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Anime & Rutabagas • 9 months ago

So in the end the ship didn’t sail and I’m ok with that…

But honestly, this series kinda dropped the ball for me
Still somewhat enjoyed it to an extent

Overall, Sajo x Anyone that isn’t Aika FTW lol

Mega-Chad-Type-Hero • 9 months ago

Well, with a variety of this season's shows coming to an end, with so many rather under-whelming stories and stories full of plot-holes, and, the lack of true «Chad» behaviours from main-characters, I must make this announcement :

I will be seen a lot less from here onwards on Disqus for purposes of scheduling more time towards drawing/producing my own manga (or maybe it would be called a doujinshi or doujin or which-ever) rather than this surprisingly time-consuming activity of animé-watching;

Whilst there is no guarantee that my work(s) will necessarily be picked up & adapted into some sort of animé, I believe I can come up with much better stories than most of what we have seen over recent years, partly because I have actually personally lived through much of it myself (some of which I have occasionally revealed which actually ended up getting several people to ask me from which manga I got such a story from since they apparently wanted to check it out for themselves even though those really were just my own actual personal-experiences) so we'll see how things goes...

Coldplay23 • 9 months ago

see u next week


Delete Zero • 9 months ago

Im writing my own anime to. Not drawing manga just plainly writing it into episodes. I know it will never become a real anime, but I'm writing it for myself. It's a story about my experiences to

ㅤꜱㅤᴏㅤʟㅤᴏㅤ • 9 months ago

Eh, then will you let me see too, I'm kinda interested though.

Delete Zero • 9 months ago

I can send you the description

Fortune's Feline • 9 months ago

I only have a very brief moment to log in and comment, but I couldn't go to bed without commenting that you will be missed.
Even though I have refrained from logging in and making any comments until Mercury retrograde had passed, I still enjoyed reading them. Often times that is doubly true for yours. Either way, know that you are appreciated and will be welcomed back when you visit from time to time. (Assuming I see you that is.)
One word of advice, Mercury retrograde "technically" ended on the 15th, but it still has quite a ways to go until it leaves it's "shadow zone". Be forewarned that medium-long term plans hatched/made during this time rarely work out. (Speaking as an astrologer.)
So don't be too hard on yourself if your anime plan does a flip flop somewhere down the line, flexibility is key. ;)

Fortune's Feline • 9 months ago

Anyways, not to lose the main point of my commenting in the astro-speak. I would like to reiterate that you will be missed. God's Blessings upon You and May Good Fortune be ever by your side.

B o a t Model: Carrier • 9 months ago

I hope u do well. I don't know anything about the process of making manga and stuff, but I do know that it's a lot of work. Don't overwork yourself and don't get too crazy.

SPACE-86 • 9 months ago

sir mega chad once u produce ur own manga/doujin can u give us ur sauce? in this very comment of mine

[____] • 9 months ago

I m already getting curious i don’t usually like commenting but i had to ask for your notif in this comment if u every released one

Os • 9 months ago

I wish you well Mega Chad maybe I will see it adapted cause honestly I feel ya, been thinking I can beat this bar.
Perhaps even write a story on the demonic webnovel
Take Liar Liar could see a way better plot if the combo was done right. This one the bar of good is like Oregairu so falls short.
Heck even older series like Girls Beyond the Wasteland felt stronger.
May you write an Epic with a strong mc like Grisaia or a legendary manga like Molester man aka Chikan Otoko. Or even older ancients like Welcome to the NHK.

Marek Zielinski • 9 months ago

You are either doing this or you blush around the bush so called mega chad... if you have a story make sure to be proud of it unless there is nothing to it in the end... btw you sure about that? jp culture is different and to this point the west have no real purchess on this medium due to our cultural differances... know your audience before you will end up with a heartbreak

Mega-Chad-Type-Hero • 9 months ago

I started a story (the one I plan to resume) over at at ninja . co . jp, written in Japanese, several years back, and, said story still managed to get plenty of attention, although, unfortunately, too many complications were occurring in my life back then to be able to continue working on that project; I should be able to allocate more time and focus more easily now since I am no longer living life in the manner of a homeless-orphan which went on for several years in a row (something over a decade) where most of my time was a struggle for survival and maintaining full-time-job-schedules even though none of my employers ever realised or found out that I was actually homeless whilst working for them (several of them even wanted to keep me around on a permanent-contract) so I don't believe it should be too difficult to generate a craving audience (I also used to write a variety of articles for a web-site that I used to have, and, even though I made zero effort to actively advertise, said web-site was getting at least 400 repeat-visitors per day even after only two months of working on it actively... momentum was only killed because my hard-drive crashed, and, I didn't have a means to resume the progress I had built-upon, but, I now know a lot more about computers & fixing & trouble-shooting them, even have several laptops & desk-tops now, will be fixing one of my desk-tops soon when the Thermal-Paste I ordered arrives, and so I thus now have plenty of «experience» with life that I am planning on putting to damn good use).

Marek Zielinski • 9 months ago

sounds like a tough life... and don`t get me wrong but you do not need a computer to write ;) A paper notebook, a pen and a plastic bag to keep it safe... the problem with excuses is that they are way to convinient and always there preventing you to reach for the sky... i know. I have been putting away my writing for years and just to be clear i have been earning my living by myself for 20 years now. I know the struggle ;) Do your best and make sure to not write a character that is a washed out version of yourself unless you want do a semi self documentary which wouldn`t be bad on its own. but the problem is there are plenty of stories like that allready. Wish you all the best though and i hope you will realise your dream. Good Luck! and i really mean it ^^

Mebius • 9 months ago

This is actually sick. I don't comment much but looking forward to your future works man, it's always exciting to see creators go ahead and produce their own stuff.

