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Guest • 1 year ago
mikeatkron • 1 year ago

UNICEF solicits for funding on T.V., but I will be "BDS-ing (Boycotting, Divesting and Sanctioning)" UN(CEF and all other U.N. agencies due to its rampant antisemitism. I will urge my friends and family to do likewise. Israel should halt all funding of the U.N. It is inimical to Israel's interests to contribute funds to any organization which seeks its destruction. The John Birch Society was prematurely correct when it said: "Get the U.S. out of the U.N. and get the U.N. out of the U.S."

RYAN • 1 year ago

UN. United Nazis. Itā€™s time for the US to abandon it.

Kornreich • 1 year ago

UN United terrorists association, Why contribute to such a organization who's only purpose is to live at a very high level at the expense of tax payers. They don't care that every few minutes children die of hunger, sicknesses and so on.

Ian Wilson • 1 year ago

It's well past the time to totally stop funding the 'UN' and boot them all out of the USA !!!

LeslieFish • 1 year ago

Yes, the US should pull out of the UN, and Israel too, and every country in Europe that has refused to let itself be overrun with "Syrian refugees".

naftali216 • 1 year ago

Hmmmm..., why didn't the pristine UN go into Gaza and stop the rioting at the fence so Israel didn't have to worry about defending its border? Where is the charge against Hamas for fomenting the riots and encouraging men, women, and children to throw grenades, or firebombs at the Israelis? Once again, the UN shows it's Jew hatred.

George • 1 year ago

Hopefully one day the Human Rights Council will be dissolved as a total waste of time since most of the members are cockroaches of the lowest form.

Alex Peshansky • 1 year ago

Yeah, it is not as if these "unarmed demonstrators" murdered human beings - they only murdered Jews.

India has the right to react to the Islamic shariah genocide of: Arab League: and UN OCI!
India responds to Islamic terrorism, air raids against Kashmir rebels in Pakistani territory, in response to the 14 February attack on the Islamic terrorists of Jaish-e-Mohammad, which killed the lives of 46 Indian soldiers.

India ha diritto di reagire al genocidio islamico shariah di: lega araba: e ONU OCI!
India risponde al terrorismo islamico, raid aereo contro ribelli del Kashmir in territorio pachistano, in risposta allā€™attentato del 14 febbraio rivendicato dai terroristi islamici di Jaish-e-Mohammad, costato la vita a 46 soldati indiani.

Obama was the worst of the Satanists: in fact he is of the democratic party rothschild bilderberg
Abuse child migrants, "Obama has tolerated the most frightening violation of rights"

In the United States, fierce controversy has recently erupted over the Obama administration. These criticisms were triggered by the publication of a dossier drawn up by the Federal Department of Health. According to the report in question, in 2014, when the democratic exponent was still in charge, a real "wave of abuse" would have started [...]

Obama ĆØ stato il peggiore dei satanisti: infatti lui ĆØ del partito democratico rothschild bilderberg
Abusi su bimbi migranti, ā€œObama ha tollerato la piĆ¹ spaventosa violazione dei dirittiā€

Negli Stati Uniti sono di recente esplose feroci polemiche riguardo allā€™operato dellā€™aministrazione Obama. Tali critiche sono state scatenate dalla pubblicazione di un dossier redatto dal dipartimento federale della Salute. Secondo il rapporto in questione, nel 2014, anno in cui era ancora in carica lā€™esponente democratico, avrebbe avuto inizio una vera e propria ā€œondata di abusiā€ [ā€¦]

Ian Wilson • 1 year ago

'LITTLE BATH HOUSE BARRY - AKA BARACK OBAMA was always and is now, nothing but a closet muslim - a hate filled waste of time and oxygen !!!!!

