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Classychassy • 8 years ago

What foods increase magnesium in our bodies?

Russ the Gardener • 7 years ago

Earlier this year I was really struggling with tired muscles and joints and did an internet search, finding that I possibly had a magnesium deficiency. I decided to look for an eco source for my magnesium (being a bit of a tight wad) and discovered that your common or garden stinging nettle is packed full of the stuff! I looked up some YouTube videos on making nettle tea and it makes a really nice, earthy refreshing brew. I also added some lemon balm leaves (which has it's own mental benefits) and honey to the nettles and just brewed a batch up every day, drinking it cold later on in the day and wow! Sorted me out a treat, so much so I enrolled onto an online herbalism course to look more into the value of what we consider weeds. I tell everyone who will listen now. Try it for yourselves even if you don't have a problem it tastes good, it also makes me feel less guilty about weeding the garden!

N • 7 years ago

Russ, the best way is to eat it! But only when it's fresh and young (now is the season). You can boil it in a closed pan for about 3 min and that's all. We bulgarians eat it with dressing of natural yogurth and garlic.

Emmett Grogan • 4 years ago

N: Hello Bulgarian! I was in your beautiful country in 1977. I had the best yogurt I ever had in my life there and the people were so friendly. We set up camp and a shepherd's small children came and helped us and also brought flowers, so very sweet.
Hello from California, U.S.A. Nice to hear from someone from Bulgaria.

Down to Earth Thinking • 4 years ago

awesome !

Nofearorfavor • 4 years ago

Great! Summer here and many new young and tender nettle shoots available! Lovely recipe-- thanks!

Kindness • 4 years ago

Fantastic, I love that mother nature provides us with everything we need, we have lost so much of this knowledge and it is great we are discovering the benefits of herbs again.

Down to Earth Thinking • 4 years ago

excellent info !

Nofearorfavor • 4 years ago

Definitely going to try it! Have stinging nettle in the garden, just have to get lemon balm leaves -- will suit my pocket too... thanks!

anon • 7 years ago

Take Epson salt baths or magnesium spray. Through the skin is the best way to get magnesium and other minerals!!

elansunstar • 5 years ago

YES transdermal is quick and easy....epsom salts or magnesium flakes
dark greens
almonds and much more...including dark chocolate

Down to Earth Thinking • 4 years ago

Problem is I never bath in a tub ?

Tammy • 4 years ago

I do a foot bath in epsom salts every evening before sleep. Fill a bucket ankle deep with the hottest water I can handle, a cup of epsom, and sometimes will add a drop of lavender EO. Soak 20 minutes, meditate for 30 minutes afterward, and off to dream land. Enjoy! Tammy

Brett Moore • 4 years ago

Wow! Thanks for the great tip!!

Down to Earth Thinking • 4 years ago

Thanks Tammy !

Down to Earth Thinking • 4 years ago

Good point and the article was a good read.

2 years ago I let my electrolytes get depleted and my leg muscles completely contacted when doing some wind sprints and I barely made it home from the park I was running at on my own power.I collapsed and had to wait a few minutes to get up as the contractions were uncontrollable and very painful. Took my own electrolytes and then minutes later good to go. So yeh, this can happen and does ! Stupid on my part actually to let that happen.

sabelmouse • 7 years ago

i think the problem is that because of soil depletion foods don't have as much as they should.

JRuss • 7 years ago

Glyphosate also depletes metal nutrients like magnesium. Avoid soil containing RoundUp. Avoid RoundUp Ready Foods. [most GMOs]

Down to Earth Thinking • 4 years ago

That is true of many nutrients, like boron, but you can change and improve your soil rather easily and naturally by adding crushed rock powder and other resources from various mulches to build microbes as well

carol moon • 7 years ago

What foods do yo recommend to eat to stop the cramps?

wendy spezowka • 7 years ago

stop drinking dehydrating things such as coffee or Don't eat dairyas it throws the balance elf calcium magnesium out , no cramps means you must drink water with hymalayan seasalt added in ( 80 plus minerals) and rehydrate your body and get your electrolytes back in balance:))

wendy spezowka • 7 years ago

sorry by calcium I meant dairy:)

MelissaW • 4 years ago

How much Himalyan salt should you add to the water to get all the 80 plus minerals ETC back in balance? I would think it would take a lot, and would make for very salty water.

Guest • 4 years ago
MelissaW • 4 years ago

Thank you for that information!

lizajane Grace • 4 years ago

Hey. I'm just discovering all these benefits! Love it, but I have high blood pressure and I am on meds for it and also watch my salt intake. I use himaylan salt already. Is this goid or bad? Do I need to make the water as well?

Changed • 7 years ago

Camomile tea, better than a pain pills and I wish I had known this earlier in life.

Changed • 7 years ago

Well, not just ANY cramps, upon reading again, I suppose I should have said for menstrual cramps, but who knows if it will do the same for say a foot cramp.

artmax • 7 years ago

Ooh yes it works so well for any cramps! I used to get unbearable cramping leg pain during my pregnancies and magnesium would stop it that same day! Now im taking it daily after reading all this info and well as nettle and melissa tea :-) ♡♡♡

Rebecca • 4 years ago

Organic dark chocolate is one of the highest sources!

sue • 7 years ago

Yeah he might have mentioned it in the article!Good sources include seeds, nuts, legumes, dark green vegetables, soy products, and whole grains.

