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Anime & Rutabagas • 5 months ago

They ran away so fast that they ran out of the animation lol

Ota-cool • 5 months ago

When i noticed that the background changed into a real life background,i started laughing..that was funny🤣

Whoever • 5 months ago

Small Gakuto with a Big Secret.

awww He's so considerate about his Big Brother

Waka Bestest of Friends! along with his grandfather

Anime & Rutabagas • 5 months ago

Kojiro and Waka are MVPs lol

Saint Evo • 5 months ago

Their friendship is just so precious. I could watch this all day

Archie Andrew's 1000 • 4 months ago

I practically watch this all morning since I was behind on it ^^

lulu94 • 5 months ago

I don't know how this story just manages to express emotions in such a relatable and human way
I'm able to connect to each one of the brothers
And I keep saying this but the animation is just so beautiful, it matches every single emotion so well, it enhances the story in a way that just tugs at your heart
The incorporation of real world scenes and clips is just so well integrated.
Super well-made.

Kwarevo • 5 months ago

Still cant beleive Gakuto and Waka in the same age

KingKrash • 4 months ago

Honestly, even Waka is surprisingly mature and understanding, though that might be due to the influence from having Gakuto as a friend.

SigmaDemon • 5 months ago

Gakuto is so considerate at such a tender age! It makes me emotional! But I am sure deep down he would like for his brothers to be there for him.

Deus The Great • 5 months ago

I understand Gakuto for real. He wasn't wrong to think like that with how many things Hayato has to take care of, but he will regret later for sure. I supported you, Minato. This connected beautifully. It was always emotional when they did flashback about their parents when you know they will never ever get a chance to meet them again. I almost in tear because I remembered when I was a kid about 6-7 years old, I guess, it was on Parents' Day at school and my parents wasn't there for me. Ofc, I know they have to work to take care of family and I wasn't whining at all because I understand them completely that time, but that memory haunted me until now when I saw students' parents came for them but not me.

dramasama • 4 months ago

its not like its the only parents day.. they have them at least 2 times a year every year till end of highschool.... minato should not have gone behinds his brothers back without talking to him

ECHI4LIFE • 4 months ago

its not just that, How do you think Hayato will feel if he is doing his best to make sure his brothers are living the best life only to find out he missed his brothers first parents day because his brother was trying to be considerate.

Deus The Great • 4 months ago

The same thing can be said about Gakuto if that the case. He shouldn't have behind his brothers back to hide about parents visit without talking to them.

Glinda • 5 months ago

Nice episode.
Grandpa and Waka are the best !!
Now - what with the running ?! 😅
Also , the part with the bathroom when he told to Gakuto make sure to lock the door 😂.

Ota-cool • 5 months ago

Find a friend like Waka who would support you and even cry for you🧡

Noah Winns-Cromer • 5 months ago

Waka is such the cutest, he's such a cinnamon bun!

Me12222 • 5 months ago

Gakuto would be flabbergasted if he saw how long the breaks English teachers take are 😂

Byno • 5 months ago

Especially during the exam years! I've had to have so many substitute english teachers during my exam years!

TGN • 4 months ago

I once had an English teacher who just up and quit third day of school. We had subs and almost no work for months before a new teacher got hired.

yel • 2 months ago

i've noticed it before but i loved how mikoto always called their youngest as 'gakuto-san' with a very respectful tone, as if the little kid is older than him

Eman Hamed • 1 month ago

I loved that too. it comes through as an act of respect? because he acts so mature?

yel • 1 month ago

i know right?

Düölingöhhh Snorlax • 3 months ago

Omggg the suspenseee!!!

Nishanth • 4 months ago

Best anime, needs S2

Annecy Change • 5 months ago

Run for you life. lol

Souma's Headband • 5 months ago

HAHAHA that scene with real photos in it came out of nowhere HAHA

Ota-cool • 5 months ago

Hayato with the word "mama" printed on his apron! I cant🤣.. technically he IS now a mom and a dad to his younger brothers

Utsuro • 5 months ago

Minato is about to put Gakuto's determination to waste hmm

The BuilderGamer • 5 months ago

Aw naw Minato and Uta ran thru the Perfume department

Gojou's cat • 5 months ago

This episode seemed to drag a little bit of am I so eager to know what happen that I felt the episode cover so little...

abe • 2 months ago

omg this is such a big deal and it's super cute!! gosh!!

さとう🍬 • 4 months ago

Gramps in anime == gramps irl

David • 4 months ago

The running moment 😂

P0TAT0 • 4 months ago

I find Gakuto so cute with a big head, but the neck is way out of proportion ><

Helia • 4 months ago

*random Google Streetview moment* 😂
Whole family will show up, I'm sure ~

Alex • 4 months ago

Well Idk how this will go, but none of them are wrong and none of them are right either. It will be fun to watch next episode!

KingKrash • 4 months ago

it seems like the further the show goes, the more folks get added to the end animation with the house.

Praying Hamtis • 4 months ago

What are the changes both gardians got an update inventation by email or sms.

Nishanth • 4 months ago

Uta walking outside lol

Miuki • 4 months ago

This scene and the next episode is where the manga ends on my website so I'm excited to see the rest

Hayate ayasaki • 4 months ago

Minato and Uta ran so fast that they gained speed force to travel multiverse

Akanecchi • 4 months ago

Those kids will be the death of me. They're so adorable.

dramasama • 4 months ago

i want gokuto though to be mad at his brother for going against his wishes.... he should not project himself onto his younger brother. no matter how he thinks he feels deep down

Kuroi San • 5 months ago

Gakuto is more mature than half of the kids on this platform

KuroroSama42 • 5 months ago

I'm surprised grandpa wasn't the voice of reason on this and tell him something like:

Try thinking from your brother's point of view. How will he feel when he realizes/finds out that he missed it?

Obviously, make it clear you're on his side and will be keeping his secret, whatever he decides in the end.

Conan Edogawa • 5 months ago

Maybe he did it just hasnt been put on screen yet.