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Devasahayam the Deplored • 7 months ago

Same answer as to:
* did Montreal make profits on 1976 Summer Olympics?
* Was Canadian PM WL Mackenzie King among the ones who could be considered "dynastic"?
* Was Article 370 (India) ever sensible?
* Was Carter's 1980 clobbering at all due to anything other than his own sheer incompetence?

Don Spilman • 8 months ago

It’s all pure hudna anytime any muzslime talks peace and getting along. They exist for one reason and one reason alone, that is to take over the world for all lala! Nothing any muzslime ever does or says can ever be trusted!

the great hero of the Masons: "President Mattarella",
he hides behind the laws that the demoniac kabbalah of Rothschild designed and created with his Masons: Prodi, Schioppa, Di Pietro, Veltroni, Bersani, Monti, Renzi, Zingaretti the nullity, D'Alema, Berlusconi and Democratic Party, M5S lgbt : URSULA regime bilderberg the usura Soros imperialsm Satana Dracula and financial technocratic antichrist: high treason the banking seigniorage.
and of course: he will not bring the Italian people to vote,
that's why: millions of Italians were predestined by him and: all condemned to death!

Analysis: Will Iran take up America’s offer to negotiate?
the only negotiation that can be done with the sharia: it is a genocide to offer or to suffer!
Riyad Iran Quran 666 Talmud FED FMI NWO?
they are one only and integrated: demonic infestation: his name is "Entity"!
the world of men, its governments, their diplomacy, their rational capacity to understand the phenomenon? they are totally inadequate, in order to counter this esoteric / supernatural agenda!
but, you also let all the demons of hell come to me, and do not prevent to them, because the abyss all of them, constantly calls!

Tuvi Todd • 7 months ago

Both the US and almost the entire international community want Iran
[a] to stop sponsoring international terrorism, and [b] not to acquire nuclear weapons,
so if Iran wants sanctions lifted it must, then it should have end both of these practices !!

Tuvi Todd • 8 months ago

Iran will do whatever is required to continue
- [a] - Developing nuclear weapons & missile delivery-system technologies and
- [b] - Sponsoring terrorism against Israel, Saudi Arabia, the EU, & USA,
including "taking up America’s offer to negotiate", and negotiated,
without surrendering anything, until they evil mission is completed !!