Mrsvben • 7 years ago

Soy and grains=bad

Hey Jude • 7 years ago

Your ignorance=bad.

Vege-tater • 6 years ago

So UNTRUE! Processed soy and grains maybe, but we have been eating the whole foods for millenia!

Amanda • 4 years ago

The soy and grains have become so mutated from what God created them as that they no longer resemble on a molecular and chemical level what it once was.. if are you growing it organically yourself or a close by source that's a better choice but unfortunately for all of us we have poisoned our earth so badly it's going to impact us .. I'm not arguing about what to eat because at this point it is about lessening how much poison we ingest

Ali • 6 years ago

Grains and soy may provide some magnesium, however carbs and starches turn to glucose in the body and it apparently takes 28 molecules of magnesium to process every molecule of glucose. So the body will often have to use far more nutritional elements, including magnesium, than the food actually supplies.

Although we didn't realise it at the time, both my husband and I had classic symptoms of magnesium depletion. We both react strongly in different ways to wheat and carbs/sugars in general. So we dumped the wheat and most carbs and our symptoms improved - but only because we lowered the glucose level we were consuming, and put less stress on our low magnesium levels. I am now aware of this and am working to address the deficiency.....

easyout • 5 years ago

All people react strongly to wheat a sugars. Wheat has be hybrid for so long it isn't wheat anymore and the body doesn't understand. Carbs are fine, just not the carbs coming from foods that are not WHOLE. Health is pretty easy, just don't give the body something it doesn't understand. If you do, it'll deplete what you have by way of minerals and vitamins, let alone unbalance electrolytes and many other detox and body functions. The body, always in a state of balance that only the Lord understands as it's so very complex, is trying to survive and will do what it takes to balance, stealing from Peter to pay Paul. If the body can't detox chemicals from almost every source, it stores them in fat cells for detox later, but through the various detox pathways it can take care of itself pretty well. When we get out of balance we start getting symptoms, then sickness, then cancer. Cancer is just the body way out of balance, and it can fix it self easily by detox and rebalancing. It's really pretty simple. Pretty simple is a stretch, as faith, destressing, ability to do the research, all come into play also.

Mary Nelson • 4 years ago

Most soy today is GMO. Lousy! Grain fields might have been sprayed with Roundup @ harvest. Also lousy.

Kate • 5 years ago

Our soil is depleted of minerals + magnesium.we just don't get enough magnesium through food anymore. Try ReMag. BEST magnesium hands down 100% absorbed.

Laura StraightUp • 6 years ago

Walnuts. Mix raw unsalted, sunflower seeds - high in Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) and raw Walnuts with almonds in a mix, or just grab a handful of Walnuts alone once or twice a day and steer clear of Magnesium depleting drugs, which is basically everything. I'm not a professional, I just found this advice to make a noticeable difference in all symptoms that I never attributed to a lack of Magnesium. Walnuts are expensive, and getting moreso each day. There's a reason for that, they've got amazing health benefits that interfere with the Illness Industry's agenda to make everyone sick. Sick people = $$$$ for them. Thanks Obamacare supporters.

suemenow • 4 years ago

walnut prices vary by season, yearly crop yeild and demand..not O care

Marcio Romano • 7 years ago


Vege-tater • 6 years ago

You would think they might "mention" that in the article!

kimberg • 8 years ago

Can low magnesium cause anxiety and nervousness?

sue • 7 years ago

yes. it states this in the article.

Carrie Channing • 6 years ago

Apparenty. Panic attacks to...

Sharon • 7 years ago


Lou Armada, Sr. • 8 years ago

I have cramps all over my body especially on my abdomen muscles. I also have a great deal of sweating and ice cold feet. I've never had this before. Could that be a symptom?

sabelmouse • 7 years ago

as someone with many different pains and other symptoms i'm quite convinced that i have fibromyalgia. if i ever get to see a specialist it might eventually get confirmed.
i find magnesium oil helpful with my shoulder/neck pain, would it help with cramps? probably no harm trying.

WILLIAM VICTORY • 7 years ago

magesium malate large 3 a day doses will help.
I have severe cramp[s of all muscle groups ,legs feet, arms[cant bathe well ] any reaching instant cramp . Bad in feet toes calves, abdomen ,obliques go into a severe cramp lock where all I can do is lay and pray, screwed up bigtime.
I'm a 63 yr. old male carpenter till 10 yrs. ago . Started caregiver duty for 98 yr./ old mom . All downhill since w/atrophy ,loss of muscle mass, ZERO ENERGY , super weak ,cant even bowl ,fall down , embarassing.
Hospital bound next week for all this crap. Diagnosis a must. No health contacts w/dr. for 5-6 yrs., no insurance ,no time w/moms. 100% disabled/bedridden etc .
Starting mag malate and seems to be working somewhat just want to be certain its mag def thats my problem even tho feel better but not close to even 25% of my pre-50 y.o. self. Bad scene folks!! will advise of months use .
wish me luck!