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RevRoy • 2 months ago

As much as I admire Mr. Netanyahu, if he doesn't put the brakes on this deal, it will come back to haunt him a thousand times over. Judea and Samaria are part of Israel and NO deal should be signed that excludes them !!
Rev. Roy..........<><

Kornreich • 2 months ago

This deal should not happen, Israel is one sovereign country.

RonCo215 • 2 months ago

See my post above!

Albert Reingewirtz • 2 months ago

Sand this S. Korean minister home empty handed with an explanation that Yehouda and Shomron are LIBERATED TERRITORY from the Jordanian occupation when it attacked The Jewish State of Israel in 1967. Same for the Golan Syria lost when it attacked The Jewish State of Israel in 1967. All this traveling across Asia to come home empty handed! Funny! No business is worth giving up an inch of the mother land of the Jewish nation.

Orson Michael Noronha • 2 months ago

ABSOLUTELY, somehow I suspect Bibi has got influenced by Sara (who claims marijuana is "blessed" ) and may be using it on him! He has gone SENILE it seems....

Grace Joy • 2 months ago

Bibi had gallbladder surgery two years ago. I messaged him through facebook to warn him: I sent detailed info on one non-surgical alternative to try first; but no one opened the message to this day.

One germ can affect an organ which can in turn affect emotions: Anger from the Liver, or Fear through the Kidneys, for example. At the extreme, it only takes one nano-particle to deliver a weaponized parasite, bacterium, or virus to the brain . . .

18_18 • 2 months ago

25% of profits derived from this agreement should be spent on infrastructure in Judea and Samaria.

agnes losonczi • 2 months ago


Profetisch Woord • 2 months ago

The more Israel admits, the more impudent the countries become towards Israel,

ZionMyHome • 2 months ago

Don't sign this deal, Israel!!!! What are you thinking? Who gives a rat's a$$ about what any other nation considers legitimate sovereign Jewish land?

Let all the nations including Canada and South Korea roast in a deluge of fire and brimstone for their arrogant defiance of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and their contempt for the Jewish people of Israel and in the diaspora.

Orson Michael Noronha • 2 months ago

Can S.Korea DARE put such preconditions on China for FORCEFULLY occupying an entire nation's landmass - Tibet? Or Russia for annexing Crimea - or Iran and others? Why single out Israel who DEFENDED her borders and regained her OWN INTEGRAL territory fair and square occupied since 1948 ILLEGALLY by Jordan. International law ALLOWS the defender to retain enemy territory of the aggressor that is how Texas came to be part of US from the Mexican assault. IGNORANT South Korea which is 98% Christian must be told it is God's gift to ISRAEL and she REGAINED it against all odds fighting 7 nations on all fronts with a TINY IDF. Inform the ignoramuses that Jericho, Samaritan Woman and many other true stories in the Bible are documentary proof that the land belongs to Israel FOREVER. Most important Jew comes from Yahuda - people of Judea. Let the multi-billion dollar deal go down the tubes - HE that watches over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps. Baruch H'ba B'Shem Adonai !

we are not choosing between good and evil (everything in the world: it is a maleficent evil sharia SpA IMF NATO Erdogan Riyad OCI ONU NWO)
but we are choosing between a lesser evil and a greater evil.
that is why business for the nations of virtue and value must be business that must prosper!

Ian Wilson • 2 months ago


Bob* • 2 months ago

Agreeing to such a deal, Israel is saying that Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights are not part of Israel. This will only embolden the Palestinians to have that land for their state. The European Union will also use this agreement against Israel when helping the Palestinians fight for a two-state solution. Israel agreeing to any deal that doesn't include products from all of Israeli land will come back to haunt them in the future just like giving the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians for peace has.

your reasoning is logical and wise
but it comes from a wrong premise!
a State of the Palestinians has never existed and never will exist!
and on this? all the ARAB LEAGUE OCI ONU Russia China UE can commit suicide by himself!

RonCo215 • 2 months ago

Mostly agree, but the massive influx of South Korean dollars resulting from this deal, makes it still worth while doing! That the world continues to hate Israel and make ridiculous demands of her, is a given, so just take the deal since it will help all of Israel, and I mean all to include Judea, Samaria and the Golan!!

Arline Mathews • 1 month ago

The world sets up different rules for Israel then for themselves and their allies. It still comes down 6to anti- Semitism. I guess that it always has and always will.

but who made the creation of a state impossible for the Palestinians to date?
it was the ARAB LEAGUE:
because according to the 1400 years of wisdom-genocide of their sharia religion 666 jihad: (the Byzantines and the Armenians: for Erdogan they are two vegetables)
therefore for the Mohammedans a State could never arise for the Palestinians,
if the perfect genocide of all Israelis is not achieved first.
and there is no other truth: that can be hidden behind the criminal and unfair fraudulent hypocrisy of all the ARAB LEAGUE!

