanjahu] countdown: missing 23 days to destroy IRAN with atomic weapons!
Michael D Weeks
Michael D Weeks
"Save the Planet" Use a Biodegradable Bullet . . .

UniusREI Yitzhak Kaduri Messia
UniusREI Yitzhak Kaduri Messia
Muslims of all the ARAB LEAGUE OCI UN
they have a unitary secret project: to damage all mankind!
1. IRAN OCI UE Russia China Erdogan are dedicated to destroying Israel, while:
2. CIA USA OTAN Riyad, Qatar, Pakistan, Erdogan OCI etc. with their jihadist galaxy: Fulani and Boko Haram, etc ... they are dedicated to destroying all other peoples and nations!
the children of demons: in reality they are proving to be smarter than the children of God!
in conclusion if to IRAN: the US does not destroy the nuclear potential: immediately? then, a preventive nuclear attack by ISRAEL against IRAN is the only option!

islamici di tutta la LEGA ARABA
hanno un progetto unitario: per danneggiare tutto il genere umano!
1. IRAN Russia Cina si dedicano a distruggere Israele, mentre:
2. CIA USA Riyad, Qatar, Pakistan, ecc.. con la loro galassia jihadista: fulani e boko Haram, ecc.. loro si dedicano a distruggere tutti gli altri popoli e nazioni!
i figli dei demoni: in realtà si stanno dimostrando più furbi dei figli di Dio!
in conclusione se a IRAN: gli USA non distruggono il potenziale nucleare: subito? poi, un attacco nucleare preventivo di ISRAELE contro IRAN è l'unica opzione!

every religion has its dogmas! ISLAM is afraid of:
1. that pig's head of the sharia ped0phile: Bin Salman, and of,
2. that dog head the polygamist jihad Erdogan: so the third dogma is:
3. "May Allah protect you, my children, from the prayer of grandmothers"

ogni religione ha i suoi dogmi! ISLAM ha paura di:
1. quella testa di maiale del ped0filo sharia: Bin Salman, e di ,
2. quella testa di cane il poligamo jihad Erdogan: quindi il terzo dogma è:
3. "che Allah vi protegga, figli miei, dalla preghiera delle nonne"
Israeli grandmother on Temple Mount alarms Muslim islamic jihad sharia genocide Waqf police, and also Israeli police,

When Roberto Gualtieri played 'Bella Ciao' In a video, MEP Dem, who: Government Giuseppe DRACULA Conte (only 37% italian people happy) wants at the Ministry of Economy, he plays on guitar: 'Bella Ciao Nigerian's mafia prostitute'
answer. HE said that the people should not vote because being a stupid people, he can be deceived by Salvini Rothschild Lagarde Soros, Grillo, Napolitano, Monti and Bilderberg: the technocratic scum, that's why the Democratic Party went 4 times in 6 years to the government without passing the elections Rochefeller Morgan DEMO PLUTO GIUDAICO MASSONE of that cretin of Mussolini, another unhappy memory!

Quando Roberto Gualtieri suonava 'Bella Ciao' In un video l'eurodeputato Dem, che: Governo Giuseppe DRACULA Conte vuole al ministero dell'Economia, suona alla chitarra: 'Bella Ciao'
answer. LUI ha detto che il popolo non deve votare perchè essendo un popolo stupido, lui può essere ingannato da Salvini Rothschild Lagarde Soros, Grillo, Napolitano, Monti e Bilderberg: la feccia tecnocratica, ecco perché il partito democratico è andato 4 volte in 6anni al governo senza passare dalle elezioni Rochefeller Morgan DEMO PLUTO GIUDAICO MASSONE di quel cretino di Mussolini, un altra infelice memoria!

Steven G. Shalot • 1 year ago

Told she “couldn’t be there??” Did anyone tell Motta Gur and his paratroopers in June, 1967, that they “couldn’t be there?” Look - It’s time that Israel fulfills the dream that came true with its victories in 1967 - Follow Bibi’s lead and allow free and unfettered access to Hebron and ALL Jewish holy sites in the West Ridge! ~ especially the Har Ha Bayit.
Isn’t the blood of our paratroopers payment enough to do this and not be bullied by Muslim thugs???