Obama was formally perfect.
but a deadly threat to Western Jewish-Christian civilization
a sworn enemy of ISRAEL

Obama era formalmente perfetto.
ma una letale minaccia per la civiltĆ  occidentale ebraico-cristiana
un nemico giurato di ISRAELE

the attempt to attack: iSRAELE and the civilization: Christian Hebrew, on the part of the democratic party as well as being high treason is also a demonic activity!
so they must be condemned to death!

il TENTATIVO di aggredire: iSRAELE e la civiltĆ : ebraico cristiana, da parte del partito democratico oltre ad essere alto tradimento ĆØ anche una attivitĆ  demoniaca!
quindi devono essere condannati a morte!

Don Spilman • 1 year ago

The UNHRC: Useless Nonsensical Hatefull Rotten Crap
organization has decided ... ā€œThere can be no justification for killing and injuring journalists, medics, and persons who pose no imminent threatā€ and condemned Israel AGAIN for simply protecting themselves! ... If the idiots are are out there with those who are attempting to tear down the fence to come into Israel and murder every single Jewish person, then the u n h r c is right, they dont deserve to be ā€œwounded or maimedā€ They deserve to have their ignorant vile heads blown off!

LGBT values bring depravity and deep social corruption: the Russian setting is the right one!
Tunisia, government against LGBT association: "violation of Islamic values"

TUNIS - The association 'Shams' - for the decriminalization of homosexuality in Tunisia' has announced that the Tunisian government has appealed to the decision of the Court of February 23, 2016 that authorized its activity, summoning the Shams leaders in front of the judges the first of March. Shams would violate the rules of the law on associations and "Islamic values [...]

i valori LGBT portano depravazione e corruzione sociale profonda: la impostazione russa ĆØ quella giusta!
Tunisia, governo contro associazione Lgbt: ā€œviolazione dei valori islamiciā€

TUNISI ā€“ Lā€™associazione ā€˜Shamsā€™ ā€“ per la depenalizzazione dellā€™omosessualitĆ  in Tunisiaā€™ ha annunciato che il governo tunisino ha fatto appello alla decisione del Tribunale del 23 febbraio 2016 che ne autorizzava lā€™attivitĆ , convocando i responsabili di Shams davanti ai giudici il primo marzo. Shams violerebbe le norme della legge sulle associazioni e ā€œi valori islamici [ā€¦]

Tuvi Todd • 1 year ago

The UN, EU, and Arab League will always be anti-Semitic and biased against Israel. And,
The UN should (but won't) probe ā€‹Hamas militants and their use of human-shields, which
[a] constitute war crimes, and
[b] their intentional endangering civilians may be crimes against humanity, and
[c] should absolve or at least mitigate any IDF responsibility for such Gaza civilians deaths.

UncleVladdi • 1 year ago

How did the poor innocent muslim get his wheelchair up hill through all that rocky shale to get shot at?
And I bet the muslims brought the bodies of dead kids they had already shot for appostacy with them!

LeslieFish • 1 year ago

I have a suggestion for the IDF: use long-range CO2 fire-extinguishers, not just to put out the firebombs, but to cool off the pious attackers too.

Italy radical chic Pd democratic party: Bilderberg: where an egg in the face is more news than a migrant who slaughters an Italian. Inveterate, chronic self-harm. BERSANI "I will do what I think appropriate (IUS SOLI) and ITALIANI do not care.

Lā€™Italia radical chic dove un uovo in faccia fa piĆ¹ notizia di un migrante che sgozza un italiano. Autolesionismo inveterato, cronico. BERSANI " Io faro' quello che ritengo opportuno (IUS SOLI) e degli ITALIANI me ne frego. FASCISTA

Peter Cohen • 1 year ago

The UN belongs in Geneva where corrupt ambassadors can check their illegal safety deposit boxes (filled with gold) on a daily basis. This bogus outfit does not belong in New York or in the US at all.

Stanley • 1 year ago

'6000 unarmed demonstrators were shot week after week"
Must be so stupid that they can never learn. Why would they go back week after week knowing they will be shot. It is a good idea to take these idiots out of the gene pool.
Another point is that they are not unarmed.

