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Nwafo Igbo Ochie • 1 year ago

Buhari's Federal Government have brought us back to the 1970s when the then East Central State was completely abandoned. Even now as it was then, no Igbo had input in who becomes our governors. Imo was the clearest example. In other states the governors had to read the presidents lips and body languages and act accordingly, for them to win elections. It was as bad as that.My consolation is that no people had remained slaves for ever. One day all these will cease. Olorun!

Deep Probe • 1 year ago

If this true, then they are not even trying to pretend again. However, if SE was included in the loan, how much would they have got considering the fact the SW (a major stakeholder in this APC government) got only $200m? This is a zone hosting our former (and now financial) capital where people flood to from all of Nigeria and Africa (especially with new free visa)? Or is it the case that some SW individuals have settled for this based on the fact that they will benefit personally from the gigantic 40% consultancy? In that case I see new SW billionaires in the pipeline, while the ordinary SW citizen remains impoverished as usual. Anyway, they will get the consolation of having "bragging rights" - very important for the average small minded African.

Nwafo Igbo Ochie • 1 year ago

It is true, at a point 3 of them considered joining APC. The APC people then prematurely announced to the whole nation that some SE governors would cross over. But due to depth of the people's rejection of the APC, they later reached some understanding, which ensured some give and take action, and some guarantees.