Steven G. Shalot • 1 year ago

Really guys - WHAT did they give up their lives for ?

George Sue Jeffery • 1 year ago

They are afraid of the God of Israel, thats why they don't want Jews to pray.

Rahel • 1 year ago

Either she was very brave or very stupid for going up onto the Temple Mount by herself. This could have been suicide if one of the Arabs "accidentally" shot her.

Nathan Dunning • 1 year ago

You'll most certainly be allowed there very soon whether Islamist's Supremacist's approve or not. Soon they will have No Choice for the King of Israel & the world will be enthroned there.Let us see them tell Messiah he can't Pray on the Temple Mount.

c0mm0ncenz • 1 year ago

Ha ha - but they won't be here to tell Messiah anything, because Torah says G-d will remove all evil from the earth, and that is why there will be 1000 years of peace.

Jay Silverman • 1 year ago

I have already prayed up there.

sharon nye • 1 year ago

One day Israel will have the Temple without a Arab in sight. In fact Israel will have back all the land that God gave to them. Most of the Arabs will be gone by the hand of God.

Rahel • 1 year ago

Amen! Can't be soon enough!!!!!!!!!!!11

Olga Vorobey • 1 year ago

you are really ominous, eh?

c0mm0ncenz • 1 year ago

Sharon is right. It says in Torah that G-d will remove all evil from the earth when Moshiach comes, as he will usher in 1000 years of peace.

Olga Vorobey • 1 year ago

what after the 100 years of peace? wars again? what is the promise/prediction?

Guest • 1 year ago
sharon nye • 1 year ago


ALWK • 1 year ago

So Israeli police or arab guards were using profane language in arabic? Well, that is disturbing. That would mean the arabs feel comfortable verbally degrading Jewish/Israeli women, which we know they don’t have a problem with since they enjoy killing them. Verbal abuse is nothing to those pigs. However, does this mean the Israeli police enjoy participating as well, or feel they have to ignore the insults in order to keep the peace? If they are Druze, I imagine they do not feel any loyalty to the Chosen People of Israel.

c0mm0ncenz • 1 year ago

She didn't specify whether or not the police, who are usually Israeli Druze, participated in the verbal abuse. The Druze are traditionally loyal to Israel. We don't know what they actually did or said, because the lady didn't say. The police know the Arabs are like this and probably, just guessing, they don't have any recourse unless the Arabs actually were getting violent. And just possibly, I might guess that the police are not going to intervene in the words of abuse, fearing that to do so might cause violence to erupt. When I was first in Israel I went to Arab shops. The Arab working in one of them was really friendly as he tried to sell me some items. When i said no thanks, in English, and walked away, he cursed me as a *&^&% American. This is Islam, and the guards are probably the same way. The police have to face them every day. What can they really do about bad language? Bottom line - they probably have to choose their battles.

lesrun5k • 1 year ago

Israel liberated old Jerusalem / The Temple Mount from Jordanian control in 1967,then makes the agreement that the Muslim Wauf will be the custodian of the Temple,is this not Judaism most holy site, is the Temple and it grounds not in Israel ?I will never understand this agrement,i would understand if Israel declared the agreement null / void and if Jordan/ Musslime Wauf did not like it too bad,it belongs to Israel,she should be in control of Temple Mount,who visit/ when.How about Jews telling Mo's followers when they can / can not visit mecca ?

Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld • 1 year ago

See Israel's 1994 peace agreement with Jordan. It defines the boundary line between these two countries as the middle of the main course of the flow of the Jordan and Yarmouk Rivers. (Hint: this agreement is on a Jordanian Government Web site.) That puts all of the so-called West Bank (actually Judea and Samaria) squarely within Israel. In return, Israel granted the Jordanian Waqf (religious authority) control of the Temple Mount.

fof9l • 1 year ago

I rather like the idea of Israel - or, rather, Jews - taking over Saudi Arabia and setting the rules for when visits to Mecca were allowed, by whom, and whether or not people could pray. Maybe Mecca could also be the site of a new Temple, although of course it would only be the third holiest site in Judaism.

