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Jagannath Chatterjee • 6 years ago

Great article Sayer! To protect our health we need to return to our traditional food, have normal deliveries, avoid vaccines and antibiotics for pregnant mothers, infants and children, and be up close with nature instead of fighting her as an enemy. Look forward to a sane world.

Down to Earth Thinking • 5 years ago

Indeed all good points and a good read !

Everything is interconnected and always has been. We have simply let so-called science take us down the wrong road for the wrong reasons ? And on many issues

Leila-Uddin • 6 years ago

This article is profound and superbly written. I am a believer and as a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner I have always been aware of the innate power of woman and the importance of childbirth. I will share this with as many others and hope to find more articles that have the ability to enlighten those of us who are open to other ideologies that challenge the "germ" theory. Thank You Dr Sayer

bsroon • 6 years ago

Well, i loved MOST of the article, lol. The part where he becomes philosophical and attributes womb envy smacks of BS to me, but i am a little more awake than some...

i have two male children - the first born in a birthing room, the second in an apartment w/midwives in San Francisco at 24th and Mission. That was a better birthing experience by far over the MD, but both were natural births. i never envied my better half her part vs my part - heck it's fun making babies and even more fun now with my "tubes tied" so the stress of another diaper/sleepless night time span is not going to happen.

The guessing about ancient history is pretty pointless, and most archeology and study of ancient peoples looks like a ton of bullshyte in many areas. You know, you read about the horrible efforts needed to chop through a tree with a stone axe compared to a metal axe and you are appalled that we as humans ever needed to expend that effort. Guess what? The maple tree i chopped with a stone axe only took about twice as long as my chopping through trees with a steel axe - i've literally done both.

If you listen to experts, the only reason we have civilization is (according to that selective idiot Freud) because SOME primitive man managed to resist the urge to piss on the fires in nature. Yep - and he threw homoeroticism into the mix, being the sexual moron that he was - but c'mon, women are women, and THEY make the babies in their bodies. Fine. i think a lot of guys are perfectly fine with that.

Wars aren't caused by trying to get even with women, they are caused by infantile, insanely greedy, psychopaths like our current crop of self-annointed "elite" idiots for the increased acquisition of moremoremoremoremore. The same with corporations becoming willing to damage you and your children so that they can squeeze a little more profit out of you - regardless of the damage to planet or others.

artemis6 • 5 years ago

Testosterone. Fulled. Aggression. In some unadulterated cultures that still exist, the phallic symbol is painted on the outside of the home. It is a sign this place is PROTECTED. A beware to unfriendly psychopaths who have been with humanity for some time. From Russia and China to multiple South American countries these cultures have this same habit. Men are the helpmates and protection, biologically to the creators and Crones of the community. We all have become twisted by a warped death cult culture, that values a tree for its price in lumber and not its priceless living value as part of a working ecosystem. So men are belittled in their own minds, valued for their ability for violence, apart from protection of womanhood. A terrible disservice to them. This culture has warped all that is good and noble in humanity, and much of this is deliberate. Psychopaths have, over generations created a control grid all 'roud us, defining us in THEIR image. Mankind is noble and good for the most part if raised without this mental prison. A close look at His-story will show you.

bsroon • 5 years ago

PLEASE avoid allness statements like "all have become warped...."

Some are awake, some are aware and fighting the distortions, some....

i still stand with what you replied to above. We know beyond doubt that the anthropology of ancient humanity is NOT what we are told. Bering Strait crossing, all humans originating in Africa, North American natives primitive and behind European and other cultures, etc. When one realized the Eurocentricity of our current paradigms in almost all arenas - one learns to take these things with a grain of salt.

Of course women are to be protected, and in loving relationships cherished - and they should cherish back - dammut, lol.

Our alleged "civilization" is the least civilized i can imagine - the uber rich parasitic class distorting all for their personal aggrandizement and power at the expense of any and everything else. Killing the planet that THEY need to live on and causing every problem of planetary significance we can possibly remediate.

artemis6 • 5 years ago

I stand by my statement, because I am still , myself untangling the deep dogma of the culture from my mind and pattern of living. Even great thinkers show traces of it , with the possible exception of Chris Hedges....who has SEEN more than most. I do agree that this culture is intensely barbaric. Actually I am more hopeful now that I have ever been because there are so many waking up. I hope more people learn about other wiser cultures so they can better understand how warped ours is.....

bsroon • 5 years ago

Good luck with that. Onion city - layer upon layer upon layer. i will mention it here, but i am still HORRIBLE at keeping this up anywhere as much as i should.
When i just sit and meditate - i'm sure others do it this way, but not heard of it before. i just sit and LET the thoughts and stimuli come by. i don't try to stop them, becauses stimuli HAPPENS and the mind WILL NOTICE IT. Since i can't stop the mind from doing what it does - i figured out to just observe the stimulus and response.

Oh - leg is sore. Muscular there, joint against joint there. Feels a touch chilly - blah blah blah. The mind does it ALL and then again some! But just letting self observe the thought soon shows that there IS a thought - separate from "me" and the thing that i thought was "ME" isn't anywhere. The more this practice goes on, the more "i" become totally freed from emotional responses. There are a HUGE number of responses to virtually any situation that (before waking up) i would have had basically one emotive reaction to perform. Maybe two.

