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jegwe • 1 year ago

UN. Autocorrect is a pain in the neck.

jegwe • 1 year ago

Imagine the outcry and the wailing to the UK if Israel stormed a terrorist base and killed the terrorists.

Iran Bin Sulfuric Riad Salam salman] satana Rothschild has worked well Allah lilith, in these last 100 years, to make you a tragic murderer fool, and it is a pity that: I (all alone) in little more than a decade, I'm throwing all his work overboard

Iran Bin Sulfuric Riad Salam salman ] ha lavorato bene satana Rothschild Allah lilith, in questi ultimi 100 anni, per fare di te un buffone tragico assassino, ed è un vero peccato che: io (solo soletto)in poco più di un decennio, io sto buttando a mare tutto il suo lavoro

“la cannabis è l’anticamera dell’inferno, è l’anticamera dell’eroina e l’anticamera della cocaina”.
Antonio Pignataro, questore di Macerata, dopo aver chiuso due negozi di canapa a Civitanova Marche.
sosragazzi net/petizione-questore-macerata/?origine=DN-ynwy-uijv-kgrj

voxnews info/2019/05/21/stacca-dito-a-poliziotto-africano-liberato-dai-magistrati-sparisce/ [error in establishing a database connection] Afro-Islamic? finger off a cop bites,
but African is freed by the communist magistrates.
therefore an African criminal disappears: his traces are lost.
Rothschild Bilderberg Merkel Juncker MAcron: the Masons? they could no longer humiliate the Italian people
[ errore nello stabilire una connessione al database ] afro-islamico? stacca dito a poliziotto a morsi,
ma africano viene liberato dai -magistrati comunisti.
quindi criminale africano sparisce: si perdono le sue traccie.
Rothschild Bilderberg Merkel Juncker MAcron: i massoni? non potevano umiliare maggiormente il popolo italiano

Putin Xi-Jinpig Trump] Islam is theologically crazy and rotten:
and we must stop paying a price! Goes to help the Africans, beheaded nun A 77-year-old nun was savagely killed Monday morning in the Central African Republic .
Sister Ines Nieves Sancho was beheaded in the village of Nola, near Berberati, where she taught African girls to cook and how to create a better future.

Putin Xi-Jinpig Trump ] Islam is theologically crazy and rotten:
and we must stop paying a price!
Egyptian forces storm insurgency hideouts in Sinai, kill 16
Islam è teologicamente pazzo e marcio:
e noi dobbiamo smettere di pagarne un prezzo!

I am the political ministry of the Kingdom of Israel.
that is, the kingdom of God (terrestial universal kingdom) in human form, this political ministry: for universal brotherhood, however, could have its own typicality, for you?

It is a sexual jihad: 9 out of 10 immigrants are males
In Italy, 90% of immigrants landed in recent years until yesterday are male. Mostly aged between 18 and 34 years. A hostile army ferried and spread throughout the territory.

E’ un jihad sessuale: 9 immigrati su 10 sono maschi
In Italia il 90% degli immigrati sbarcati negli ultimi anni fino a ieri è maschio. Per la maggior parte di età compresa tra i 18 e i 34 anni. Un esercito ostile traghettato e diffuso nel territorio.

Islam sharia Satan FED IMF NWO cult: Ja-Bull-On Allah lilith ] here are some incredibly evil people on this earth. Children of satan himself... //twitter com/UniusRei/status/1129481311129874432

your soul will never die, if, You have to repent yourself under the hand of Almighty God,
"whoever shall call upon the name of Lord (the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) shall be saved from eternal destruction.Psalm 145:18
Jesus of Betlemme is your only hope. Romans 10:13.
tua anima non morirà, se pentirti sotto la mano di Dio Onnipotente,
"Chiunque invocherà il nome del Signore (il Dio di Abramo, Isacco e Giacobbe) sarà salvato dalla distruzione eterna. - Salmo 145:18

Anthony Wong Ah Kit • 1 year ago

These terrorist die and get a huge shock, instead of 72 virgins waiting for them they find a 72 year old virgin! LOL

Peter Cohen • 1 year ago

Who all look like Arafathead.

Guest • 1 year ago
Anthony Barnett • 1 year ago

Its a start

Bowel Movements Matter • 1 year ago

Slow. but good!

Anthony Barnett • 1 year ago

And more would be much better.. remove the savages