CrossHugger • 1 year ago

The sooner you get the interloping liars off the mount, the better.....

punch_corona • 1 year ago

.. if you ever wondered about the word .. lawlessness it is an ancient word from the times of Noah & Genesis ... hamas = lawlessness..

(Genesis 6:11: “The earth became corrupt before G-d); the earth was filled with lawlessness”

.. corrupt – the Hebrew stem for “corrupt” occurs seven times in the narrative in various forms

(Noah and the Flood : 6:9 – 9:17). Lawlessness – the universal corruption is further defined as “hamas”, a term that elsewhere is the synonym of “bloodshed”, “falsehood”, or “deceit”, It parallels “no justice” in (Job 19:17)

CrossHugger • 1 year ago

It is not just them but those also that have no fear of the Almighty....

The Israeli grandmother on the Temple Mount alarms the Israeli police, and the jihd Islamic Erdogan Waqf sharia NAZI
in fact, this was also written in the Koran by Allah in person: "beware of the prayer of the grandmothers: because it is a prayer that brings bad luck"

Tuvi Todd • 1 year ago

Until every faith is allowed to worship equally on this shared Holy Site,
No Faith should be allowed to there, or be given any other special treatment.

White Elk Clearwater • 1 year ago

In the Torah it is written "& My house should a house of prayer for all the nations"

Olga Vorobey • 1 year ago

hey, i have a theological question in regard to that line "...my house should be a house of prayer for all the nations". please kindly answer only people who KNOW WITH CERTAINTY (like people who studied these things).
i am really interested to know the CORRECT answer, please, not guesses.

isn't it implied in that line that these "all nations" would be worshiping HASHEM in that "house of prayers" in Jerusalem (and not just ANY gods of ANY religion)?

i am sure that the idea of that line was that all the people of all nations would eventually covert to Judaism and worship HASHEM in the 3rd temple. no?

* i am not saying that any Jews are against anyone worshiping any other gods on temple mount UNTIL that moment of the "world conversion to Judaism", but i am just saying that likely the mentioned above line was made with the implication that the people of all nations will be worshiping HASHEM in the 3rd temple.


Dean Blake • 1 year ago

The Temple had areas designated for use by Gentiles and another exclusively for Jews and yet another for Kohenim. There is room on the Temple Mount for the Al Aksa mosque AND the 3d Temple, but maybe not the other 4 mosques and virtual prayer mosques establish since I was there in 1967. Al Aksa original is tiny and on the south edge on reclaimed 'land'. It's 8 sided suggesting it is.a converted Baptestry from a Church earlier on the site which was earlier a mass mikva!

Guest • 1 year ago
Olga Vorobey • 1 year ago

this was said to Jews, not to ALL the nations.

Guest • 1 year ago
sharon nye • 1 year ago

You said this perfectly. You must be saved to go to heaven. Every be one else will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. I wouldn't wait because the Rapture is very near.

Olga Vorobey • 1 year ago

the Torah was given to Jews, and it was at some point after the left Egypt. they are supposed to be a living example to other nations. it was NOT offered to other nations, and they never refused it - since it was simply not offered to them. i mean, they are all welcome to convert to Judaism if they wish (or they also can follow all the laws that they find matching their moral/ethical standing). but Torah was NOT offered to all the nations. i am not saying it is bad or good, just stating this general knowledge fact.

White Elk Clearwater • 1 year ago

A good question Olga. 1st of all Jews, as per guidance of Hashem, do NOT require everyone to become a Jew. Just that anyone who is not a Jew should become a Noahhide or whatever belief system chosen that obeys the Noahhide commandments. There never was, & there is not ever to be a campaign to convert everyone to be a Jew. We are NOT Jihadists & NOT Inquisitorial or Templarist.
The only requirement is recognition of Hashem Creator as The One All Powerful, All knowing. Like the Hopi Amerindians who recognize this and respectfully-lovingly call HIM "The Grandfather".

