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Alan Henness • 5 years ago

My comments with a link don't seem to be being approved for some reason. Here's one from yesterday but without the link. The regulations can easily be found on the UK Government's website.

Erin Elizabeth said:

"I searched all over for a complete list of items the NHS will no longer pay for but couldn’t find one."

It's not difficult to find. Schedule 1 to the National Health Service (General Medical Services Contracts) (Prescription of Drugs etc.) Regulations 2004:

It contains 3,241 items including a large number of pharmaceutical medicines.

Lara Lara • 3 years ago

Communist demoniocracy just want us to die asap, so the world can be cool and clean again.

Alan Henness • 3 years ago

Awww... bless.

Beata • 5 years ago

Unused prescription drugs are one of the greatest waste in the medical system. Many people receive their prescriptions as a refill, do not need or use them and then return them back to the pharmacy to be incinerated. The cost is several billion pound a year. And now they will sanction helpful and well liked remedies that will save 250 million a year. Is anyone doing the math?? Oh, yes, the pharma is because once the drug is sold they don't care where it will end up. So where are the medical administrators, pharmacists and economist? No one is looking a this issue and only the voiceless pharmacy assistants are whispering in the corners that another 3 bales (every day) of used drugs are going to the fire. This is NHS in The UK!

Michele Tornes • 5 years ago

A witchhunt with a different ideology.

Alan Henness • 5 years ago

Jeremy Hunt doesn't support homeopathy.

Mike Stevens • 5 years ago

Are we sure?
He did back in the day.

Alan Henness • 5 years ago

I replied yesterday but my comments with a link don't seem to be being approved for some reason. Anyway, here's what I said but without the link. The audio of the broadcast can be found in the diary pages of prod David Colquhoun's DCScience website.

Yes. Hunt recanted his belief in homeopathy on Radio 5 Live in 2013:

That excerpt is only a minute long, but he talks about why he signed the homeopathy Early Day Motion - a constituent asked him to!

Mike Lashewitz • 5 years ago

Britain is dead. Stupidity reigns supreme.

Meanwhile, "Government By and For THE PEOPLE" is failing here in the USA BECAUSE of st'oo'pid people who have forgotten the meaning of "By the CONSENT of the governed" If you sit on your ass and do nothing that is called CONSENT.

Jane domes • 5 years ago

pills don't fix everything.