Ian Wilson • 1 year ago

No-one in their right mind takes any notice of the 'UN' any more ! For decades now this bunch of bias, one sides,hate mongers have raved against ISRAEL and the JEWISH peoples - even our right to exsist at all !!! The 'UN' has become nothing more than a mouth piece for the radical Muslims and their hate filled ravings !!! It's no wonder the every day, in the USA, the call to totally stop funding the 'UN' completely, to totally with draw from this bias group and to boot the whole lot of them out of the USA perminately, this call is growing stronger and louder daily. Without the money from the USA, THE BIAS, ONE-SIDED 'UN' will totally cease to function within a number of days !!!

Jim Moritz • 1 year ago

Letā€™s see...Argentina (second home of the nazis), Bangladesh and Kenya, two countries with a history of open minds for non-muslims generally and Jews particularly. Thatā€™s what I call an independent reviewer of the IDF by the objective UN.

Duke • 1 year ago

I am sorry, but F--k the UN. They are as Anti-Jewish and Anti-Israel as any pro loving Muslim, Nazi, Jew haters through out the world and have always turned their head when atrocities are carried out by the Muslims and condemn Israel for retaliating. The UN is useless and worthless and I have stated for years to throw the UN out of America and turn the UN building into a luxury Condominium. That way we will at least gain some return on all the money used to support the bias UN.

irwinstolzenbergdds • 1 year ago

What a sham. The un stands for useless nitwits. Get all those Jew haters out of NYCSend them to Saudi Arabia.

my comments on youtube are so filtered on by algorithms:
that with my channels I can not always write on my / user / noahNephillim / discussion
that is, if the priest of satan does not give consent

cioĆØ se il sacerdote di satana non da il consenso
i miei commenti su youtube sono cosƬ filtrati su da algoritmi:
che con i miei canali non sempre posso scrivere su mio /user/noahNephillim/discussion

kill all terrorists of Erdogan and Saud: this is the only option: so Assad does not have to be called a monster!
French Jihadists on trial in Iraq, risk death sentence
FOREIGN, NEWS Tuesday, 26, February, 2019

BAGHDAD, FEBRUARY 26 - The French ISIS fighters from Syria were handed over to Iraq

uccidere i terroristi di Erdogan e Saud: questa ĆØ l'unica opzione: quindi Assad non deve essere chiamto mostro!
Jihadisti francesi a processo in Iraq, rischiano condanna a morte
ESTERI, NEWS martedƬ, 26, febbraio, 2019

BAGHDAD, 26 FEB ā€“ I combattenti francesi dellā€™Isis che dalla Siria sono stati consegnati allā€™Iraq

to escape rape shariah: Morocco King Mohammed wants it !! Italian girl is stabbed in Rabat
FOREIGN, NEWS Wednesday, 27, February, 2019
A young Italian woman from the province of Bologna was wounded in her left leg by four stab wounds in Rabat, Morocco, in an attack for which the terrorist motive was excluded. As reconstructed, the 23-year-old trainee at the Italian embassy in the Moroccan capital, in the night between February 16 and 17, in the [...]

per sfuggire allo stupro shariah: Marocco Re Mohammed lo vuole!! ragazza italiana ĆØ accoltellata a Rabat
ESTERI, NEWS mercoledƬ, 27, febbraio, 2019
Una giovane italiana originaria della provincia di Bologna ĆØ stata ferita alla gamba sinistra da quattro coltellate a Rabat, in Marocco, in un attacco per il quale ĆØ stato escluso il movente terroristico. Secondo quanto ricostruito, la 23enne, tirocinante presso lā€™ambasciata italiana nella capitale marocchina, nella notte tra il 16 ed il 17 febbraio scorsi, nelle [ā€¦]

here it is said that: in every shariah there is an Erdogan executioner!
Algeria, protest against censorship: journalists arrested