So it soon becomes apparent that the only true statement that can be made is "I AM" There is "I" - consciousness, not ego at all, and that consciousness exists, is, has a state of being. That the state is blissful is a total bonus of course.

WHEN i remember to do this (last time i was subcontracting million dollar + houses in SW Colorado and had a day-long deja-vu/precognition experience. Therefore i couldn't perform my building tasks well enough and had to stop - sigh) NOTHING upsets the real self, and that real self gently watches all, unattached, but totally loving in ways and depths we can't normally grasp.

i REALLY NEED TO GET BACK THERE AND LIVE THAT because the external world has been way intense - and i see that in your post too. i am enlightened, but if the tiny mind would SHUT UP and live that, maybe we could get somewhere, lol. It would certainly relieve stress and allow me to be a better vehicle for change.

Thanks for your post. Love your energy. b

Alan • 2 years ago

It's actually estrogen that fuels aggression. Try to keep up, please.

7LibertyForAll • 4 years ago

Well said.

Julie Ferwerda • 2 years ago

Sayer, this article is exactly tracking with some of my own recent thoughts on the suppression of women. Why suppress something unless there is fear of its power (vaccines and freedom of speech, anyone?). It is written with so much intelligence and grace, and was definitely very enlightening for me on the microbiome influence of the mother. Spiritually speaking, the Divine Feminine is of great interest to me currently, and particularly the Sophia. Have you ever seen David Hayward's Sophia Collection ("Naked Pastor")? He has an Etsy page and an Instagram and he is so brilliant in shedding light on the patriarchal suppression of the Sophia.

As an aside, please tell Kelly how grateful I am for her email about B-school a couple weeks ago. I signed up and it is exactly what I have needed to get my own wellness/wholistic coaching business going. I can't wait to see where this journey will lead.

Americium Dream Documents • 6 years ago

organic lands maintain the microbiome we need
for those that decide to eat organic
regardless of who owns that land.

Wally • 6 years ago

Men instinctively know that we are inferior to females. So we compensate in many ways to try and prove otherwise. Who is killing the world? Who is poisoning the world? Who is raping, pillaging and plundering the world? Who is the most violent? Who is trying to be "top dog" no matter the cost?

Men, in every case. The most violent and nasty of the two sexes who seeks power and wealth at all costs. I wish that women ran the world, we would have a very different planet.

artemis6 • 5 years ago

As a female , i do not think of anyone as inferior. We do have biological roles for which we are designed. Right now, women and children are far too often deprived of protection and support. Not all mothers are good, but MOST do their best to care for the young in a culture that has no regard for those without POWER. Men are meant to be heroes , not conquers. They seem to have forgotten how.

Bill Sanders • 6 years ago

Geez, what a flaming Feminist mangina you are. That is the one thing that polluted this otherwise excellent article for me. Most men are peace loving. Some women are selfish, vicious beasts. Please stop stirring the sexist pot with the "women are better than men" rhetoric.

Yvonne Forsman • 6 years ago

What is the gender of most American soldiers? If American men stop going to war, there won't be any more wars. Why do men (and a few women) continue to enlist in the military???

bachcole • 6 years ago

Wow!!!!! You really are profoundly and astonishingly clueless. So it was those sneaky American soldiers who flew the airliners into the World Trade Center. And when those meanie head American soldiers "reconquered" Western Europe in the mid-1940's, they didn't give it back to the various countries that they "conquered". And they are so clever to masquerade as Russian soldiers and conquer parts of Ukraine recently. And don't forget the slaughter during the partition of India in 1948; I didn't realize that it was really American soldiers on both sides killing 1,000,000 people. And it was American soldiers who did genocide in the Balkans in the 1990's; it is curious that my friend Edin who was in that war never mentioned any American soldiers; in fact, Edin, who admittedly fought in that war is still doing his tricky Croatian accent, even though he is secretly an American soldier.

I think that your agenda and assumptions are so twisted that you come to absurd conclusions.

Alan • 2 years ago

Because women like you push them into it.

Sadie-Kay • 2 years ago

I agree with your "compensation" idea. My husband (at the time) began cheating on me when I was pregnant. I wonder how relevant his timing was. What was he trying to prove?
Never mind. I divorced him.

ajaxthegreat • 4 years ago

Amen to that! That same idea has come out of my mouth many times as well.

bachcole • 6 years ago

I know that I am ONE with all beings and things. Who is it that I am inferior to?

The whole inferior/superior thingie is an integral part of duality and as such is a big fat zero with regard to spirituality.

Robyn Iverson • 6 years ago

Just one thing to note, while there was a scientific paper that asserted that mitochondrial DNA is only passed down from the mother, there has since been evidence that this is not 100% correct. There have been people with mitochondrial dysfunction whose DNA was tested and was found to have come from the father.

EmmettGrogan • 5 years ago

That's an important distinction in your last sentence. The dysfunctional mitochondria came from the father not the mother; the mother provides the functional mitochondria.

