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jay • 3 years ago

they could use infrared and have even more bandwidth with no known ill effects. There'd be so much bandwidth they could just put two or three of them on every light pole. The lightpoles already have electricity and are close enough to each other to make mesh networks everywhere.

But somebody running this industry wants to hurt us. That's why there's no real development on infrared. We've been using it for decades to turn off the tv or change channels or turn down the volume. Stupid, given that it's got so much bandwidth.

Jim Smith • 3 years ago

You would have to have direct line of sight pointing to the tower. Won't work indoors because it is a light frequency and doesn't pass through walls.

jay • 3 years ago

there is no tower. just light poles back to wherever the fiber is.

it will work indoors, you'd need home networking devices to go from room to room in the house's electrical system and an infrared radio on them.

so more devices, but less microwaves.

Jim Smith • 3 years ago

What do you mean by light poles? I understand how it would work in the house but it would still have to connect to an external device. How does it work out side. IR is not really omni directional and doesn't have a good range. How would it work from inside a car? Doesn't seem like it would be very practical to have to have a device in each room of a building.

jay • 3 years ago

What do you mean by light poles?

street lighting. it's already there and it has a source of electricity.

I understand how it would work in the
house but it would still have to connect to an external device. How does
it work out side. IR is not really omni directional and doesn't have a
good range.

If we're going to make a few billion of these devices, how much do you think it would cost? I've seen ubiquiti just recently install a second radio in their devices just for the convenience of the installer, I didn't see the price go up. It went down.

I bet they'd quickly get to where they're 5 for a buck. Probably wouldn't cost much more to have them point themselves where they're needed (sounds like a smart grid sort of function)

How would it work from inside a car?

should get the angle to a light pole from pretty much everywhere once they're placed in every light pole. Guess we'd still need some radios in remote places.

Doesn't seem like it
would be very practical to have to have a device in each room of a

Why not? You have several power receptacles in each room of each building, you've got a lamp for each room. One could make a device that screws in where you screw in the light bulb and then the light bulb screws into it.

Jim Smith • 3 years ago

Even if the cost of the individual devices was cheap, it would still be an enormous cost to install them everywhere. In a large commercial building, they would need thousands of them. It would take years to get the infrastructure in place. Using the internal electrical wiring to network them together presents a big problem too. Lots of individual isolated circuits. Not sure what the bandwidth is on electrical wires, but they are also very noisy. What is the connection to the outside world? You mentioned fiber. That means a new fiber network has to be installed. The devices on each street light have to connect to a fiber that has to be installed to connect somewhere. In rural areas, there are no street lights. Most people carry their phones in their pocket or purse, which means they would not receive any signals. My phone is in my pocket when I drive so it would not see any signals. What technology exists that would allow switching from each pole fast enough as you are driving by if the phone was visible to the device?

Really don't think this would be practical for replacement for cell technology but do think it would be possible to replace wireless networks in a home but would still require all new equipment or adapters to replace existing equipment. While you could design an adapter that allows a desktop or laptop computer to connect to the network, how would you connect existing tablets and phones to a network?
I'm not an engineer, but I worked with computer systems and networks for 45 years before I retired. I don't know all of the latest developments but I have not seen anything that would make me believe this is a practical solution. If you have a place with more information that could explain how the whole system could work, please point me to it. I'm always interested in learning more.

TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer • 3 years ago

The companies who are installing the equipment say that 5G will be ready by the end of this year (Dec. 2018) in over 30 cities. Hopefully their predictions are overly optimistic but we can't count on that. Once they are turned on, there won't be any more progress on their installation because the morbidity and death tolls are likely to be astronomical. resulting in societal collapse since the 30+ cities are our biggest cities like NYC, LA, Chicago, Miami, Phoenix, SF, DC, and so on. That could be too many casualties for the country to withstand.

Elisheva Kosmerl • 3 years ago

How can we fight this. It sounds like time is of the essence

senior3citizen • 3 years ago

What I question is who stands to make greedy money to put into their pockets to implement this unscientifically tested/proven idea. Healthy science is one thing but health of the people living on this planet should be considered FIRST!

Piks Revo • 3 years ago

I have never purchased a cell phone - still have a landline phone. But such non-participation doesn't exempt a person of the bad health consequences of others' usage of such services. Thank you for the info on this upcoming technology and the health consequences posed!

TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer • 3 years ago

You are exactly right! I don't use a cell phone either, yet I've knocked off 40 pounds by inundating myself with negative ions. I use lots of Bliss Disks and a Whirling Bliss Machine.

