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Don Spilman • 1 month ago

HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! This is hilarious! Stupid old fool and stupid muzslime freaks deserve each other! If the vile thugs out attacking the Israeli border everyday were anything but brain dead thugs they could help build their towns and farms and do something positive and purposeful, but NO “we have to attack Israel”. I hope the war they want kills thousands of them!

ZionMyHome • 1 month ago

Every time AbbA$$ talks, a 💩 comes out.

Dajjal • 1 month ago

Diligent search of my blog might turn up a gratifying gif 😉

punch_corona • 1 month ago

..jordan = palestine .. 4x larger than Israel.. this is where they all belong.. jordan.. take the ugly dome .. rock by rock and re assemble in jordan.. the ugly dome belongs in jordan..

Josie Evenchen • 1 month ago

Words of truth. Checkout The Sacred City of Mecca: Have We Got It Wrong? On YouTube. all of the domes and mosques on Temple Mount need to be moved to Petra Jordan, the real birthplace of Islam.
Jerusalem has never been a holy place for them.

punch_corona • 1 month ago

the ugly dome is a symbol of power to the arabs.. a daily reminder by the arabs they have to most visible structure ..

islam is a fake religion.. it is a philosophy of war.. violence.. control.. domination .. conquest.. as long as they keep this ugly dome it will be visible evidence of their philosophy.. the arabs know this structure has no religious significance.. it is used for other purposes..

Don Spilman • 1 month ago

Oh heck no blow that horrid pile of garbag into road rock. There is NOTHING about that demonic building that deserves being resettled somewhere else! In fact ALL mocks need to be disintegrated!

cbusa • 1 month ago

A dictator doing what all dictators before him have always done - remove everybody who may threaten his absolute authority.

ArleneB • 1 month ago

Taking a page from the Trump playbook.

cbusa • 1 month ago

You've got to be kidding. Sure Trump has fired his cabinet multiple times. But the next U.S. President will be determined by an election next year, unlike Abbas who is now in his 14th year of a four year term.

AVIGAIL • 1 month ago

If this picture is recent, Abbas looks bad and unhealthy. He was always chubby and not with sagging skin on his cheeks or big dark pockets under his eyes. He may not be feeling well.
Maybe the Eurabians can finally see now where their UNWRA donations were going.

Devasahayam the Deplored • 1 month ago

"I made it possible for you to illegally amass Croesus-like wealth through bribe-taking, so those bribes belong to me" -- Abb@sturd's "logic"...

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas?
ridiculous !!
there has never been a Palestinian state and it will never exist!
Palestinian jihad Erdogan Iran Mahmoud Abbas 666 UMMA: Allah 666uh Akbar: death to all unfaithful dhimmis UN slaves?
he is only the coordinator of Islamic terrorists: a rib of the jihadist galaxy that Riyadh that as with the principal MANDANTE: with his agency secret and by CIA 666 UK intermediary agency
Putin Xi-Jinping TRUMP: you are a bunch of baalls!

T2000q • 4 weeks ago

Just a thought. Could it be that AbbAss wants the money he previously gave to his advisers back to himself?

alpcns . • 1 month ago

Look the picture - he's pointing out, very wisely, how much credibility he has.

Zero. Nada. Zilch.

Mahmoud Abbas is Palestinian President?
ah ah ah ah aaah! based on what legal support?
1. there has never been a Palestinian state!
2. there is command Hamas!
3. no, not all sharia genocides jihad of the ARAB LEAGUE can be legalized!
ALSO: UMMA NAZI the OIC ARAB LEAGUE cannot be legally legitimate!

Mahmoud Abbas is Palestinian President?
ah ah ah ah ah! in base a quale supporto giuridico?
1. non è mai esistito uno Stato Palestinese!
2. comanda Hamas!
3. non possono essere legalizzati tutti i genocidi sharia della LEGA ARABA!
ANCHE la LEGA ARABA non può essere giuridicamente legittima!

God's chosen people?
yes chosen into my universal priesthood!
all the others (who are not in Israel) have betrayed

Albert Reingewirtz • 1 month ago

Why is Israel employing PA terrorists and terrorists supporters? All Israelis are employed including Israeli Arabs and Israeli Bedouins? Who should get first dib at jobs supporters of terror or Israelis? Let the PA rot away in unemployment until to move to what remains of Palestine called Jordan that in fact is the major part of Palestine. It is their state after all they long for from the River to Iraq and to the Red sea.