Back mellenia ago. non-Jews were permitted & even invited to bring sacrifices at the 1st & 2nd Holy Temples as long as it was to The One & not to some pagan pseudo-god. So too in the 3rd Holy Temple.
Such it is written by our ancient sages, & is NOT to be altered.

Tally Bakst • 1 year ago

I think I can answer your question. The most important point here is whether one believes in monotheism or polytheism. Abraham being the first to actually preach the concept of monotheism. During the times of the first and second temples many nations brought sacrifices and made contributions to the temple.
It is the recognition of One omnipotent G-d and not the paganism and worship of idols which dominated the world prior to Abraham. Not everyone has to be Jewish. For example there are the "Seven commandments of the children of Noah" which non Jews are meant to keep. We as Jews believe that when the Mossiah comes, there will be a universal recognition of G-ds existence. The third and final temple will be rebuilt and all nations will come to pray there.

Alexander Harold Hersh • 1 year ago

Mashiach Ben David

Olga Vorobey • 1 year ago

thanks Tally. :)

polytheism or polytheism...i see your point...well...i am not sure that this would be the main question since there are also many atheists...and their number increases and will likely continue to increase...i am also sure they were existing for centuries, but it was very unsafe for them to declare their existence without becoming an outcast before, while nowadays they can. so we would have a whole large group of atheists (beside the monotheists and polytheists) in the time of 3rd temple, i suppose. :)

* it would have been great if polytheism vs. monotheism was the main question, or if the presence of atheists was of any importance... but i think the main question is what is the probability of our survival (as humans, not only as Jews), considering the pretty eminent dangers associated with Islam...

Rahel • 1 year ago

People of all nations will worship Hashem in the time of the 3rd temple, but will not be forced to convert to Judaism. They will, however, be required to follow the Seven Noahide laws.

Olga Vorobey • 1 year ago

hi Rahel, thank you for the reply.

yes, i am aware that no one would be FORCED into Judaism. it is not the style of Judaism... i just thought it is IMPLIED that the conversion would somehow eventually happen because all people would be interested in it.

yes, of course, i realize that it does not sound realistic (like, i do not believe that a big percentage of Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, or in fact any pagans would leave their religions...not to speak of the atheists - who would likely in majority would not turn to any religion). but i assumed that the IDEA of that line "...my house should be a house of prayer for all the nations" was that it would somehow happen...

in regard to the 7 laws that for everyone to follow, i know it was this way in the olden times... are you certain that this is the idea for the times of the 3rd temple? how do you know that? and also how do you know that the 3rd temple would be for any nationality of any religion? where did you read it? where did you study that? i.e. what is your proof of this?

(* i am just really want to know the correct answer from Judaism point of view; i am not trying to catch you on anything. cause i can virtue guesses like anyone else - based on what i know and based on the spirit of Judaism, but i want to know what is exactly WRITTEN in the books, and in which books.)

Guest • 1 year ago
Ann Johnstone • 1 year ago

I agree one hundred percent! Bring back the Jewish people of old, who risked their very lives rather than offend their God. Compromise and syncretism is nowhere permitted in the Torah. Rather, Israel was, and is, a nation separated unto the Lord.

sharon nye • 1 year ago

The only faith that belongs there are the Israelites. Islam is NOT a faith, it is a cult of terrorists led by Satan.

lesrun5k • 1 year ago


Albert Reingewirtz • 1 year ago

Time to cleanse all of the PA and of course the Jordanians who have no business being anywhere in the land of Israel wirthout a visa. Har Habait is the most important real estate in all of the land of Israel to Am Israel.

Alexander Harold Hersh • 1 year ago

Har HaBayit

Matthew Lathum • 1 year ago

Jewish civil rights on the Temple Mount ? ask Achab aka Netanyahu. Temple Mount is a Jews ownership, but muslims protector and good Hamas boy Achab don't allow jews to pray on own land !

White Elk Clearwater • 1 year ago

DO remember that it was Moshe Dayan et al who handed it over to the Trans-Jordanians on a silver platter.