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Greentek • 2 months ago

MedMen hasn’t paid us for the last 6 months and owes us $300k. We finally stopped supplying to them but they’ve been dodging our phone calls. When we finally got someone on the phone, some low level jackass named Ben Shultz offered us $30k to go away. When I told him the offer was unacceptable, he laughed and said we’re gonna end up with zero as the ship sinks. This is gonna likely put us near bankruptcy as well and it’s painful to bear when you hear about the private jets, the exorbitant bonuses and the other ways these guys have enriched themselves.

Jerry Springer • 2 months ago

Thats brutal. So MedMen guys got rich with investors money and now a bunch of people will lose it all. Why is it still legal for managers of public companies to pay thenselves millions of dollars whil their company bleeds to death?

Executive compensation should be legally capped to $300k per year if a corporation is unprofitable. What a joke.

Scott Willis • 2 months ago

Hi we would love to talk to you more about this. If you would be willing email me at contact@grizzle.com. Thanks

William Fowler • 2 months ago

Yes, I would imagine that MedMen is on the verge of bankruptcy....but of course any cannabis touching business cannot file bankruptcy in federal court...so what do they do? Management should have hired a team like our company (Nevium) that would have given them a professional road map to prevent bankruptcy and increased the value of their companies respectively. I am well versed in 280E issues and the impacts it has on any cannabis touching business...but who quarterbacks after the game is finished?

AgentOrange • 2 months ago

How do you think they’re doing paying the legal fees associated with their CFO lawsuit defense and the antitrust review? Those fees have to be in the millions.