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Albert Reingewirtz • 1 month ago

Attempt at lynching and the policeman fired in the air? why not at the proper target, the lynchers?

Murray • 1 month ago

Perhaps the police officer was concerned that he would hit the innocent driver by shooting into the crowd?

if we thought about killing all Muslims?
although it is obvious to all: "it is the sharia that threatens the human race and not vice versa"
then, however, in the spiral of hatred: we would be forced to approach Erdogan's hatred and madness too dangerously!

szotar • 1 month ago

Most likely he didn't want to risk the chance of hitting an innocent passerby. We are trained to shoot in the air as a warning of lethal intent as well as if shooting at the terrorists could endanger innocent lives. The officer reacted properly.

Nichus Block • 1 month ago

If you shoot in the air the bullet could come down and kill anyone. Better shoot the muzzie so you don't risk any innocent lives.

canislupus • 1 month ago

You obviously know little about ballistics. When the bullet returns by means of gravity, its force is spent. It's no longer lethal. The proof of this is that no matter how many bullets were fired by combatants in the air over England during the Battle of Britain, no one on the ground was injured by them.

leonore35 • 1 month ago

That is a myth

to think that Netanjahu could be a coward?
this is extremely simplistic!
with our meekness and patience: self-defeating.
we try to make us fall in love with us: Saudi and Jordanian Egyptians: etc .. because God wants to realize a Kingdom of Israel in the whole Middle East!

Kwitcherbellyakin • 1 month ago

Shooting shots into the air allowed the attackers to run, and those who were not caught will do the same thing again. Make every shot count. Do not allow any lyncher to escape.
I have been both a soldier on a battlefield and a county cop. The one thing taught universally is that you never pull a gun unless you need to. When you need to shoot, shoot to kill. Don't waste ammo. This minor action will repeat until doing so proves too costly. We are not even close to the end of such behavior, and there is no room for leniency. Decisive action must be met each and every time the need is presented. Doing less than that only encourages others to try to do the same.

Don Spilman • 1 month ago

There can never be peace as long as there are any muzslime anywhere near actual human beings. Muzslime are driven insane by their vile Koran and ignorant blind obedience to all lala! Get the muzslime filth out of all Israel and all western nations! There is no other solution!

what you say has been dramatically demonstrated the 1400 years of Islamic genocide:
yet God is greater than history: this is why: I am the universal brotherhood: in fact, for those who believe in God JHWH there is no word: "impossible"

docmccarthy • 1 month ago

Arab residents in Israel must pledge allegiance to Israel or move out of the country.

Nichus Block • 1 month ago

They lie too much, and their 'religion' values lies the way real religions value truth. Better just send them all home to Jordan and Egypt where they belong.

David F Mayer • 1 month ago

And any who BREAK that pledge of allegiance to Israel, be they Arabs OR Jews, should be shot. Treason must not be tolerated.

Min Dona • 1 month ago

It is NOT acceptable for Arabs to continuously attack Jews. Because of their murderous intent and actions everywhere, they don’t deserve to be part of society.
What kind of society does not act in a big way, against this type of evil in their midst? This has been going on for 40 years!

The Jewish State needs to really start making decisions to enforce Israeli safety in every city in Israel and send a message to the Arabs - their violence against Jews is OVER! Whatever it takes, must be done. Start with Israeli police control over the JEWS’ Holy Temple Mount for one. How could Jews EVER accept Arabs controlling the Jewish Temple Mount? That’s allowing genocide of our faith.
The Jews have made so many mistakes over the years! of allowing their Arab enemies to live among them. God told our ancestors how they would make Jewish lives intolerable.
The Arabs prove every day of their tyranny and criminal activities. Cowardness and submission to an enemy, comes in many forms. I thought that was over in the 1940s.

The Arab attacks in Israel tell a very clear message about the Arabs. It’s well past the time for Israel to remove them, or “enforce safety measures” across Israel, for Israelis to move about without dangers, and have access to
the Temple Mount.
The Jews have the resources and the brains to do this. The question remains: do they have the will? This is about preservation. The Jewish leaders and Government has allowed itself to “assimilate” into the idol of violence. Wake Up!

Rex McPhee • 1 month ago

Totally agree, this cannot go on...

Barbara Ellison • 1 month ago

Muslims should be moved out of any part of Jerusalem, and Jews moved in. That will stop a lot of problems.

Barry Isaacs • 1 month ago

There are Arab neighborhoods that were incorporated into Jerusalem proper as part of the municipality years ago which was a big mistake. These neighborhoods can be jettisoned from what constitutes Jerusalem and presto, they are not in Jerusalem anymore and their inhabitants no longer have any right to be in the city.

Nichus Block • 1 month ago

Time to correct that mistake.

Matthew Lathum • 1 month ago

Welcome to Netanyahu Israel ! what a shame and Israeli stupidness, seperation is only solution.
Israeli-arabs ! what is it? idiotism !

obtaining a safe homeland for us is our real goal?
no it does not! God wants: all Jews must return: therefore we are forced to wait for a moment of grace: a rain of grace and mercy: in / on Egyptians Jordanians and Saudis peoples, etc .. to be well received by them!

