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Frodo • 1 year ago

Hunt & Boris both slagging off Trump now , both establishment pawns

Guest • 1 year ago
Bram Poker,Esq. • 1 year ago

Or have jobs

Bar Steward • 1 year ago

being paid by an NGO ?

Big Fact Hunt - • 1 year ago

It's the same jobless cunts at each different protest.

I'd cut benefits to all those attending

macocode • 1 year ago


I feel like she looks, Pussy Galore James ..... THE END

Endeavour • 1 year ago

Caster Semenya?

Rotherhampoofta!!! • 1 year ago

Seen better looking blokes.

enufflies • 1 year ago

She looks like a bloke.

Moscowflyer • 1 year ago

You're better looking. xx

Rotherhampoofta!!! • 1 year ago

Should've gone to specsavers Lolz! xxx

Moscowflyer • 1 year ago

Have you seen the state of the other one? ;-)

Rotherhampoofta!!! • 1 year ago

No. lol!

macocode • 1 year ago

Me too

sybilla12 • 1 year ago

It has taken me 50 years to realise that people from different cultures are unable to live peacefully together. In the U.K. we have been far too tolerant of newcomers. We should have told them to shut up or ship out. Same in the US, in fact anywhere in the first world. The grievances of newcomers gets louder the more we let in.

SciPi • 1 year ago

In the late 70s the Home Office declined to grant political asylum to Eastern European/ Russian scientists, saying they were prosecuted no more.

Then came Blair and see what we have ended up with.

Moscowflyer • 1 year ago

I worked in 3 foreign countries when I was young. When there, I put up and shut up. Nobody asked me to be there, it was my choice. It was up to me to fit in around them not the other way round.

Prisoner Swiss Bob, Esq. • 1 year ago
astrangerheremyself • 1 year ago

Much laughter at the two who ran - literally RAN! - from the champagne spray.

upset • 1 year ago

It seems that I got my light bulbs just in time.


wycombewanderer • 1 year ago
Moscowflyer • 1 year ago

I don't give a fuck. Democracy means more to me than affordable use of a bloody mobile phone.

EJ✓ᴴᵘᵐᵇᵘᵍ • 1 year ago

Absolutely. The Finnish owner of the company i work for was upset that he knew 3 bankers who would have to move Frankfurt and told me "brexit has consequences". Oh no! Fuck sovereignty and democracy, some bankers are being inconvenienced!

Moscowflyer • 1 year ago

They just don't get it do they?

EJ✓ᴴᵘᵐᵇᵘᵍ • 1 year ago


NobodyUK • 1 year ago

Which are still exorbitantly expensive.

Guest • 1 year ago
sybilla12 • 1 year ago

Not as deprived as London when my parents were growing up, Grinding poverty. They weren’t violent. Then again they had fathers at home.

NobodyUK • 1 year ago

What fucking austerity? Fuck off.

AccieMad • 1 year ago

It's true to be honest. When I was a student I struggled to feed myself and keep the roof over my head. The only thing that kept me sane was the regular stabbing sprees and multiple shootings I participated in. What a load of bollocks.

I-plod It's satire. Not real.

jesus • 1 year ago

Who cares? This is what London wants so leave them to it.

NobodyUK • 1 year ago

It's not what I want.

President Elect Foxoles • 1 year ago

Whiff whaff

Under Boris it will be whiff whaff

Mr C • 1 year ago

Iain Dale and guests on LBC losing their shit over Trump. Their virtue signalling derangement is profound.

Whatever, we have our own fish to fry on this side of the pond.

upset • 1 year ago

From a Sargon video I posted earlier...

"To be truly human you have to possess the characteristics of love and compassion" and as the Left are the arbiters on such matters anyone who disagrees with them in inhuman.
It is a nice cosy place for them to inhabit.

lugosi • 1 year ago

The UK media have absolutely no idea about how radical and
American/Jew-Hating these women are. They don’t know the depth of hatred they
spout. I do and you do, We follow USA politics. The MSM only repeat CNN.

jesus • 1 year ago

President of CNN (((Jeff Zucker))).
President of Global Radio owners of LBC (((Michael Tabor)))

upset • 1 year ago

I am rarely impressed with modern life but this morning one of my light bulbs blew and I didn't have a replacement.
I ordered a box of 6 from Amazon and have just replaced my old bulb long before sundown.

Snotsicle • 1 year ago

My Amazon package was allegedly delivered this morning, too. I'm not quite sure where they delivered it, but they assure me that it was.

Alexa, turn upsets bulb back on.

Wildflowers • 1 year ago

White man’s voodoo.

Blindsideflanker • 1 year ago

May gets her hands on the England Cricket teams trophy, the only bit of winning she has got close to.

Wildflowers • 1 year ago

What’s the betting the reception is alcohol free to avoid upsetting the chosen ones?

lugosi • 1 year ago

WOnderful LBC "effnic" talking about Trump's "White supremacy". She's getting breathless. The WOrld must hold him to account. Fuck Off!

He Must be brought to JUSTICE!!!! What a fucking mug.

sileic • 1 year ago

The left have been using the most vile language for years, but when Trump says something that, at best might make your maiden aunt rasie her eyes brows, they are outraged. The secret they are now failing to hide is that they think they have the monopoly on strong langauge.

Giordano Bruno • 1 year ago

All this anti-white propaganda makes you think about your race. And if you are white you can only conclude...yeah, we fucking are the best! Suck on it...

Aud • 1 year ago

Unintended consequences. I never used to think or care about race but now it's constantly drawn to my attention this is the only conclusion.

Rip van Wrinkle • 1 year ago


Jesse Jackson said his tweets were barbaric this morning.
He has a conflict of interest of course.