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18_18 • 2 years ago

The next time don't use only four. Bring one hundred. The IDF, needs the practice.

Ian Wilson • 2 years ago

The IDF doesn't really need the practice at all - - BUT, it would give them a great deal of satisfaction !!!

Timothy Votaw • 2 years ago

Oh, not true. Warfighters must practice, and live fire is always best. Got to stay sharp if you're gonna be the "point of the spear". - From one.

alpcns . • 2 years ago

Poor Islamic Jihad... those pesky Jooooz won't even cooperate with their so carefully planned second Holocaust.

How frustrating it must be to be a Islamofascist murderer. Maybe (ex-)"president" Zero can provide some safe spaces.

Steve S... • 2 years ago

The retarded savages Hamas and Islamic jihad thinks that Israel should let in terrorist to kill Israelis. If Hamas wants to start a war bring it on, this time Israel must destroy them to the last one, start with head of Hamas.

shaongaon • 2 years ago

Is this a threat or a promise? Come on, then. Throw the first punch. You don't know how to wage war, or fight. You/r terrorists are cowards, one and all.
All mouth and trousers, with no homeland you play victim while celebrating and honoring evil. What will become of you?
Anyone believing in a god that blesses them for their ongoing genocide is seriously delusional. Wouldn't a god have created all people?

Albert Reingewirtz • 2 years ago

Marching near the fence of separation in Islamic terror uniform with weapons drawn should be enough and sufficient to eliminate this terror group.

Timothy Votaw • 2 years ago

The lack of logic is ludicrous. Jihad wants a war because Israel stops terror attacks from them? Huh? Screw Jihad. Just kill them, and ignore the fake saber-rattling bullsh*t. Waste of time.

Emilio • 2 years ago


Nichus Block • 2 years ago

Not occupation, just taking it back after the experiment failed. Deport them all to Egypt.

Jersey Mathews • 2 years ago

If there ever was a race of people called Palestinians, they be the most ignorant race of mankind indeed. These Palestinians have seen the truth, been told the truth and yet they reject the truth, and say the Jewish People are occupying their land. Palestinians claims are so far from the truth, they know in their heart of mind they're living a lie, and now Islamic Jihad says Israel’s latest terrorist intercept means war. Well! the Jewish People have God promise: New King James Version
No man shall be able to stand against you; the LORD your God will put the dread of you and the fear of you upon all the land where you tread, just as He has said to you. They will live securely and no one will make them afraid.

Bob* • 2 years ago

Hamas and Islamic Jihad declared war against Israel a long time ago with all their missile, mortars and incendiary devices that they have sent into Israel. It's time that Israel fights back in a war like manner and puts an end to the attacks from the Gaza Strip. Eliminate Hamas and Islamic Jihadist and all those that support them. Destroy all buildings used to build or store missiles, mortars or incendiary device material, that includes factories, storehouses and homes. This is war, it's time to take off the kid gloves and show them no mercy. The terrorist aren't showing Israeli civilians any mercy.

graylens • 2 years ago

NO! the state of war already exists. Every missile , mortar or shot against Israel by hamas,plo,islamic jihad,fatah,isis etc etc is a continuing act of war by these non governmental organizations. Iraq,Iran,Lebanon are among those still at war against Israel since 1948. Israel must respond swiftly and with decisiveness to bring h=these groups to their knees

terry • 2 years ago

All radical elements the world over, will from here on, leading up to the 2020 election cycle in America, escalate their satanically demonic activities. Hate is interlinked....

Islamic Jihad says Israel's latest terrorist intercept means war

for the human rights of Erdogan the sharia NAZI Empire Ottoman genocide?
NATO CHINA RUSSIA UN EU? they have nothing to say about jihad!
in fact they all know that the Koran is an INCREATED Word that cannot be interpreted!
Thus, we too should refer, to defend ourselves, to this legal and legitimate and portentous word of Allah-Manitù!
also because the Palestinians feel besieged (too poor people) and they can't wait for their siege to be removed to go and slaughter all the Israelis: or to go and quickly find the "God Manitù, in the green prairies"
Bin SALMAN will have to answer to me personally, about his corrupt religion

Bin SALMAN dovrà rispondere a me personalmente, circa la sua corrotta religione
per i diritti umani di Erdogan l'ottomano
NATO CINA RUSSIA ONU UE? loro non hanno niente da dire circa la jihad!
infatti sanno tutti che il Corano è una Parola INCREATA che non può essere interpretata!
Così, anche noi dovremmo fare riferimento, per difenderci, a questa legale e legittima e portentosa parola di Allah-Manitù!
anche perché i Palestinesi si sentono assediati (poverini) e non vedono l'ora che il loro assedio sia rimosso per andare a sgozzare tutti gli israeliani: oppure per andare a trovare velocemente il "Dio Manitù, nelle verdi praterie"

Gershon Perry • 2 years ago

When does the world and the enemies hate Israel the most? when she defends herself successfully.

jgarbuz • 2 years ago

Even Hitler admired the Muslims jihadists because they were willing to commit suicide in jihad, That he couldn't even demand of his fellow Nazis. We all know how Hitler feted Haj Amin el Husseini - the first "Palestinian" leader - in Berlin throughout the war. And Islam killed many more people than Hitler or even Stalin did.

Olga Vorobey • 2 years ago

yes, Islam killed >270 million people.

this is definitely more than Stalin or Hitler could have hoped for.

Don Spilman • 2 years ago

If you check further the vile deadly creatures have murdered near 3/4 of a billion human beings! And murdering a hundred thousand Christians annually throughout the last decade! And it’s only increasing! The MSM covers for them and must be considered complicit when the hammer comes down!