Don Lovell • 5 years ago

psychopaths with ionizing radiation devices, ELF weaponized roving vehicles, big problem for those who think different.. doctors with ionizing radiation heads covertly placed, thanks for your articles and giving hope to the afflicted

bachcole • 5 years ago

You suffer from paranoia. It is a mental disease. Get help, but not of psychiatric kind; they really do have a healing modality that sucks.

Down to Earth Thinking • 4 years ago

Usually it is not even close to healing anybody or anything

bachcole • 4 years ago

I agree. They are destructive, worse than nothing.

Madeleine Innocent • 5 years ago

Using homeopathy can support great health at the same time undoing past effects of traumas, but keeping the microbiome intact.

bachcole • 5 years ago

That has also been my experience, for the past 46 years.

Mel G • 5 years ago

A baby will be inoculated with the microbiome of both mother and father. Kissing, snuggling, lovemaking, the sharing of food, etc. by a couple is a sharing of their mutual microbiomes. I assume the longer a couple is together the more their respective microbiomes come to resemble one another. A one night stand not so much.

Alan • 2 years ago

Yeah but that wouldn't suit this mangina's mindset.

mike1835 • 5 years ago

Profound as scientific and mythic truth. With the Gaia theory of a living earth now mirrored by ourselves as an ecosystem. Trying to live as a true poet I support, respect, and love women as I do all of nature. The true poets have understood this for centuries. The poet Robert Graves saw history as a struggle between the matriarchal and patriarchal and we will find satisfaction in the lifting of suppression. I have spent my life creating art and music that heals and now am learning energy healing from my wife's centuries old Scottish tradition. Our granddaughter just gave birth and the doctors coerced her into getting a C-section. I am upset and angered by this. I did send greenmedinfo articles to her but I don't think she took them seriously.

artemis6 • 5 years ago

Well, bless you sir, sometimes C-sections are required. I had one (baby too big, mommy too small) I think breastfeeding helps a lot. He turned out wonderfully. And you are the grandad, so do not underestimate your own influence....that child is lucky.

Down to Earth Thinking • 4 years ago

All people are sacred and all make their own choices. Some choose to be played and used for negatives. It is all about our level of consciousness and how we react to all living things.

billorights • 6 years ago

I'm not sure about this microbiome stuff. Seems a bit New Agey for my tastes. But then I am a Neanderthal white male, who should not be speaking my mind. :)

bachcole • 6 years ago

Are you feeling like a victim and wanting to air your issues?

Microbiome is about science. Science discovers new things every day. If it didn't, it wouldn't be worth much. You can test this new idea by improving your gut health and watching your health improve, or you can look to see other people who have done likewise and tested the theory.

billorights • 6 years ago

It was my apparently lame attempt at a joke (note the smiley). Sorry if it was lost on you. :)

bachcole • 6 years ago

Oh, sorry about that.

Alan • 2 years ago

Please castrate yourself and be done with it, then you can join this mangina in your self hatred, preferably without bothering the rest of us.

Guest • 6 years ago
Guest • 6 years ago

And your credibility comes from where?

sabelmouse • 6 years ago

some men think. some are menemists.

bachcole • 6 years ago

What is a "menemists"?

sabelmouse • 6 years ago

a heinous men 's rights/supremacist movement opposing women's rights.

FSMPastapharian • 6 years ago

Does that mean feminists are a heinous women's rights/supremacist movement opposing men's rights?

Down to Earth Thinking • 4 years ago

Gotta wonder simply because you never ever see any sort of reaction or group about mens rights or see issues created about mens health or well being or whatever. No mens marches or special interest put forward or protest or whatever, unless they are gay issues ? It is simply assumed by the false narratives spoon fed to the masses that men, especially white men, are the cause of all wrongs and everyone else is the victim. It is always about women and or people of color or gender/sexual based? Why is is that ? I know why and it is beyond obvious. If Americans were not so effing lazy and stupid they would know as well and never fall for these false paradigms that are simply control mechanisms and issues to divide and focus created negatives for political reasons to control you.

The germ thing is nothing new either. I have known for many years that your immune system is far better off without any kind of pharma or vaccine or man made interruptor. You will be much healthier by building your own anti-bodies and simply living correctly. We all live under many illusions and they are all created to control you ! None of this is anything new at all and no PHD or MBA required to understand any of it. Just plain old common sense and some personal honesty.



bachcole • 6 years ago

Heinous perhaps. Women's rights, certainly. Supremacist, I presume that many are. The problem with female supremacists is that they need permission from men to do that. Men have the aggressiveness and the muscles; they have the final word. Hopefully, most or all men will appreciate the fact that how they treat women is how they are going to be treated by themselves when their consciences take over full control.

Alan • 2 years ago

Yes, in my experience that's EXACTLY what it means.

sabelmouse • 6 years ago


Proponent • 6 years ago

Nope.. grammar.. spelling.. punctuation, whichever and whatever ... do not matter in intelligent discourse.

Particularly if one is trying to convey.. well.. erhm.. something something. (Not everyone has a Sabelmouse Decoder Ring.)

It's .. 'meninist', by the way.

Now.. you know something, sablemouse ... maybe.