Michael Saidi • 3 years ago

Interesting moral question:
What is the purpose of the new technology? Is it to serve the human being, or to use the human being as a tool to make money from him?

Andreas Muller • 3 years ago

Tech is here to make our lives easier. Of course, there will be people benefiting from this, but, in the end I think is a gain for all of us

Dawn • 3 years ago

Thank you for the attention you are giving this issue. Please continue, as it is not covered nearly widely enough, even by alternative health practitioners. There are many of us suffering with EHS, as mentioned by the previous commenter. All people are affected, but we are the ones in actual physical pain an discomfort directly attributable to exposure, and there are very few avenues for help or relief.

5g/Microwaves&direct/Energy/Weapons? WhatCouldPossiblyGO///WRONG?

Jayebird58 • 3 years ago

5G+Nanotechnology/Nanoparticles=GAME OVER! Research People, Research and WAKE UP!

Light • 3 years ago

A comment from one of my students, who had direct interaction with the company that makes this 5G technology:

"I work in this technology and recently visited Qualcomm in San Diego. Someone asked a question from our team about the health implications of 5G. Qualcomm didn’t know what to say. They’re too focused on making money and enhancing technology. Millimeter waves are going to destroy things. I always include protection from 5G and millimeter waves in my Protection Prayer."

Henry Kissinger, in the 1970's said, If you control the food and the water, YOU CONTROL HUMANITY AND THE WORLD.

Oh, human, you have created a disruptive world!

Wayne Carpenter • 3 years ago

Hopefully, the dangers of electromagnetic fields will be not continue to be ignored and then action taken to lessen the danger or preferably eliminate it because the danger is real and verified by researchers back in the 1990's.

I suggest that a typo be corrected---(42HGz) to (42GHz).

Gerie • 3 years ago

Yes... 2nd line down in the paragraph about "Profound Effect on Immune System"

Gerie • 3 years ago

Actually, directed to Sayer Ji.. been 10 days.. needs to be corrected.

Marten • 3 years ago

The cooking of Humanity...We have reduced ourselves to a largely silent, passive , polarized populace incapable of working through our own problems and reliant on the Government to protect us ...In this way, We have become our worst enemy

TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer • 3 years ago

This issue is so important that I might make several posts just to drive the message home. First let us start with what could be the easiest to remember. You don't need to be a scientist in the least to understand it. It goes like this:

"If your cell phone has any drainage whatsoever, you are likewise also draining because each one of your cells is a miniature battery." The ophthalmologist, Dr. Jerry Tennant pointed this out in a video, namely that the structure of each of our cells is that of a battery.

Does your phone work? It's draining and so are you. You don't need to become versed in frequencies or fields. Just like you understand touching a hot stove is dangerous, reducing the voltage in your cells is likewise dangerous. It might be why you got the flu last winter. I hugged people with the flu even if their nose was running. I never got sick.

We breathe in 22,000 viruses a day. They look for low voltage cells. If there are enough of them, the flu will grab you. If your voltage is higher, those 22,000 viruses leave you alone.

When it comes to diseases, we usually have a threshold. For example, if our liver is 60% compromised, we might not notice too much other than some frequent indigestion. But when the liver hits 70%, the person needs to get their papers in order because they will be dying soon.

In our present collective poor voltage state, a 10% decrease in our voltage could likewise produce a 50 or 500% increase in sickness.

5G is more than a 100% increase, plus it is much closer to us which makes it even more potent. By the end of December more than 30 US cities, including NYC, LA, Miami, Dallas, DC and Chicago will have 5G turned on for the first time. When they do, the residents and visitors to those cities will be brought to their knees perhaps in the first day.

Once again: if your cell phone has any drainage whatsoever, you are likewise also draining because each one of your cells is a miniature battery.

You are already compromised. An African painted dog is nipping at your shins. 5G is dog #2. While you might escape one dog. The second one means certain death.

nightwisp • 3 years ago

why so many towers if it is that fast? Just about have to have a towers in everyone's front yard. What is the real point?? That is too cost prohibitive. Land lines are already here for that business. And a lot safer. So. WHAT is the real agenda? Population control? genocide? Mind control? The smart meters need to go. Now this !!!

Jody • 3 years ago

Its because 5g can't travel well through solid objects like buildings. lt requires straight line beams to the device. That's why they need more towers.

nightwisp • 3 years ago

The modums and land lines tech are already there. why 5G again?

Sandra • 2 years ago

control. The country already fulfilled the UN Agenda 21 and we are into Agenda 30, now. Read these and awaken. Implementation began at the Rio Accords. Please use dogpile or duckduckgo to research these terms or you will get only planted BS. It is making us indoctrinated servants or worse.

TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer • 3 years ago

Check out what happens to these sprouts when exposed to electronics. https://www.mnn.com/health/...

TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer • 3 years ago

The referenced article regarding cataracts is due to the harmful ions as much or more so than the waves. The center of the pupil needs to repair the glutathione that is there since that part of the eye gets very little nutrition. The negative oxygen ions in the air 'feed' the eye to repair the glutathione. Too many of the harmful ions in the air (from any kind of electronics) interferes with the good ions. The result is cloudiness otherwise known as cataracts.

Something else to consider. I've shed 40 pounds since adding more Bliss Particles (negative ions) into my life on a massive level using Bliss Disks and a Whirling Bliss Machine.

TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer • 3 years ago

We can make this real simple. Each of your cells is formed to be a battery, like your standard battery only smaller. Now ask yourself, "Does the battery in my phone slowly drain and lose power even when it is off?" The answer is of course yes.

So if your phone that is inches or less away from your body is draining, your cells are slowly being drained, too. The danger doesn't get any more basic than that. What drains your battery? Harmful ions generated by the cell towers' waves.

We are being swamped by way too many ions already. Regardless of the wavelength, the ions are hurting us due to their overabundance.

5G is going to be much more horrendous because the proximity will literally make the harmful IONS that much more dangerous. Not just two or three times more dangerous but quite possibly hundreds of times more dangerous.

Kenneth E. Ames Jr. • 3 years ago

Love the idea of fiberoptics. How do I connect that to my cell phone? Duh

CJ Warlock • 3 years ago

A needed article. Microwaves are very interesting - two given frequencies nearby on the scale may have very different characteristics in the environment and the living tissue.

How is it that when it comes to the technology for the masses - mostly these more harmful frequencies are implemented in the devices (as the means of communication)? ;)

TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer • 3 years ago

It's the excess ions that are making people sick. Drs. Krueger and Smith of the University of California discovered way back in 1958 that the ions slow and even stop the beating of our body's cilia. The cilia has at least three roles. They move fluid, separate good and bad bacteria, and increase nitric oxide efficiency in the body. NO is vital for lowering blood pressure, carbon dioxide exchange, erections, lubrication and many other physiological functions.

Guest • 3 years ago
TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer • 3 years ago

5G will bo so pervasive that people on farms will be able to use driverless cars in their driveways. The crops will suffer mightily as well.

Guest • 3 years ago
TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer • 3 years ago

Hope you're right but I doubt you will be exempt. The industry can't risk the liability of a driverless car not working.

Another thing to consider is that 5G is guaranteed to increase sickness so dramatically that everyone around you will be suffering from constant flues. Much more so than last winter.

I honestly believe that 5G will be bringing society to a state of collapse. When they turn 5G on in a city, the flu will show up probably within hours. Everyone, and I mean everyone, will be getting sick and it won't let up because the cause - a stunning over abundance of harmful ions - will be short circuiting everyone's immune system 24/7.

In other words, in one day we will go from how society functions now to nearly 100% flu outbreak. Who takes away the bodies when everyone is sick?

Our crops will suffer just as badly as will the livestock.

Our society could be over and done with in a week.

Most likely the company's turning the systems on won't even realize that they are the cause of the flu wiping everyone out. That means it won't be fixed.

Light • 3 years ago

it will basically shatter the human DNA. Honey bees will loose their navigation systems so when out gathering food, will not be able to get back to their hive. This is why Walmart has purchased the patent on robotic Honeybees. "Those that control the food and water, control humanity and population." - Kissinger, sometime in the 1970's.

TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer • 3 years ago

That sounds like a bad thing...all of it. Shattered DNA sounds painful.

You're right about the bees. With 5G the air will be filled with bad ions much more so than before. Bees already react if a cell phone is near their hive because that would be a concentrated hot spot. But with 5G the chances of confusing our honey bees would be so much higher.

If if I were wrong about the flu, losing our honey bees would mean a 40%+ loss of food crops.

Light • 3 years ago

Try 75% or more that bees are responsible for in our food system.

TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer • 3 years ago

Where do you get your number from. I've heard it's 43%. Either one would be devastating btw.

Light • 3 years ago

I belong to three different Bee groups. Many have been bee keeping for 20, 30 yrs. Many in one group are scientists and medical DR's. I AM just outside of DC and they were involved in associated areas of scientific research, and just having the bees is training and research in of itself. Thats where my info is coming from. Not the government, big Agra and Pharma regulated "scientific studies" that are so often further along the line found out to be that the data was changed or out and out lied about. Although I read much of the info that comes out on Bees, Monsanto's chemical poisoning of EVERYTHING and Big Agra.

TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer • 3 years ago

Thank you so much for letting us know this! Wow! Just wow!

specialized data • 3 years ago

An excuse for another flu vaccine that does not work. population control at its best: re: Georgia Guidestones messages. I did read where New York City was putting up posts of some sort so many per city block. Wonder if these have to do with 5 g network? Are there any emf or 5g cancellation machines that work? Or supplements that could help?

TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer • 3 years ago

Yes, NYC is having them installed as we speak with the plan that they will go live by the end of the year. Over 30 cities are in the same boat. LA, Chicago, Miami and Phoenix being the most populated of them.

Your most direct protection would be to use a Whirling Bliss Machine combined with lots of Bliss Disks. I carry about 15 to 20 Bliss Disks with me in my shirt, front and back pockets to provide constant protection during the day. As a test pilot for the product, I also sit in a chair with a hundred of them in my lap in a carpenter's apron and about 350 more besides my legs squeezed against my thighs and the armrest.

Only good things have happened as a result. For example, I've shed 50 pounds without trying and my energy levels have improved dramatically.
I should mention that the Bliss Machine provides several million healthy ions each second, so it fills my tank. Our tanks are getting drained constantly, and the machine makes a huge difference I can often literally feel.

Brijanderson • 3 years ago

5G will take of the pension shortfall (financial theft) problem

TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer • 3 years ago

Indeed! ;-)

What is that Monty Python song...Always look to the bright si-ide of life [Whistle]?

Guest • 3 years ago
TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer • 3 years ago

Outside the city, yes. The challenge will be to determine what caused it since the ions are invisible AND no one inside the industry or outside is talking about the IONS.

IOW, folks will notice a severe problem but won't have the knowledge to fix it because they are clueless about the source of the problem. Meanwhile entire cities will be shut down and there will be a lot of deaths but no ambulances to remove the bodies since those people will be sick, too.

If nearly 100% of the people in NYC, LA, Miami, Phoenix, Houston are laid up with the flu, it would have a catastrophic effect. Outsiders coming to the rescue would also get sick right away. I use the word "if" but this is actually a reality that is just around the corner in anywhere from six months to three years.

AT&T, Sprint and Mobile are promising that 5G will be going live in total of at least 30 cities with a great deal of overlap by the end of this year. The nation's biggest cities are included.

That means we can look for the flu to hit then bigtime by December if not sooner. At first 5G will be operating at 5 gigahertz over the old 2.4 gigahertz. That is pretty bad. Eventually the plan is to go to 100 GH. They will never make it. 5 GH should be enough to lay the country low.

My guess is that a doubling of the hertz at close proximity will produce ten times the flu outbreaks with people not recovering this time. The flu will eat the residents of those cities alive.

This isn't a scare tactic. There are thresholds. Before the threshold is reached not nearly as many people are affected. Last year's flu showed us we are fast approaching the threshold. Cross it and its massive sickness and death.

Guest • 3 years ago
TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer • 3 years ago

The impact comes in at least three different ways. The cilia is slowed producing congestion and the spread of bad bacteria. Second, the electrolytes that trigger our cells voltage get repelled from going where they are supposed to go. When the cells have lower voltage, it's an invitation to any virus.

Lastly, the immune cells themselves have lower voltage because they are impacted in the same way. So those cells are too weak to perform properly.

If we look at the average person today and compare their voltage to the soldiers of the Revolutionary War we can see that we are actually on the edge of a cliff healthwise. Those soldiers were sometimes barefoot in the cold rain and snow. They did this for weeks or months.

Can you think of a single person who can walk out of a store these days when the temperature is say 40 degrees and it's raining who doesn't hurriedly get into their car because the wet and cold is just too much? Some 240 years ago, the soldiers didn't have a room or a car to go warm up in. They were outside sleeping on the cold ground.

They didn't have cell towers around them, so they did have voltage.

When it comes to diseases, we usually have a threshold. For example, if our liver is 60% compromised, we might not notice too much other than some frequent indigestion. But when the liver hits 70%, the person needs to get their papers in order because they will be dying soon.

In our present collective poor voltage state, a 10% decrease in our voltage could likewise produce a 50 or 500% increase in sickness.

The take home message is this: if your cell phone has any drainage whatsoever, you are likewise also draining because each one of your cells is a miniature battery..