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Albert Reingewirtz • 6 months ago

No Jew should stay in Italy or in any other European state. I do not want to cry again.

Alan Bly • 6 months ago

I frequently visit Italy where I have wonderful gentile friends who's families have decades and generational connections to Italian Jews. They're wonderful people but the leadership of Italy as well as the leadership of all of Europe is so devoid of conscience and logic when it comes to Jews that I'm afraid that it is a matter of wisdom that Jews should to the extent possible, leave Europe. The interests and overwhelmingly poor judgement of European leadership has mad Islamic issues a major political concern, choosing to emphasize "right-wing anti-Semitism" while downplaying and even utterly ignoring Muslim anti-Semitism which is on the balance the greater threat to Jews and Israel. This won't change, despite some level-headed policies that ironically come from countries like Czechia and even Roumania where the Jewish populations are small. Europe has abandoned the Jews in all practical terms.

Enzo Nahum • 6 months ago

You are absolutely right.

Albert Reingewirtz • 6 months ago

My life was saved by a few unusual French during the Shoa. No one dismisses them. I, in fact wrote to Yad Vashem never to forget Capitaine Riom of the French Salvation Army who saved me and two young girls. This doesn't deny that the French nation is in general Anti- Semitic as is the European population everywhere. When it comes to Anti- Semitism the greater danger today is from the left. "Open Borders"idiocy letting Islamic terror everywhere includes "Two State solution" for peace knowing full well that this would be the end of the Jewish State with a legal Islamic terror state holding the door open to invasion to destroy The Jewish State of Israel.

Richard Eliot • 6 months ago

When they started using the politically correct word "Israel" to replace the word "Jew", all the world became complicity in JewHate.

These modern-day-neo-nazis LIE claiming "Jews are [evil] occupiers" knew it was similar to the nazi LIE "Jews are evil", the tool used to murder 6 million.

When the modern-day-neo-nazi screams "WIPED FROM THE MAP" "FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA" they advocate for 6 million Jews living legally in their ancient Jewish homeland to be murdered.

There has been 1,400 years of Islamic bloody borders and they reign supreme as aggressors, conquerors and colonialists with 56 ISLAMIC STATES to prove it.

Its not about 'land' or 'oil' or 'water'.

What 'rights' do islamists have to *continue* to claim Christian, Buddhist, Hindu as well as Jewish lands ALL OVER THE WORLD in Aceh, Bali, Burma (Myanmar), Chechnya, China, Cyprus, Daghestan, Darfur, Ethiopia, India, Israel, Kashmir, Kosovo, Lebanon, Mindanao, Philippines, Spain, Sudan, Thailand...and now in Sri Lanka?

Did "Europe" ever stop to wonder why in 2019 Sri Lanka churches were bombed on Easter?

alpcns . • 6 months ago

Italy these days is a particular basket case because of EU immigration policies. The Italians are living on a volcano.

Steve • 6 months ago

Especially since Italy has a fertility rate that is only about half of replacement levels. They have more people over 65 years of age in Italy than under the age of 21.

alpcns . • 6 months ago

Interesting... I wasn't aware of that.

Enzo Nahum • 6 months ago

As an Italian Israeli, well conversed with Italian politics, I can assure you that the law proposal by Liliana Segre is completely flawed and this is the reason why the center-right parties have abstained in the voting of the law. Nobody in the 330 senators of the Italian Parliament have voted against the law. I am pretty sure it is not for antisemitism. The law proposal which promote the creation of a parliamentary committee to combat "HATE, RACISM, NATIONALISM, ANTISEMITISM AND ISLAMOPHOBIA". (As everybody knows ISLAMOPHOBIA is an invention of the Muslims which doesn't exist anywhere). The law doesn't specifically target antisemitism which is only one of the target of the law.
Berlusconi and Salvini for sure are NOT ANTISEMITIC and they proved it by coming to Israel (Berlusconi more than once, he was even invited to address the Knesset where he was honored because his mother saved a Jew in Milan during World War II).
Salvini came to Israel a year ago to meet Netanyahu and told him that for him Hizballah was a total terrorist organization, contrary to EU position for which only their military wing is linked to terrorism. It is known that Salvini's strictest collaborators and advisers come regularly to Israel for advice from government officials.
Giorgia Meloni, wrongly defined in my opinion "extreme right" in this article explained her abstention by declaring that she disagreed because "the commission didn’t address the role of Islamic extremism in anti-Semitism". This to me is a demonstration that she is not antisemitic.

The formulation of Liliana Segre' law proposal is typical of the Left political views, and leftist Italian Jews are always shy to promote anything to the benefit of only the Jews unless it is associated with a more comprehensive declaration of opposition to racism, Rom discrimination, hate speech and ISLAMOPHOBIA. Liliana Segre is coming from a leftist family and is a well known leftist, who never uttered a word in favor of Israel and as it seems she is not a Zionist.

A great multitude of Italian Jews have been very loud with criticism of Senator Segre for her "masterpiece" law proposal. The hate messages she received are not only from fascists but from Italian Jews as well who don't share her leftist ideological views. If the law proposal had been entirely on the extirpation of antisemitism I am pretty sure the center-right parties would not have abstained and the hate messages to her would have been enormously reduced in number.

Pwca • 6 months ago

Thank you Enzo. I found your insider's view to be very informative indeed!

DiaminSilber • 6 months ago

Thank you very much for explaining the situation as it is! Why aren't the journalists providing the necessary context?

Enzo Nahum • 6 months ago

Because they are superficial and don't bother to inform themselves thoroughly.

Froike • 6 months ago

Bella Grazzi

Grace Joy • 6 months ago

I'm glad it didn't pass: Any law to censor any form of speech is only a step toward Islamic anti-Blasphemy laws. And if none will "address the role of Islamic extremism" after Italy's started importing more Muslims (who h a t e J-ews AND Gentiles), the only purpose would be to stamp out the ability to say "Italians first." Salvini's one of my favorite Alpha Males.

DAVLEVINE • 6 months ago

I don't see the prevention of immigration from Arab nations as anti-Semitism. I see it as national protection!

Enzo Nahum • 6 months ago

Of course. You are absolutely right.

DAVLEVINE • 6 months ago

Grazi, Enzo.

Metatrona • 6 months ago

Anti-Semetic crimes should be a felony crime...calling for 15 years in solitary in prison & no early release.

arigatoo • 6 months ago

"Liliana Segre called for the creation of a parliamentary committee to combat hate, racism and anti-Semitism."
I am against such a committee. If the committee were only against anti-Semitism, I would support. But when it is conflated with such broad topics like hate and racism, then it involves too much topics and becomes a thereat to the freedom of speech. We know that leftists use the word racism against everything which they do not like. This moves us into the direction of a totalitarian fascist dictatorship. No, this idea is leftist and very bad. It is also antisemitic.

Jorge • 6 months ago

Italy, as the rest of Europe, is a stinking cesspool filled with brain dead Jew haters

Arthur W. Sanchez • 6 months ago

To Enzo: For anyone to claim that Islamophobia is an invention of the Muslims is what all race haters do to downplay the reality that Islamophobia does in fact exist.

It shows a complete blindness to the truth and a complete disregard of real world events.

Anyone who is inclined to buy your sanctimonious blather is just as forsaken as you are.

Kirby One • 6 months ago

To Sanchez,

Your M.O. is cowardly and down right sneaky, if you're going to post a counter-argument you need to reply to the post itself which notifies Enzo allowing him to respond, blathering idiot.