A dozen Algerian journalists attending a march in central Algiers were arrested by the police. One hundred Algerian media journalists, both in the print media and in the public and private radio and TV stations, met on Thursday 28 February 2019 at "Piazza della LibertĆ  di stampa", in the Algerian capital, [
qui si dice che: in ogni shariah c'Ć© un Erdogan boia!
Algeria, corteo contro la censura: giornalisti arrestati
Una dozzina di giornalisti algerini che partecipavano a un corteo nel centro di Algeri sono stati arrestati dalla polizia. Un centinaio di giornalisti dei media algerini, sia della stampa cartacea sia delle radio e delle tv, pubbliche e private, si sono ritrovati giovedƬ 28 febbraio 2019 a ā€œPiazza della LibertĆ  di stampaā€, nella capitale algerina, [

VictorMC • 1 year ago

This story is complete drivel anybody who believes this is a victim of FAKE NEWS.

here it is said that Jordan is exploiting the Syrians to death!
12 children died in the camp where Syrian refugees are imprisoned
FOREIGN, NEWS Thursday, 28, February, 2019

The Rukban Camp is located in the desert, close to the Syrian-Jordanian border, not far from the US base of al Tanf, and there are currently about 60,000 displaced civilians who ask to return to Syria, but they are prevented because the Jordan forcibly takes them "prisoners" to receive about $ 450 million a month [...]

qui si dice che la Giordania sta sfruttando a morte i siriani!
Morti 12 bambini nel campo dove sono imprigionati i profughi siriani
ESTERI, NEWS giovedƬ, 28, febbraio, 2019

Il Campo di Rukban di trova in mezzo al deserto, a ridosso del confine siro-giordano, poco lontano dalla base di USA di al Tanf, e attualmente vi sono circa 60.000 civili sfollati che chiedono di tornare in Siria, ma viene loro impedito perchĆ© la Giordania li tiene forzatamente ā€œprigionieriā€ per ricevere circa $ 450 milioni al mese [ā€¦]

Russia must be punished with increasingly serious penalties:
because he is doing a destructive work on human rights in the world!

la Russia deve essere punita con sanzioni sempre piĆ¹ gravi:
perchƩ sta facendo un lavoro distruttivo sui diritti umani nel mondo!

Bin SALMAN] but truly [JHWH holy "I am" is my name ": he hoped that I would be able to convince you: with my superior civilization and my perfect political justice: but now you must die: your time has arrived!

Bin SALMAN ] ma veramente [ JHWH holy "io sono" ĆØ il mio nome": lui sperava che io sarei riuscito a convincervi: con la mia superiore civiltĆ  e giustizia politica: perĆ² adesso voi dovete morire: il vostro tempo ĆØ arrivato!

Venezuela: 90% of families have no money and food but, Putin said that's okay!

Venezuela: 90% famiglie non ha soldi e cibo ma, Putin ha detto che va bene cosƬ!

Islam is a universal shariah crime,
but, the Palestinians are a demonic paroxysm: of infernal circle full of hatred and Islamic envy: faulty unsuccessful suckers
TEL AVIV, FEBRUARY 28 - The UN Human Rights Council "sets new records of hypocrisy and lies in an obsessive hatred of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East". Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyhau said that "it is Hamas that fires missiles against Israeli civilians, launching explosive devices and conducts sabotage operations during violent demonstrations on the border". "Israel will not allow Hamas to strike its own sovereignty and its citizens and reserves the right to guarantee its right to self-defense Israel's soldiers - he concluded - will continue to protect our civilians with determination against the attacks of Hamas and terrorist organizations financed by Iran which sets out its intention to destroy Israel ".

State Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit has decided to indict Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu
answer .. and what changes: with all the other slanders of the rothschild party bilderberg democratic party of all other times?