Tuvi Todd • 2 years ago

Islamic Jihad's sending terrorists to the border should "mean war", and
Israel should target the homes of Islamic Jihad's leaders as deterrence,

Don Spilman • 2 years ago

Muzslime always saying ignorant things because they are ignorant creatures! If the vile things thought for one moment they could win a war with Israel they would have done so long ago. The only thing that keeps the creepy critters going is their insane bluff and bluster! They will try something stupid one day and MANY of the insects will be dead! I hope Israel pulls no Punches!!!!!

Eliot Schickler • 2 years ago

Bring it on for Israel will kick Islamic Jihad's butt and eliminate them completely!

ShemSilber3 • 2 years ago

What do those Islamic twits EXPECT the Israelis to do, roll out a welcome mat when they send invaders across the border? And then they want revenge for the interception! How STUPID can they be?

But you have to consider that Islam is the invention of their idol, the biggest idiot of ALL, the rebel of Isaiah 14:12-19 & Ezekiel 28:11-19, namely, Allah, otherwise known as Baal, ha shaitan, Azazel (the goat of departure of Leviticus 16) and a million other aliases. He's the stupid one who first deceived himself into thinking that he could take over creation from his Creator, and deceived a third of the angels and the whole human race besides.

HalleluYAH that Islam is ultimately DOOMED, because Genesis 12:3 & Numbers 24:9 (יהוה’s [KJV: “the LORD’s”] promise that those who bless Israel will be blessed, and those who curse us will be cursed) are still active on behalf of both the Jewish & non-Jewish children of Israel, both scattered in the Galut / Exile around the world, except for a small minority of Jews in a little sliver of the Promised Land. Be sure of the truth of Sirach 37:25: “The days of the life of man may be numbered: but the days of Yisrael are innumerable.”

The continued slander & libel against the peoples of Israel will rebound on those who carry it on, and they will KNOW that they have only cursed their own selves, in the Name of the Chief Zionist, the Founder and lover of Israel, the Rock of Israel, the Guarantor of, "עם ישראל חי" / "Am Yisrael chai!" / "The people of Israel live!" namely, the Master Yahusha our Messiah, who is the personified Torah and zeal of Almighty יהוה Avinu, and the Stone that strikes the statue of Daniel 2, and who accomplishes all His purpose, including the restoration of the Kingdom of Israel as the final and eternal world-ruling Empire (with both Yahudah & Ephraim—totally united [Acts 1:6-11; 3:21; Jeremiah 16:14-21; 23:1-8; Ezekiel 37; Daniel 2]!)—amein & amein!

Jill Abbott • 2 years ago

Bring it on, mindless Muslims. Make IDFs day.

George • 2 years ago

Shame it's only 4. Would love to see a complete annihilation of all Hamas troops in Gaza. I'm sure all surrounding Arab countries would love to see this happen. They are lucky Bibi has no balls to clamp down on these cockroaches.

White Elk Clearwater • 2 years ago

Bibi is also held back by certain politicians in Israel, including those big mouthed talking heads who in the public ear/eye lambast him for not take more action (while behind the scenes hinder him).

Gershon Perry • 2 years ago

Patience... Savlanut

ArleneB • 2 years ago

Bibi is too afraid of international opinion.

Gershon Perry • 2 years ago

Anyone is his position should be considerate of world opinion it is the Damocles sword that nobody can see over his head.

martin potashner • 2 years ago

bomb bomb gaza and get it over with

ArleneB • 2 years ago

If only the US didn't get in their way.

AJL • 2 years ago

Why are there only terrorist attacks against Israel? Why aren't there any Israeli attacks against Gaza? It's always them attacking.

Olga Vorobey • 2 years ago

terrorists do not only attack against Israel.

they attack against EVERYBODY (largely including their own).

as i mentioned in the post above, in the past ten years (as of March 19 2019) there have been a total of 24,264 Islamic attacks in 61 countries, in which 138,023 people were killed and 211,190 injured.

the goal is to create global caliphate with a specific kind of Muslims in there and nobody else alive.

they cannot agree on which kind of Muslims it would be (this is the argument since the death of Mo - so it will not end ever); hence, they keep on killing brothers Muslims as well.

good luck to the rest of the world - because it will need it...

Randy Baker • 2 years ago

Islamic Jihad doesn't need a reason to start " the mother of all wars " just a time and some balls.

LeslieFish • 2 years ago

How much provocation is necessary for Israel to formally declare war on Gaza? If the Jihadists want war, give it to them. Conquer the country, kill all its combatants, execute its "leaders", round up all its inhabitants who are old enough to talk and deport them to Mecca. Put the pre-verbal children in Christian orphanages so they can grow up with decent morals, and re-settle Gaza from Israel.

Arline Mathews • 2 years ago

To Lesie.
Have you ever grown up in an Orphanage or sheltering "home" for children? I have.
It' a pretty miserable life for innocent children. I cried myself to sleep every night for 12 years.

LeslieFish • 2 years ago

Would it be more merciful to send toddlers and infants along with their parents to Mecca, with a very uncertain future thereafter? How many, do you think, would survive? If you think "Christian" orphanages are miserable, then perhaps Israel should import Buddhist nuns to set up orphanages in Gaza. When the children reach legal age, they can inherit the land their parents left. That will give the Jihadists a whole new religion to hate.

Gorba • 2 years ago

They are insane: "Hamas spokesman Abd Latif al-Qanou said, “The occupation continues to use extreme force and it commits crimes against the Palestinian people and youth in the siege of Gaza, occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank.”" - these are similar tactics that the Progressive Democrats are using against conservatives in the USA. They cause the attack and then the other side is at fault for stopping it.