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OxoLuv • 2 months ago

Came to Japan for Sushi, will risk their life for sushi, and advocates for mixed bathing via weeb knowledge: Beatrix is best girl! The gang is fully complete now. We got female Kongming, a Pike-wielding Samurai girl, a Sentai Ranger and a naked man lol.

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 2 months ago

Nudist comedian lolz

Junnie Mae • 2 months ago

Everytime I see the dude naked. I laughed my arse off! Nudist comedian indeed!

Angenher Soria • 2 months ago

imagine the live action

ShallotBlackMUI • 2 months ago

there is a live action on netflix-

JDC • 2 months ago

yeah that shit trash. Kencho a fking twig with negative muscle. how are they supposed to be rugby players when they look like they've never seen a dumbell in their lives.

Ace Knight • 2 months ago

It's got nudity tho, so that's cool

Jdacosta King • 2 months ago

not as good in. my opinion, they missed out on the paint blood, great artic touch ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ

Almight • 2 months ago

I thought that was pretty cool

Ex_go1 • 2 months ago

Sorry bro,good live action cant happen,they will need to find beautifull looking main cast girls. Which real world does simply not have.

Almight • 2 months ago

lmfao hahahahaa

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 2 months ago

Right xD

FBIagentSenpai • 2 months ago

yes my favorite girl is here, Beatrix, she loves Japan, and just like her I want to go there someday, I can't wait to save enough money to have a nice holiday in Japan, I kept wondering why the bright colors, why we can't have normal blood and sh*t like any zombie apocalypse?

Almight • 2 months ago

it's just much better with this way, kind of reminds us they are still having fun in a zombie apocalypse

I mean it fits the vibe of this anime tbh...a bunch of guys & gals enjoying life after zombie apocalypse would you rather it be cliche like other hundreds of zombie movies out there that shows the protagonists struggling & depressing all the time trying to survive?

Just a guy with a pet Leech • 2 months ago

Thought it was pretty obvious? It's a pictorial metaphor. Cause before hand his life was dull and depressing and had no excitement in his life. Having no colour.

The apocalypse exploded over night stripping his old life away allowing him to be free and allowed him to feel excitement for the first time in a long time brighting up his world.

So rather then looking at it as a horrific thing it's the source of his excitement, and there's that mental disconnect as it's blood but from zombies "not" people.

But seeing someone die isn't seen as exciting and still horrific that's why their blood is normal/red. Think of the pretty boy with green hair that was by the banner after getting bitten or the air girls (when the drunk one gets her face ripped off that's just red blood same for the other one bitten by the old dude).

That's also why the general colour palette on the whole drastically brights up after the apocalypse (as in the buildings, lighting used, skin tones/clothing etc).

Admin • 2 months ago

There's some scientific truth to it too. When you're depressed, the colors of the world around you seems a lot duller, but when you're happy it's vibrant, bright, and vivid.

Nikola Nikolov • 1 month ago

its more of an artistic touch in this anime rather than censorship of blood witch i much appreciate the whole premise is just more goofy fun to watch rather than a horror setting the more episodes were in the sillier and funnier it gets

AnimatorME • 2 months ago

they are feeding the weeb dream this is only an anime nothing like that exsits here buddy

Talo Grim • 2 months ago

Boobs has joined the party

Where were you looking, my man xD?

sol666 . • 2 months ago

I was pretty sure he was twerking!

GreenTea Gal • 2 months ago

lol same

Sp1cy_Rubber • 2 months ago

Cake is the best distraction to be ever used since 2008 afterall

Sublime Hurdle 1542 • 2 months ago

As a hardcore fan of weapons, I had to point out that Beatrix was wielding a Naginata instead of a pike

Talo Grim • 2 months ago

Final member of the party has joined. And has boobs

Guest • 2 months ago
Sublime Hurdle 1542 • 2 months ago

That's a surprise for me.

Zaros Derer • 2 months ago

i think she will slee with our hero and take his virginity

Talo Grim • 2 months ago


Cum again Next time • 2 months ago

You ushio kofune in samurai armor? (Summertime rendering)

Enorme-san • 2 months ago

Looks like her for real

TheCabra • 2 months ago

Ushio with 200% more front mass

Amadeus • 2 months ago

Yeah it's uncanny.

Ken10 • 2 months ago

I mean blonde with blue eyes aint exactly a unique design

Orange • 2 months ago

I mean the mc looks like deku

Nemesis Claus • 2 months ago

and she gets naked whenever she sees a public bath

AnimatorME • 2 months ago

this whole thing felt like big adv

KuroYasha • 2 months ago

bro is the japanese bobby lee

Meroko Yui • 2 months ago

She's kind of like the MC I find. They aren't really serious characters. Also like how the Zombie apocalypse is just literally a vacation for them. lol.

AnimeVibesYT • 2 months ago

Lmfao this guy's perspective is just too good

Judgment526 • 2 months ago

I think the zombies would go after Kencho whether or not he shows his a**, so I donโ€™t know why he does it, lol

Red_Fox • 2 months ago

advocating for gender equality in fanservice ๐Ÿ‘

Room 34 of the Internet. • 2 months ago

Anything cute anime girls can do....the Boys can do better.

Boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys boys........!!!

DarkManifesto00 • 2 months ago

we're not all gay in this website yknow

Tribal Nutria • 2 months ago


MeguminExplosion • 2 months ago

imagine being triggered by their comment. girls watching female fan service. guess im gay.

DarkManifesto00 • 1 month ago

The only one getting triggered is you lmao
I only stated a fact, and a joke.

Lobstronomous • 2 months ago

Watching it is one thing. Being aroused by it is another.

Room 34 of the Internet. • 2 months ago

This has nothing to do with being gay...it's infact the opposite.
Masculinity so peak, testosterone level so high that cute anime girls have no power over you.
Only beefy masculine cheeks.

This is peak straight.