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alpcns . • 10 months ago

Is there anything else than Islamist-inspired terrorism? Hardly.

Bowel Movements Matter • 10 months ago


Grace Joy • 10 months ago

But . . . I thought Islam is the religion of peace.

stevealevine • 10 months ago

Gracie, Islamist terror groups, like al-Qaeda and ISIS are no more representative of Islam than the KKK and Black Panthers are of the United States. You paint a handful of them as if they reflected the entire religion...which of course they don't. Did the Irish Republican Army act on behalf of all Irish people? The FBI once referred to The Jewish Defense League as "terrorists;" did they reflect the attitudes of all American Jewry?

you will never be able to explain why the Koran and the sharia that inspire ISIS also inspire also the ARAB LEAGUE ..
no one can be himself in the ARAB LEAGUE
and the difference: between them and with hitler? is lt cancel!

non riuscirai mai a spiegare perché il corano e la sharia che ispirano ISIS ispirino anche la LEGA ARABA..
nessuno può essere se stesso nella LEGA ARABA
e la differenza: tra loro e con hitler? si annulla!

stevealevine • 10 months ago

And you, Unius, will never be able to explain why they let you out without a minder.

I have NOT been an observatory on the martyrdom of Christians, to no avail.
the ARAB LEAGUE is a total genocide against kafir dhimmis and MURTIDI!

IO NON sono stato osservatorio sul martirio dei cristiani, inutilmente.
la LEGA ARABA è un totale genocidio contro kafir dhimmis e MURTIDI!

stevealevine • 10 months ago

That's what they all say Unius.

every person always has an individual responsibility.
so you pay attention to yourself, what you say,
to not be found responsible for the guilty/faults of others

ogni persona ha sempre una responsabilità individuale.
quandi tu fai attenzione per te stesso, di quello che dici,
per non essere trovato responsabile delle colpe altrui

stevealevine • 10 months ago

Blah, blah, blah...yada, yada, yada

Grace Joy • 10 months ago

You'll like this. It's about the woman picked to replace those awful anti-Semitic women at the Women's March who just give peaceful Muslims a bad name. Replace * with . for link to work.


stevealevine • 10 months ago

Gracie, you're getting close! First of all, why are you reading such garbage as "Bare Naked Islam?" That's like doing research on Hitler by reading Mein Kampf! If you took a little more time & did a little more research, you'd have found that the Womens March is so irrelevant that it doesn't matter who's on their BOD, (The Rabbi on the board, Tamara Cohen, is very much out of the mainstream of Jewish life!)

Grace Joy • 10 months ago

Mein Kamf is an EXCELLENT source of info on Hit ler.

BNI links sources, including Clarion Project. You approve ex. dir. of SanFran's chapter of C A I R, civil rights lawyer Zahra Billoo taking over Women's March. Her thoughts:

-“AH [All Hail] for Hez bollah having the courage to do what the Arab governments won’t.”

-"I'm more afraid of racist Z i o nists who support apart heid Israel than of the mentally ill young people the #FBI recruits to join I S I S."

-"Blaming Hamas for firing rockets at [apart heid] Israel is like blaming a woman for punching her r apist #free Pal estine"

-"Have more American youth joined the IDF than American youth have joined I S I S? Is one genocdal group different than the other?"

-Will not renounce ji had, khilafah or sh'ria."

"Mainstream Jewish life" = Rabbi Tamara Cohen, lesbian J ewish feminist LGBT Multiculturalust; Reconstructionist Rabbinical College graduate; created group for transgender & "non-binary youth;" teaches that gender is socially constructed; supports JREJ J ews for Racial & Economic Justice (queer, colored, anti-Israel, pro-Palestine). Pro Farakhan.

From the WIN article "Anti-Israel harassment on US college campuses spikes 70%: Anti-Israel hostility has manifested itself in accusations that Jewish and pro-Israel students support racism and genocde, and the labeling of J ewish and pro-Israel students as white supremacists."

"White Jews, as white people, uphold white supremacy.…” ~Tamika Mallory

stevealevine • 10 months ago

Gracie, if you've read "Mein Kampf," you may remember Schicklgruber's great line: "You can pick your friends & you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose."