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Guest • 1 year ago
stevealevine • 1 year ago

Jesus may love you, putz, but nobody else cares! You're just taking up space here, KING, so why not pack up your pen & whatever other tools you use in your attempt to convert Jews. Go find some Christians to annoy and leave us alone!!

thebearded1 • 1 year ago

Bibi impressed me forever when he implored every Israeli to "read their Bible". It spoke to me of the foundation of Torah for the Orthodox, extending to all other one God faiths for the pages thereafter. To love G-d you must love His creation, and nothing speaks love more than the words Moshe received and engraved on stone tablets. Hard as it has been for mankind the Almighty guaranteed Himself to the sojourners preparing for their possession, Israel itself. Netanyahu holds a dear space in this heart.

Nicole Chaplain-Pearman • 1 year ago

Who moderates this comment page and why is nothing ever done about the people who monopolise the page with their disjunct, insane ramblings? (I say "people" but I'm fairly certain it's the work of one person under several aliases.)