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Joe • 1 year ago

Plummer is available

Baba Yaga • 1 year ago

Leftist fascistic McCarthyism is in full swing in Looneywood. .

Burn Vendor • 1 year ago

Fascism is an off-shoot of Marxism. It's founder, Giovanni Gentile, was a devout Marxist. This TRUTH cannot be restated enough times, nor can the left deny it. The real fascists will ALWAYS be a product of the left.

EmeraldAl • 1 year ago

Funny how American "liberals" demonized the "national" but not the "socialist" part.

Burn Vendor • 1 year ago

Very convenient.

Guest • 1 year ago
Azariah Geza • 1 year ago

Tells you something about Fox.

dave0987✓Nationalist • 1 year ago

We started learning all we needed to know about Fox from Megyn Kelly during the debates. Add to that that Rupert Murdoch has always been a big time Hillary supporter, and Saudi Arabia owns 20% of Fox, and it starts to become pretty clear. There's a small handful of people that can still be trusted at Fox at best.

cageysea • 1 year ago

Yeah. That they're whipped.

rosalie911 • 1 year ago

Amen, I often say sometime down the road Trump will be remembered as the man who saved America.

Barry • 1 year ago

Just hope it is not too late!

cageysea • 1 year ago

Gotta say... I'm not a fan of the man. He's inarticulate, often inelegant.

But you're right. I shudder to think where we'd be in this country were it not for him sitting in the Oval Office. Heaven help us should Hillary have won.

TommyD6of11 • 1 year ago

Obama was eloquent but shallow and wrong.

TRUMP is crude but both right and, when you realize that, profound.

This is not a difficult choice for sane people.

cageysea • 1 year ago

Agreed. A slick liar is never a match for an honest man who may stumble over his words.

Sue Thomason • 1 year ago

Very ignorant (or dishonest).

Rob • 1 year ago

What about the racist comments made by Will Smith, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jamie Foxx?? I'm disgusted at how black bigots seem to get a pass on their hatred.

David Moore • 1 year ago

Rob...you know damn well only whites can be racists. ..Obama said so...

It’s in our DNA, Obozo says.

roner • 1 year ago

...including his grandmother's.....

look at the new comic book movie which the censor won't let me name, check out the bigoted statements made by a slew of the cast, including the lead.

The one named after a militant, leftist group concerned with the color of their skin? Looks like it sucks too..

Yup, I tried to point that out but it kept getting censored because Hollywood reporter is using affirmative action praise to get as much positive coverage.

B-Real • 1 year ago

And his own.... (white half)

TommyD6of11 • 1 year ago

That makes Obama a 25% RACIST.

gerald sornee • 1 year ago

'Hate' was a one-way street in Obamaville.

disqus_4SRYzOEtQx • 1 year ago

Obama?? OH WAIT--you're talking about that marxist moslem, Kenya-born Indonesian foreign student who is illegally using a dead Connecticut man's social security number as his own because he hasn't got an American birth certificate and fraudulently got into the White House with a big, fat, zero resume showing exactly zero work experience....right?

Hatrad • 1 year ago

Ya, that guy..

legtingle • 1 year ago

I never believed DownLowBarry was born in Kenya, nor do I think DJT, Sheriff Joe thought so. (mho) They wanted to see records about FRAUD including getting $ for being a 'foreign' student, bio father being Commie Frank Marshall Davis, set up with Bill Ayers Leftist father to insert him into politics, etc. If somebody is new to this theory, google Frank Marshall Davis, Thomas Ayers, Valerie Jarett, Obama.

disqus_4SRYzOEtQx • 1 year ago

Not new to that theory--totally possible. However, if you read Kenya's govt minutes called HANSARD you'd think differently. It took down word-for-word what was talked about. Reading what their parliament members were saying during their meetings around the Nov 2008 election and Inauguration 2009, you would be APPALLED at what they were saying about Barry Hussein Obama. "America is great to elect a man not born of their country....it shows they are willing to give leadership trust in non-native Americans...." etc. They took half days to celebrate the election of one of their own people to the presidency. READ THE HANSARD around those dates. Such a sick, dirty cover-up our media and "leaders" of America have done to Americans. That guy was born in Kenya, and the archbishop there talked about having met the baby Barry Hussein, born to his friend Barack Obama, Sr., just a couple of days after his birth.

And you're right--Sheriff Joe and Trump and the rest of us with half a brain know there is gigantic fraud with that guy Barry....But it's way bigger than we think.

texguy46 • 1 year ago

No one cares what Obozo says, especially his San Fran boyfriend.

TommyD6of11 • 1 year ago

IRONIC, how RACISM is an equal opportunity evil.

Pouncekitty • 1 year ago

Most Black Hollywood actors are racist scum. They hate whitey who gave them their jobs, money, success. Blacks bite the hand that feeds them, then expect us all to bow down. Racist Blacks are destroying our country.

