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Dennis O'Neill • 2 years ago

This is a mildly interesting selective narrative with a few facts. Partial narratives are efficient propaganda because they contain some truth but ignore all facts contradicting the selective narrative and always ignore the broader context in which the selective narrative is set.

Selective narrative propagandists like Caitlin also often resort to stereotype as a form of intellectual bullying. Weak, transparent narrative writers like Caitlin buttress weak narrative with stereotyping and stereotyping always appeals to small minds. Propagandists like Caitlin write to a target audience as do all propagandists.

I despised closeted homosexual and pedophile, according to Franklin victim Paul Bonacci, GHW Bush the moment I first set eyes upon him and I knew instinctively that Reagan, who was a great leader, had been forced to pick the sociopath Bush as his running mate. When John Hinkley, an Mkultra CIA asset whose family was very tight with pedo poppy Bush, tried to kill Reagan in a CIA coup similar to the coup the CIA pulled on JFK and on Nixon, my instincts were confirmed. I have always despised the fascist Bush Crime Family and abhor the Clinton and Sotero Crime Families too. I support Trump and his reelection landslide will be historic not only in magnitude of margin of victory but also for its record black vote for a Republican.

Doing what Trump is doing to defeat the deep state is nearly impossible and it got JFK, RFK, and MLK killed and Nixon, who had turned on the deep state, impeached. Trump breaks eggs to make an omelet and Soleimani was a bad egg who won't be missed except by his family and his thug friends. Those who wear a military uniform risk death. If they don't like it, don't wear it. Nobody forces them to put on the uniform. The beauty of Trump's deed is that it is hastening withdrawal of US forces from the Middle East.

earmuffs • 2 years ago

Amazing, you are exactly the kind of Trump supporter she is describing in the article. You prove her point. No matter what idiotic action Trump takes, he is some genius paying 4D chess. Everything Johnson described that Trump has done is a fact. Hundreds of thousands dead, millions of refugees, the Middle East near total destruction. But it's all a big plan you say. He's got the deep state on the ropes right? Even though everything they want done he is doing eh. You say that Soleimani deserves to die because he wears a uniform defending his own country? How about all the dead civilians? They die a thousand to every soldier's death. They deserve to die too? In your mind I guess they do because they are just brown people. That is the core of the problem with the GREAT racist American taste for war. It's brown people far away. Who cares. What might change all that is if war was brought to it's shores. Close up and gory. We are not talking a few bodybags from Vietnam, but millions of dead. Europeans, Russians, Syrians know all about it, whole families wiped out. They fear war. You should read Smedley Buttler's book War is a Racket. Nothing has changed since then and if Americans don't wise up soon they may get their comeuppance. Trump is a gangster. He may not be a Clinton or a Bush but a gangster none the less.

Dennis O'Neill • 2 years ago

You have poor reading comprehension and a very limited understanding of facts. I acknowledged the few facts of the selective narrative she spews. I despise the Bush Crime Family. Trump is extricating and will continue to extricate the U.S. from the bipartisan supported deep state decades of genocide committed in the Middle East by the US Armed Services, by mercenaries, and by the Zionist terrorist state of Israel. I didn't say Soleimani deserved to die, just that it comes with the territory. People who value human life don't wear military uniforms. Death by violence in the Middle East has been ongoing in large numbers since before and after WWII. Trump will be the first president to bring it to a complete end in his second term. We'll be leaving Afghanistan as well. I forgot to mention that Trump's DOJ has, on its own, and in cooperation with state and local law enforcement, brought arrests and prosecutions of pedos and child traffickers to record levels. This is the life blood of money for the deep state. He said during his election he would go after these criminals which is why the Bush, Clinton, Obama, Romney and other crime families lined up against him and his wall, which is far more than just the physical barrier being built to help shut down child trafficking, among other things. He had also eviscerated the presstitute bordellos and withdrew the US from the scam Iran deal and Paris Accords. You and the propagandist Caitlin can enjoy your Trump Derangement Syndrome. I'll enjoy watching Trump do things no politician has done in the US since JFK which is why the CIA is trying to stage a coup on Trump. You're a simpleton and so is Caitlin. She's a narrative spinner whose gig us pretending to be the one pointing out how presstitutes spin yarns. It's quite transparent.

Bill Sanders • 2 years ago

Very well said. Could not agree more.

Dennis O'Neill • 2 years ago

TDS is a mental illness. Orange man bad. It's like watching Danny in the Shining say, "Danny isn't here Mrs. Torrance, Danny isn't here Mrs. Torrance, redrum, redrum, redrum." The left is out of its collective mins over Trump. It's fun to watch their idiocy.

Guy • 2 years ago

I could not agree more.I also was caught for a while with ,just maybe Trump really did have a plan.Not anymore .Just like the Dems he is stringing everyone along and the gullible are caught up in the narrative and lies.
So well said 2 sectors of the Repubs , one would always vote Republican even if it was a dog and the other is caught in a fictional narrative of a messenger from the heavens.
I am not a US citizen but residing so close as in Canada,it is impossible to remain neutral and not informed.

RudyInArizona • 2 years ago

Very well said. Could not agree more.