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Rahel • 1 year ago

Let them try to touch Tel-Aviv! Within 24 hours, Iran will cease to exist.

Martyman39 • 1 year ago

And they know it.

Will-BWL • 1 year ago

Iran attacking Tel-Aviv or any other city in Israel would cause the destruction Iranian or Syrian cities.

Yosi_Amram • 1 year ago

The ayatollahs are cruising for a bruising; they may kill many in Israel's cities but the retaliation will be their undoing.

cammo99 • 1 year ago

One can hope.

Daniel תשובה • 1 year ago

Iran needs to remember there are citizens from every nation in the world visiting Tel Aviv every day, if they attack Tel Aviv they will have 100's of new enemies by killing their citizens from all over. Strategically a very stupid idea. I would say this promote global tourism offer as many deals as you can to increase the tourism trade and make sure their voices are heard and seen. It would be good for economy and it adds a deterrence factor to the equation. Believe me you kill 1000's of vacationing citizens from the USA, Canada, France, GB, and many others it's going to get some serious consequences that would bring their mullahocracy to very bitter ending. As the Japanese came to realize in WWII, once everyone around you is dead, or dying, you can become a pacifist very easily, something the Iranian people should think about very seriously, it is easy to wave an AK47 over your head, but wars are not won by this manner any longer. I think it also would be a good time for the USA to begin to draw up the papers for unconditional surrender for the nation of Iran, that way we have them ready when the time comes. They can sign them on the decks of one of our carrier fleets.

Elliot McNair • 1 year ago

Suicide is apparently becoming an obsession with more Iranians.

Nissim Moses • 1 year ago

Further down I see comments about Putin. People seem to have Forgotten that it was Putin & Russia that wiped out the Islamic threat of Chechnya several years ago. What surprises most is that he suddenly seems to embrace the same radicals so long as they are trying to create confusion outside his borders.

Matthew Lathum • 1 year ago

burn Tel-Aviv to the ground for thier gay parades, prostitutes and immorality ! then beg Hashem for forgivness.
Jeremiah 44:09-10
Have you forgotten the wickedness committed by your ancestors and by the kings and queens of Judah and the wickedness committed by you and your wives in the land of Judah and the streets of Jerusalem? To this day they have not humbled themselves or shown reverence, nor have they followed my law and the decrees I set before you and your ancestors.

Nichus Block • 1 year ago

So Israel should be punished for the "sins" (as you see it) of their ancestors? Go jump in a meat grinder.

Ekestler • 1 year ago

Yimach shimcha.

lex • 1 year ago

This guy is ugly.

Steve S... • 1 year ago

If Iran and this low IQ generals attack Israel, it will give Israel the green light to destroy Iran's Nuclear sites and all other military bases in Iran or it proxies.
That will be the end of the Ayatollahs regime.

Hector Zuniga • 1 year ago

Iran is looking to become a desert.

Dajjal • 1 year ago

Shrub should have nuked them in '01.

Nissim Moses • 1 year ago

I remember the Boast of Nasser during the Six day War which was Memorialized in The Hebrew Song, "Nasser Mehace Le Rabin-Ay-Ay-Ay" Well he got then saw the consequences. It took a Great Leader Like Sadat to Make Peace and another Still Greater Leader Like Sisi to keep and consolidate it. God Bless the Peacemakers.

Jill Abbott • 1 year ago

Come ahead...make my day.

Vladimir Vladimirovič Putin: Владимир Владимирович Путин listen
I know that ISRAEL of Rivlin does not deserve your embassy in JERUSALEM,
but you must do it only to honor me only.
because the Rothschild and Riyadh esoteric agenda:
is what: sharia was to have the task of militarily separating / opposing Russia and China against NATO ...

Vladimir Vladimirovič Putin: Владимир Владимирович Путин listen
if you want to punish Erdogan in Syria?
you can do it!
NATO will not intervene: because Erdogan is the aggressor!
but I think we all should be on one side:
and every sharia the enemy?
always on the other side!

Vladimir Vladimirovič Putin: Владимир Владимирович Путин listen
if I question any spirit?
he is forced to answer me
because my jurisdiction is universal:
in "coelestium, terrestrium, et infernorum"
all creatures made by God are submissive to me!
I have been given an unrestricted mandate by God .. everything I want: God will ratify it!
I will not allow Russia and China to be defeated: in the world war!

Vladimir Vladimirovič Putin: Владимир Владимирович Путин listen
it is difficult to find someone on this planet who is without envy and without partisanship:
in fact there is only one Unius REI:
How did I protect Syria from Turkey today?
so I protected Russia alwais,
but I protected Syria the first 4 years of this conflict ...
and in Riyadh, Kerry "skull and bones" they said:
how is it possible that Syria does not collapse?
then I answered the evil Islamic spirit of ASSAD and said spiritually:
"ARAB OCI LEAGUE wants to kill you: deny sharia law, and I will continue to protect you"
then the spirit of Assad told me:
"there is a conspiracy of the whole ARAB LEAGUE and of the Jewish leaders ENLIGHTENED: to destroy Israel and I cannot miss"
that's why I abandoned ASSAD
and you put the blood of the Russians on the ground like an idiot!