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Donald Davis II • 9 months ago

The "charm" was for the mother so he planned to have some type of sexual relationship with her... He's 19, legally an adult, yet he's referred to as a "boy"..... Someone inside of her, knowing it's not her husband, and she allows the intercourse to continue. This is what they both wanted and what they didn't want was to conceive a child, the whole ordeal would've continued had she not gotten pregnant.

WISE MAN • 1 year ago

all this evil is taking people back dark days of years

Paparazzo woman • 1 year ago

@AZZO If you want to comment on the article, do so instead of saying everybody in the country is sick. I think you are one of the REAL sick people in the country.

Cindy • 1 year ago

Is this real news? This is absolutely insane that this is a real story. Sick.

AZZO • 1 year ago

We are truly a very sick people and country from our leadership to the common people on our streets - all sick people. We need healing in our land. God help us.

Kangiwa • 1 year ago

We have arrived. Insha Allah we will sanitize this land. Allahu Akbir!