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Potomac • 1 year ago

"Isn't it time for some members to return to private service and to encourage younger folks run for office..." especially ones not suffering from dementia?

meletonmp • 1 year ago

Did you say Dementia or Suffering from Satanism, (the Podesta spirt cooking type)

leemuncy • 1 year ago

wonder why we arent hearing the Podesta name amongst this leftist crapfest in trying to take down Trump.
Surely his hands are all over this

Prof. Gaptoof • 1 year ago

Podesta has real problems of his own. He’s likely hoping just to stay out of a cage at Gitmo.

American Patriot • 1 year ago
Guest • 1 year ago
Corrupt_Club • 1 year ago

That is Charles Rangle on the right in this photo. He is a Govt. parasite Democrat who owes millions in Back taxes and refuses to pay. If we did that we would suffer the consequences. There is one set of laws for the high and mighty in Washington D.C. and another set of laws for the rest of America.

GlomOnToMe • 1 year ago

That picture also needs Sharpton, another tax cheat who's suffered zero repercussions.

savesc • 1 year ago

Where is his honor "Jesse"?? I know - trying to extort money from the NoKo's!!

American Patriot • 1 year ago
Tatiana Shariff • 1 year ago

yep we'd be in the pokey for life.....

Cheryl Walker DeFelice • 1 year ago

same with Al Charlatan Sharpton. He owes taxes as well. It's disgraceful that NOTHING happens to these people.

mewp12 • 1 year ago

Trump should instruct the IRS to go after people that have owed over a million.

Morris65 • 1 year ago

"I guess those shovel ready jobs weren't so shovel ready, (yuk, yuk, guffaw) !"

ConservativeWarrior54 • 1 year ago

All Democrats are parasites. We've all had it.

Saintfinnbarr • 1 year ago

He also a Korean War veteran with a Bronze Star for valor

forgetaboutit • 1 year ago

So what. That makes it OK for him to steal from the rest of us ?

Ken in Albuquerque • 1 year ago

Very good answer.

FBIkidnappedME • 1 year ago

Both parties are robbing us blind. The government cannot fix anything. The only problems they can solve are the ones they have to manufacture to get all the insiders paid.

bluelove • 1 year ago

Trump is trying to do something about it. And he is getting attacked for it. Remember Trump was NOT a politician. Which is why he won! He is trying to drain the swamp. Now, if only Sessions would do what we pay him to do, and start prosecuting all these criminals, and thats what they are! Like Hillary, comey, Rosenthein, lynch, rice, and many more. That would be a great start, to draining the swamp!

Tatiana Shariff • 1 year ago

Sessions is out to lunch, ....breakfast and dinner... AWOL, MIA, unaccounted for, flown the coup......what ever we call it. He's taking the people salary and simply not producing the goods. That is thievery ...... is his ego so big he refuses to resign????

WolfSpirit • 1 year ago

Explain how Trump is trying to do something about it. He isn't. He is using our money for golfing, he is getting money from foreign entities for his businesses. He may be donating his salary, but he is getting so much more from his businesses. Please explain your inaccurate statement. He is not draining the swamp. He is the swamp, along with many GOP people and yes some Democrats too. I may not have liked Hillary, but I will state this, I knew exactly who Trump was when he was running. A con artist--and he is playing you folks like a fiddle. Yes, Sessions is not truly doing his job either. But you know what? Look at all the positions that aren't filled due to Trump firing people. Look at the people he puts in positions. Gosh, let's start with Pruitt! What a guy huh? No. Not at all. I really don't care if you believe me.

ttodd • 1 year ago


bluelove • 9 months ago

Thankyou! These fools who say Trump is taking money have got to be STUPID! Trump doesn’t need money! He’s a billionaire. He gives his presidential salary to the vets! Some people are so indoctrinated, you can’t even talk sense to them! Trump2020!

DingleBarry • 1 year ago

I never believe nutcases.

Wisest Owl • 1 year ago

Michele I don't think you are a nutcase - I think you are retarded.

Susan Brown Mulkern • 1 year ago

You state you "knew exactly who Trump was when he was running". What do you have to say about Hillary and her flaws........years and years of scandal, dishonesty, and criminal acts she's gotten away with?!!!

bluelove • 9 months ago

This fool has no idea about Trump, who he was, is, his family- nothing! All he knows is what the LYING MAINSTREAM MEDIA TELLS HIM. HES BEEN INDOCTRINATED. SAD.