Charlie Hall • 2 months ago

They are indeed not part of Israel because they were never annexed properly.

arsailman • 2 months ago

Annexation isn't necessary. The west bank is land of Israel, captured by Jordan in the war of 1948. Retaken in 1967 does not make it occupied; just regained.....

Will-BWL • 2 months ago

European court is quoted in the in the article and has not power in Israel, or what Israel is working on.

The UE of the ANTICHRIST Soros Rothschild Uk 666 CIA URSULA MERKEL Von Hitler: govern shadow Bilderberg LGBT Macron and Democratic Party?
they are absolute evil!
the eye of lucifer-allah on Masonic pyramid: from USA it will pass in Europe where the final antichrist will rise!

18_18 • 2 months ago

Tu eres loco en la cabeza.

Eres loco en la hemorroides arruinado
tu discurso no tiene sentido!

you should not be jealous that your Satan from the USA he will move will go to live in Europe by MERKEL.
because at that time: USA and Cadana will no longer exist:
all the Sphere of Redemption will have been killed by the asteroid!

Ruth Broch • 2 months ago

This is beyond outrageous! By doing this deal the Israeli govt is in fact and action deleting our very heartland from our country - for a handful of shekels. This is an act of shame and betrayal against Israel and all of the Jewish People. Boycott South Korea - for a start - and elect true Jews to be our leaders, and not the likes of Netanyahu.

Albert Reingewirtz • 2 months ago

What? Agreeing to such a "deal?" I do not believe it.

of course Rothschild who steals banking seigniorage (the tecnocracy masonic occult agenda) from all over the world:
he could help Israel: to raise his head: but he doesn't!
and business? prosperity? they are vital to face: the enemy, and a future conflict!
this is why Russia turns its head away when it comes to preventing the genocide of Christian martyrs in the ARAB LEAGUE!

alpcns . • 2 months ago

Preposterous. Why would Israel "admit" that Judea (where or what does that word remind you of?) and Samaria "doesn't belong" in deals with Israel?

This will only backfire and embolden the Islamofascists and "progressive" morons as "admission" that it's not part of Israel.

To hell with such deals, just do what benefits Israel, and to hell with these disgusting traitors at the EU and UN.

Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld • 2 months ago

Maybe it's time for Israel to annex these territories. That would prove that they're part of Israel, which they should be anyway except that it would give fractious Palestinian Arabs a chance to vote in Israeli elections.

arigatoo • 2 months ago

This is because the government is left. All the parties in Israel are left, except Otzma Yehudit. Right voters should vote for Otzma Yehudit, because voting for any other party is voting for the left.

punch_corona • 2 months ago

.. one dumb deal. samaria & judea are part of Israel.. is a trade deal.. a few dollar bills flashed in front of your face worth your ideals..?

CERTAINLY OBVIOUSLY! you have to be practical!
I know that Netanjahu cries alone ... for the civilian victims he can't avoid!
but, this is the truth: nobody could have done better than Netanjahu!
money? until it is bought by the Satanist Rothschild FED 666 FMI BM NWO BCE; it becomes a fundamental element to survive the Islamic sharia genocide

truth beknown • 2 months ago

This is a very shortsighted agreement by Israeli politicians. If they agree to these exclusion terms with South Korea, the idiots at the EU and UN are going to jump all over it as "proof" that the Golan, Judea, and Samaria are NOT part of Israel. Very shortsighted and very unfortunate decision.

agnes losonczi • 2 months ago


Jeffrey Todd Schwartz • 2 months ago

Why would Israel acquiesce in its own BDS-ing?

Nichus Block • 2 months ago

This does not sound like a good move, it implies that these lands may be treated differently than the rest of Israel in future matters.

blog2038 • 2 months ago

Disappointing decision.

graylens • 2 months ago

Terrible deal. It undermines Israeli soverignty and undermines Israel's position against the EU ban. The Golan can not be surrendered, especially when the US has recognized Israeli authority. If there is ever a peace deal on Judea and Samaria the larger so called settlements can not be abandoned nor can sites along the Jordan and in the heights

