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Kalavati Gloria Yates • 2 years ago

My iPhone is too old to use the Heart Math programme. My iPad died, and after a year friend repaired it, It had my Heart Math programme on it. I gave him the ipad because I have a kindle and a MacBook Pro. So no longer necessary. So, I gave my repair guy the heart math ear sensor, Since I can't use it. : ( My meditations and prayers in the temple and at the sea will be enough.

Roxanne Noble • 2 years ago

Thank you for this timely information
extremely helpful to all of us

Silas • 2 years ago

Awesome brief article. this is very helpful, hope others will use the techniques. the techniques do work with practice, practice, practice and more practice.

tigercat • 2 years ago

I had a session with my psychologist last week, and she had mentioned that one of the key skills to get from the heartmath practice is returning to coherance after being disturbed . This was in my find when I was taken to see the harrowing film "Dunkirk" this week. I had iphone and sensor with me, so decided to try an experiment. First score, whilst low for me, showed a fairly stable hrv wave


Not anything to shout about result wise, but this was an experiment. Started the session 5 minutes from start of film.


The second run, started approx 50mins into film, and still using heart focussed breathing technique, pretty clearly shows disruption. Ok, so youd expect this , the emotional disruption , but I thought it was a worthwhile exercise/expeeiment which graphically shows emotion , even clearer when reviewing result on pc emwave pro software.


By way of comparison , a good result a month ago, all sessions at level 3