Grand2833 • 1 year ago

Lady, you can't be that stupid. Using our money for golfing? The man owns golf courses around the world, he doesn't need our money to play golf. Getting money from foreign entities for his businesses? Who? Who is giving President Trump money for his businesses? You can't just throw out there all these ridiculous claims with no facts to back them up. Give us some names of people, businesses, foreign countries that are giving him money for his businesses. You can't because it isn't happening, it's simply not true. As for all those positions that are not filled, those positions require the approval of Congress. President Trump has many nominees waiting for congressional approval and those positions will be filled when it happens. Congress is dragging it's feet and slow walking the approval of President Trump's nominees as a way of preventing the Trump agenda from going forward. You would know all of this if you knew how our government works and what is actually happening in our Congress.

Tracy Vigil • 1 year ago

Sure, if you willingly choose to ignore. Just stop it, and admit you cannot be honest. Sick of you people.

all_dems_suck • 1 year ago

it's what that species does.

bluelove • 1 year ago

Which is why we need term limits, and NO donations from lobbyists! There is a way, to make politics what it use to be. Use to be, a person couldnt get rich, with a stint in politics. That is not so, anymore! Term Limits , and no lobbyists!

Georgethehistorywonk • 1 year ago

There was no need for term limits in the past simply because there was no way a politician could get rich being a politician in Washington. However, as government grew bigger and bigger, there arose more opportunities for politicians to get rich. Those opportunities often involved what would be called insider information, which if we used would land us in Federal Prison. Of course, the politicians are exempt from this.

Guy Kibbee • 1 year ago

They have discovered that the path to power and unimaginable wealth is through government now. Can't ever match the money working for a business, but the US government has a bottomless pit of money. How else can people like the Clinton's, Obama's and Bush's become staggeringly rich? And they still think they deserve praise for their "service". They only served themselves.

Joe Fliel • 1 year ago

Currently, there are 245 millionaires in Congress, 179 of them are in the House. How the hell does that happen on a $174K salary?

Georgethehistorywonk • 1 year ago

Well, it's not because they are being frugal and putting as much of their take home pay in the bank as they can.

bluelove • 9 months ago

You are right. Could be we need another “Boston Tea Party”, because we are seeing, what they did, and we demand “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”!

Grooveman2 • 1 year ago

Shrinking government would also help. When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.

ConservativeWarrior54 • 1 year ago

Not at all

S. Plankenberg • 1 year ago

That does not guarantee him a Get Out Of Jail Free Card for life.

Adolf Hitler was a decorated for valor WWI veteran as well.

A good military record does not excuse later in life bad behavior.
John McCain comes immediately to mind.

forgetaboutit • 1 year ago

John Kerry too.

bluelove • 9 months ago

McCain was a DISHONEST RINO. NO MATTER WHAT HE DID, OR DIDNT DO AS POW. HE WAS A LYING RINO. HIS VOTE ON OBOZOCARE, KEPT TRUMP FROM BEING ABLE TO COMPLETELY REPEAL OBAMACARE! After he (McCain) had been running around, saying he would vote to repeal! He went to his grave, full of hate for Trump. That is scary! Ugh. What a horrible way to go! I think forgivness is best! Especially when you are about to meet your maker!

Tatiana Shariff • 1 year ago

did he buy it.....

Stone Barrington • 1 year ago

So if someone is heroic in their youth, it is an automatic pass to rob, cheat and steal later in life?

A Rapier's Wit! • 1 year ago

just look at McCain. He's been playing the "torture" card, the Maverick card for years!!!

Really Disgusted • 1 year ago

They will play "Songbird" after his funeral, and the surviving POWs will pi$$ on his grave!

Corrupt_Club • 1 year ago

So true, he was a hero in the past and deserves our admiration. In the congress he has been a disaster and when he is out of there, America and the Congress will be a better place.

landwell • 1 year ago

Media manufactured "hero".

Plenty of pilots flew 20-some missions in Viet Nam and many, unfortunately, were captured and sent to the Hanoi Hilton - don't hear much about them.

McCain was one of about 30 that cracked under torture, but he's the only one to milk the experience into a 50 year do-nothing, corrupt poitical career. Arizona voters should have tossed him out after the Keating Five scandal.

Corrupt_Club • 1 year ago

Voters frequently don't have much information, and don't realize they do not, and vote. That is how that is how McCain got elected.

TN Patriot • 1 year ago

Most have no idea about Keating 5. McCain used Daddy's name/rank and his POW status to catapult it to a life of fleecing the taxpayers.