Glad Yu Azzked • 1 year ago

Not all of it...just the places they're the plurality, think Baltiwhore, Shitcago, Bumingham, Memfeces. You get the point.

A world without "white people" is .................Africa.
Where there are Africans there is .................Africa.

Sgt Pepper • 1 year ago

Africa, where the residents are doing a bang-up job of slaughtering each other.

JoeDokes999 • 1 year ago

Why should a black person in Chicago not hate white people? Read some history. It was and still is an extremely racist city. Black people were excluded from public areas, like beaches, from jobs, from growing neighborhoods with good schools, from public unions, construction jobs, housing, etc. When they built the highways in the 1960s, the built them through healthy black neighborhoods, walling them off (no exits), destroying property values and businesses. Mayor Daley (Sr) was an avowed racist. If your family had been treated like this, would you love the people who did it?

RudyRight • 1 year ago

I get what you're saying. But the people who were responsible for that are either dead or old and dying. Children born at that time are about 50 now, and their children and their children are the ones that are supposed to pay the price?

Again, I understand your point, but at what time are people allowed to live based on their own actions?

By that rationale, every person alive today whose quality of life and property values are negatively affected by (whatever demographic it is in your area) have a right to hate those people for the next 4 generations.

When does it end?

JoeDokes999 • 1 year ago

I think that is the essential question. I don't believe in collective guilt and don't support Affirmative Action (which was originally called reverse discrimination, which it is). How do we address the violence, prejudice, and racism of the past? I like what Nelson Mandela said. First, get to the truth. Find out what happened, and who did it. Own up. That doesn't mean white guilt or free stuff or anything. Just the truth. Then, we, as Americans - one people - can move forward. I personally think that 1) white people have to understand the racism in our society, and 2) black people have to accept that the past is the past and, if our society is equal and just, stop being victims and move on. That's not a popular view but that's what I think.

Pouncekitty • 1 year ago

White America has been owning up since the 1960s and Black America is still racist, hate-filled, bitter and angry. When are Black people going to stop blaming someone else and finish school, stop having babies they can't support, get a job? THAT's real racial equality.

B-Real • 1 year ago


Voxhalyn Rakkasan • 1 year ago

In the 1870's a group of predominantly black FREE soldiers were responsible for the pillaging, slaughter, rape and kidnapping of my great grandmothers Apache village. She was stolen from her people and sold to a local family as a domestic servant.

Sound familiar?

By today's logic, I should get a free pass to call ANY black person ANYTHING I want, commit acts of violence against them, exhibit no personal responsibility or accountability and blame it all on this generation of Black Americans.

TheEnabler • 1 year ago

Is that why you're an unemployed alcoholic?

Voxhalyn Rakkasan • 1 year ago

No, but I could be and it would be Obama, Oprah and Jay-Z's fault.

Glad Yu Azzked • 1 year ago

Don't know about that...but I do know your Mom keeps screaming out YOUR name when I bang her up the poo chute!

4ever&anon • 1 year ago

And yet there are many Native Americans who allow themselves to be identified with various "black" causes. They have even let blacks subvert them into protesting the respect and honor white America gave their fighters by naming sports teams after them. Blacks are hard pressed to find an honorable and courageous hero among them and so they honor those who died breaking American laws. I have yet to hear one black person singing the praises of Ben Carson; perhaps because he isn't a Socialist/Marxist womanizer. As for this American, I think we all should be free to state the cold hard truth about American blacks. It's irrefutable and statistically undeniable. I say give them the "equality" they say they want by doing away with Affirmative action quotas, lowered expectations and lowered test scores for education and jobs. Those things have been bestowed upon them for decades and it hasn't helped them at all as a race. And, btw, isn't it entertaining to see some people out themselvs by their choice of screen names?

Alvin Burg • 1 year ago

I understand that blacks are far more racist than I've ever thought about being.

Hatrad • 1 year ago

As long as it Pays, it Won’t..
And it’s paying the Democratics Well, Very Well.
Divide and Conquer.

Clay Cullum • 1 year ago

They were also Democrats. But somehow the hate has been re-directed toward Republicans.

blue rooster • 1 year ago

JoeDokes999- so you are making a good argument for segregation.. Africa is 14 times the size of the USA and is majority black, not sure why more aren't moving there.. Haiti is 95% black and is even closer... And it probably looks a lot like the majority areas in Chicago..

JoeDokes999 • 1 year ago

No, the argument is to face our history so we can move forward as one nation. Pretending that racism doesn't exist is not solving the problem. Understanding our history is not the same as the pathetic behavior of white guilt. I feel no guilt as a white person but I do recognize that the treatment of black people in this country was not up to the ideals of the U.S., and the crime and poverty of Chicago and other cities is a direct result of specific government decisions in these cities. You can't solve a problem if you don't know its roots and its cause (which is why we haven't solved the problem).