L'Avvocato Generale dello stato Avichai Mandelblit ha stabilito di incriminare il premier Benyamin Netanyahu
answer.. e cosa cambia: con tutte le altre calunnie del partito rothschild bilderberg partito democratico di tutte le altre volte?

No agreement between Trump and Kim, the Hanoi summit fails:
without human rights for Christians? normalization is impossible: because the foundations of mutual trust are less than ever !!
nuclear weapons? they are not the real problem

Niente accordo tra Trump e Kim, fallisce il vertice a Hanoi:
senza diritti umani per i cristiani? ĆØ impossibile la normalizzazione: perchĆ© vengono meno le basi della fiducia reciproca!!
le armi nucleari? non sono il vero problema

The US and India and Pakistan
PEACE? NO PEACE! Pakistan must be shaved to zero !!!
they must all die because all the demons of hell are already like vultures on the spot shariah

devono morire tutti perchƩ tutti i demoni dell'inferno stanno giƠ come avvoltoi sul posto shariah
Gli Usa e India e Pakistan
PACE? NESSUNA PACE! il Pakistan deve essere raso a zero!!!

Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by World Israel News. FUNNY!!!
UniusREI šŸ•Ž Governor brother universal ā€¢
when God said to Moses: "I am! JHWH: it is my name"
THEN, at that moment: we all had the certainty that Satan Murdoch Marduch: Rivlin Saud Mohammed: allah Owl Jaull-On? he is the a s s h 00o le HOLĆ©

quando Dio disse a MosĆ©: "io sono JHWH: ĆØ il mio nome"
POI, in quel momento noi abbiamo avuto la certezza che Satana Murdoch Marduch: Rivlin Saud Mohammed: allah Owl JaBull-On? lui ĆØ il coglione

Yitzchak Kaduri Messia vs Demonic Allah all genocide ummah shaves dalit dhimmis murtids goyms mohammeddans crazy ā€¢
Indian military confirm: we will continue to hit the terrorists of Jaish-e-Mohammed.
then, why in Pakistan shariah: do they complain that those of: shariah Jaish-e-Mohammed are killed?
are not they also fighting shariah terrorists also?
this Arab alloy shariah is a unique criminal delirium

if every League ARAB nation, did not finance its terrorists? then, the jihadist galaxy would not exist.
Pakistan must stop attacking India with its terrorists of: Jaish-e-Mohammed ..
The military warned that India will always be "ready" to hit the terrorist camps inside Pakistan until Islamabad supports its campaign against terrorism.

se ogni nazione della LEGA ARABA non finanziasse i suoi terroristi? poi, non esisterebbe la galassiah jihadista.
Pakistan la deve smettere di aggredire India con i suoi terroristi di: Jaish-e-Mohammed ..
I militari hanno avvertito che l'India sarĆ  sempre "pronta" a colpire i campi dei terroristi all'interno del Pakistan fino a quando Islamabad non appoggerĆ  la loro campagna contro il terrorismo.

the islamo-nazi Satanist communists: associated demos: all FED IMF BM NWO: they are a hood of oppression: the Bilderberg regime OWL at the Bohemian Grove JabollOn, which I had the task of breaking

gli islamo-nazi satanisti comunisti: demo associati: tutti FED FMI BM NWO: loro sono una cappa di oppressione: regime bilderberg OWL al Bohemian Grove JabollOn, che io ho avuto il compito di rompere
Israel slams UN Gaza report accusing IDF of war crimes

Jim Moritz • 1 year ago

Clearly, WAY too much time on your hands. Does anyone actually read this crap??

you are the islamo-nazi Satanist communists: associated SpA NWO demons: all FED IMF BM NWO: occult regime Bilderberg.. after all, besides burning in boiling oil for 1000 years, what else can the souls do into hell if not forced to be read my comments, also?

dopotutto oltre a bruciare nell'olio bollente per 1000 anni, cosa altro possono fare le anime all'inferno se non essere costrette a leggere i miei commenti?