George • 1 month ago

Stop wasting bullets in the air and use them to put a couple in the heads of those Arab maggots.

Barry Isaacs • 1 month ago

Time to arm all Israeli tax drivers.

William • 1 month ago

Which is why I support arming all Jews in Israel. Next lynching attempt...no questions asked.

David F Mayer • 1 month ago

All ADULTS in good standing (excluding criminals), in good mental health, & with proper training.

William • 1 month ago


442rocketdave • 1 month ago

As a police officer is I fired shots in the air I would be FIRED!!!! Immediately instead I would have shot those trying to pull him out of his car and anyone throwing rocks this appeasement is asinine! The police and the IDF are way to easy on these terrorist that's why its a NEVER ENDING STORY!

LeslieFish • 1 month ago

A suggestion: every time the Israeli govt. catches Arabs/"Palestinians" committing a crime, *deport them to Mecca* -- and make sure they can't come back. When the Muslim apologists squall, point out that Israel has only granted the dearest wish of all pious Muslims -- to visit Mecca at least once in their lives.

Dale Admire • 1 month ago

All Israeli citizens should be armed at all times when they leave their homes and the police officer should not have fired into the air that just wasted good ammo, he should have fired those rounds where they belong, into the animals.

Sharon Kerr • 1 month ago

What happened to, "those who come to kill you, kill them first" fired in the air, WOW, that's a real deterrent. You need to grow some kahunas. What is the death toll and wounded up to now, over a thousand, or under a thousand??

Martha Rettig • 1 month ago

Just a note on content:
Eid el Adha Is the Muslim holiday commemorating the near sacrifice of ISHMAEL (not Isaac, as mentioned in the article) by his father Abraham/Ibrahim, which, incidentally, took place according to Islam, in MECCA, not in Jerusalem, the latter which does not appear in the Qur'an.
Thank you for your excellent news briefs and videos! 💙🇮🇱

punch_corona • 1 month ago

Jerusalem was never mentioned in the book of the mo...

Michael • 1 month ago

It was a satisfying typo

JGray1 • 1 month ago

moslems are beasts. non human. the socalled moderates are sub human. you want peace with these evil beasts. I want victory. then peace.

David F Mayer • 1 month ago

Let's not lump all Muslims into the same basket.

Grace Joy • 4 weeks ago

Only those who actually follow the Sh'riah.

Awraham Itschak Sholem • 1 month ago

Perhaps these arabs should have been put down! Helped out of their misery.

BiG MAN • 1 month ago

These A rabs are literally like rats who roam in packs scurry off when confronted ! Despite what the UN and the American Democrats here do to protect them they must be driven from Jerusalem the heart of the Jewish homeland Israel for centuries before there were Muslims and A rabs living there !

agnes losonczi • 1 month ago

I applaud the police officer's self control of not shooting into the arab crowd. Though it would have cost him his job and has involved some sentence, still... but what of this crap about 'picking out two instigators'?! They were all willing and should be expelled from Jerusalem, even losing their israeli citizenship!

peace with Islam? yes, I believe it!
I know that it is not human to think this for me as an observatory on the martyrdom of Christians (for 30 years): and that they still suffer from the genocide of Sharia:
but, I believe that God is greater than our wounded heart!

Melo Gardener • 1 month ago

Read Ezekiel 38 and 39 .... God knows that the day comes when His mercy and grace will no longer be spit upon by the muslims and leftist that support the violence, hatred and murder against the Jews and Christians of the world...it is very clear what is coming because there is no mercy in Islam...only hatred of the Living God and His people! That is why they will be wiped out!

and then, I had another vision: under a big tent in the desert we were like brothers of one and big family: in reality there is no sincere and pure love as can be the love of a Muslim: when he decides that : he must give love!

e poi, io ho avuto un altra visione: sotto una grande tenda nel deserto noi eravamo come fratelli du una sola e grande famiglia: in realtà non esiste un amore sincero e puro come può essere l'amore di un mussulmano: quando lui decide che: lui deve amare!

I had a vision 10 years ago: about.
the Saudi King welcomed me as the King of Israel must be received, and while I was passing from one room to another all the Saudi princes were all left and right: they honored me.
Now it is not possible for any creature to be able to win in gratitude: for love universal Unius REI, and to be able to remain indebted to its magnanimity!
when the mercy of God will come: all people e people in all the human race: everyone will be touched by the sanctifying grace!

Carol M. • 1 month ago

Correction: The Eid al-Adha celebrates Abraham's readiness to sacrifice his son Ishmail according to Muslims. So they don't honor Isaac as the son of promise.

Grace Joy • 4 weeks ago

. . . celebrates . . . by slaughtering animals en masse in the streets.

Krzysztof Marks • 1 month ago

Why did he shoot into the air? He couldn't hit the lousy crowd?

Hector Zuniga • 1 month ago

Not question, not question about, Hell activity is marked by the activity of Satan followers, the Muslims follow the instruction of their master Satan, to alter Peace and kill people around the world. Only Satan came to kill to lie, and to pounder,