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punch_corona • 8 months ago

.. the goose has ..no .. plan .. other than adding the parties of edom into the frey.. no plan.. no vision..
what is good for the goose is good for the ..ganders .. [sanders]..

.."[Genesis 36:1..]. “This is the line of Esau – that is Edom.. Esau is viewed as the ancestor of the Edomite who sided with the Babylonians in destroying the First Temple and as the prototype of later Roman and European anti-semites..”

alpcns . • 8 months ago

Get Bibi back!

Beverly • 8 months ago

Netanyahu should not cooperate with Gantz. Gantz' advisor is an outsider who cannot be trusted. He may be good at giving advice on how to win an election but not on what is good for Israel.

18_18 • 8 months ago

Is Gantzs' desire to be the "Rosh Memshalah", so great that he will allow the Arabs to enter his government?

Guest • 8 months ago
Jill Abbott • 8 months ago

Such an ignoramus.

18_18 • 8 months ago

When did the Rothschild's become anti semites?

Grace Joy • 8 months ago

Do you agree with OurCommonDestiny dot org's idea of a "shared, inspired vision for our collective future as well as the start of a global movement to unite and strengthen the Jewish people?" One of the Rothschilds is involved. I see it as nefarious, similar to the UN's Agenda 21 redistribution of populations elsewhere. I'd be curious if you see it the same way I do.