Israel agrees to exclude Judea, Samaria from a billion dollar trade deal with South Korea? ANSWER.
rightly: we consider: o North Korea and Iran, as totalitarian oppressive regimes and violators of human rights: paranoid systems: composed of serial murderers of innocent people: Christian martyrs,
but, if we look at all the ARABIC LEAGUE: which is the worst crime under the light of the sun: in the history of the human race:
we must understand that if there is an ARABIC LEAGUE of unacceptable wretches it is also because
also the whole West is a single antichrist Ursula Merkel Macron Trudeau Obama: who is made up of false Masonic democracies without monetary sovereignty (all slaves rothschild bank seigniorage):
that yes, this is really a form of invisible and esoteric Satanism (defended by the Masonic judges CSM) in our eyes.
while, in reality, Kim Jong-un and Xi-Jinping even if they do not believe in God: because they are communists: they possess a society that is less hypocritical and more coherent on a formal level.
however Kim Jong-un and Xi-Jinping manage to see to what extent: we are a perverted corrupt Masonic and demonic society on a political level:
that even if the communists cannot believe it, they DO NOT have a spiritual life to see how far we are possessed:
this is the truth: we have become monsters completely possessed by the demons of hell!
So for different reasons: it is normal that: the rothschild association:
1. both the ARAB LEAGUE, that of (2.) the whole West: they must be characterized by a structured society with a very high level of hypocrisy:
and they are guided, in management: by invisible and Masonic rules: to which everyone has been resigned and addicted for centuries:
a total crime against the rule of law, with serious damage to the concept itself: and to the very meaning of: virtue and truth: which are completely perverted.
and from this point of view: all the religions of the planet have betrayed God!

Israel agrees to exclude Judea, Samaria from billion dollar trade deal with South Korea? ANSWER.
giustamente: noi consideriam:o Nord Korea e Iran, come regimi oppressivi totalitari e violatori dei diritti mani: sistemi paranoici: composti di assassini seriali di persone innocenti: i cristiani martiri,
ma, se osserviamo tutta la LEGA ARABA: che è il peggiore delitto sotto la luce del sole: nella storia del genere umano:
noi dobbiamo comprendere che se esiste una LEGA ARABA di impunibili disgraziati è anche perché
anche tutto l'Occidente è un solo anticristo Ursula Merkel Macron Trudeau Obama: che è fatto di false democrazie massoniche senza sovranità monetaria (tutti schiavi signoraggio bancario rothschild):
che si, questa è proprio una forma di satanismo invisibile ed esoterico (difesa dai giudici massoni CSM) ai nostri occhi.
mentre, in realtà, Kim Jong-un e Xi-Jinping anche se non credono in Dio: perché sono comunisti: loro possiedono una società meno ipocrita e più coerente sul piano formale.
comunque Kim Jong-un e Xi-Jinping riescono a vedere fino a che punto: noi siamo una società perversa corrotta mafiosa massonica e demoniaca sul piano politico:
che anche se i comunisti non possono crederlo NON hanno una vita spirituale per vedere fino a che punto noi siamo indemoniati:
questa è la verità: noi siamo diventati dei mostri completamente posseduti dai demoni dell'inferno!
Quindi per diverse motivazioni: è normale che: il sodalizio rothschild:

1. sia la LEGA ARABA, che di (2.) tutto l'Occidente: devono essere caratterizzate da una società strutturata con un elevatissimo livello di ipocrisia:
e sono guidatati, nella gestione: da regole invisibili e massoniche: a cui tutti si sono rassegnati e assuefatti da secoli:

un totale delitto contro lo Stato di Diritto, con grave danno del concetto stesso: e del significato stesso di: virtù e verità: che risultano completamente pervertite.
e da questo punto di vista: tutte le religioni del pianeta hanno tradito Dio!

Israel agrees to exclude Judea, Samaria from billion dollar trade deal with South Korea? ANSWER.
this is a practical and intelligent solution: given that: all nations need the ARAB League sharia genocide and theology of substitution UMMA Mecca 666 Kaaba: NAZI Erdogan jihad: if they want to get oil!
and if we consider above all the fact that: the priests of satan of NATO lgbt 322 BCE 187 CIA 666 FED FMI NWO: they have been able to have a greater penetration the where the Christian communities are less and less active and incisive on the social plan.
Everywhere the priests of satan can make their human sacrifices, murderous perversions, control of the Media Network Satellite TV, democratic party: which is Masonic consociativist control: and institutional:
that this is a structural mode,
then we understand how all those nations (fallen under sharia or under joint-stock company: and legal personality) are forced to boycott Jews and Samaria!
that's why: the synagogues of satan, the Great Sanhedrin, the Jews of the diaspora, the technocratic financial transnational masonry: the shadow bilderberg-rothschild government.
they represent the most deadly and deadly threat of total extermination against the Israeli people!

Orson Michael Noronha • 2 months ago

Hi though people call you "loco" on this forum, I seriously tend to believe most of your thoughts especially on NWO and others. Only problem I see - take this as constructive criticism - is that you tend to get repetitive. Consequently, you miss the forest for the trees - a better choice would be to have your points made in logical sequence and in a properly STRUCTURED format rather that seemingly disconnected and random statements. I do realize that English may not be your first language but you can try - that way you can put your points across BETTER and be more receptive. God Bless ! Baruch H'ba B'Shem Adonai!

God Bless you too! Baruch H'ba B'Shem Adonai!

dull cervervos: they need the pnumatic hammer and steam roller!
I am here to hurt the Wahhabis and Pharisees and all their accomplices only: and certainly:
I'll get the blood out of the eardrums.
about, a certain systematic thought this exists, and if someone asked me some questions? I could expose!