And if you would humbly provide a link to a profile somewhere you might publish your works/talk about it, I would appreciate it a lot.

Time. • 9 months ago

I feel like this episode was the only episode out of most of them were Sajo and Aika actually had a good connection for once lol

Ken C Nuñez • 9 months ago

well because it was RUSHED.
The Ending is anime Original :-)
The Necktie and Hair fixing part is 2-3 Volume ahead from the current Summer Arc "Volume LN Voltume 3-4", to be exact the entire 12 episode only cover Up to LN Volume 1-4 but even then the 12 episode is really rushed specially with ep-3,4,5 then the beach scene is changed (forgot what EP is) the Summer Visit is rushed and the ending is an anime Original but uses some previous LN Chapter Lines and scene "Mix of Volume 2 & Volume 3" and anime original scene.
The Horse Riding Part and Mother & lil sister intro is Volume 2
Kei & Sajo visit is Volume 3
With lots of missing details and changed details.
The Scene going home scene up to the fire work to school waiting scene are all anime original.
The Necktie & Hair Fixing Scene is taken from LN volume 6 ending or Volume 7 intro (forgot it that's why i said it skip 3-4 volume from that scene).
That is because Aika changed and that cover near to School Festival Arc, Aika notice she likes MC "started to fix his necktie and hair even if its not really messy since MC sister fix it at home basically an Alibi of Aika".
So yeah Aika only changed starting from Volume 6, at Volume 4 she still threat MC like Trash.
They ended it with a closing remark "MC world turned Grey and returned back to a Colorful World".
LN Volume 6 ending upto LN Volume 8 is Aika Char development and there's still rival Fuuka .. The anime adaptation with it finale original end is a MEEHH.. that's why its only a hype from ep 1-3 which is nearly accurate as LN then turned into a MEEEH after ep 4-12.

Satoshi Ookami • 9 months ago

So from your description we can pretty much be sure this won't get S2 since the timeline is totally screwed.

Human Mind • 9 months ago


Ken C Nuñez • 9 months ago

He only did really good connection with Aika from Volume 7 & 8 while they keep introducing new char.
For example Sasaki Yuki 1st actual debut is in Volume 7.
The girl with a twin tail w/ brown hair w/ the same school uniform as Fuuka in the Opening Song..
She is in the Opening but never gets an actual appearance in the anime LOL that is because she only appear at Vol 7 "School Festival Arc".
Her scene here in anime is not actually a scene its just MC sending picture and her replying on MC's message.

Do speak thy Ken, Ken. Do you recommend I read the manga? Would we at least get more into depth with the other girls as to see them act lovey dovey with Sajo or maybe even kiss? Even if we know the end is with Aika, I'd love to enjoy more of the other girls.

MeguminExplosion • 9 months ago

When a ship sinks, a new ship sails.
When the sunk ship returns, the new ship sinks -MeguminExplosion

lol still lowkey didnt like this ship honestly but it was aii i guess but i wished it was another ship that sailed and not this one lmao

majaketrix • 9 months ago

well..the 1st ship isnt a ship. its a submarine 😂

ohmiodio • 9 months ago

Such deep words master.
how do you do it.

MeguminExplosion • 9 months ago

After my explosion I have lots of time to think as I can't move...

Maitta naa. Oh well. I guess this went the exact way we expected since episode 2. It's a shame tho. Wish we could have at least gotten a kissu from all the other girls... Man, can you imagine that? Like Seiren, I think I recall in Seiren Mc also ended up with the most boring girl, but after he already had grown with other more interesting girls and kissed them. Sajo didn't even kiss Aika.

I'm not gonna call this anime simplistic, since it's not, it was quite exquisite, and I'd love to read the manga... But it's a shame. Like I said before it's clear the author really never stopped carrying a torch and that's a shame. I've had Aika's myself, and that doesn't happen and it's far from colorful inside.

Still, the anime was good. wish we could get more like this. We don't get enough of this kind of anime these days
But man, MC had two or three of four more delicious girls.... gghhhgh the pain, the rage. Maybe I should watch Amagami this week to wash off this mouth taste.

KeqingMain • 9 months ago

Yeah Sajo x anyone but not aika I could go aboard because I watched from a youtube compilation and it showed me what possessive and what prideful person aika is. He didn't loved and praised her just like before because he got tired of it all and now she's the one wanting to go and ship the sail with sajo guess I learned something from this one 😂

Human Mind • 9 months ago

Wataru does not want to end like Wataru Watari.

sasuke_md • 9 months ago

They got so close that they are on the sailing path, but they need more time in order to come in a natural way. Open ending is ok here, considering the pace and the cut. Another season would be nice, but I think they lack material.

I didn't quite perceive it as open, but Ooof that would be just lovely, another season, where Sajo might actually move on to more delightful girls.... aaaaahhhhh the paiiiin. I wanna see that so bad.

ohmiodio • 9 months ago

TBCH it looks like it sailed. you just need the onboard confirmation.

Os • 9 months ago

Indeed this was the anime where all other pairings were more attractive for me even the weak pairings like Kei Sajo that one scared girl Sajo his sis and Sajo lol etc.

SPACE-86 • 9 months ago

fr FTW

strange guy • 9 months ago

I mean most people never talked about this show anyway

Mr_knight • 6 months ago

Yeah fr , aika is shit

Youtube.com/bideosama • 7 months ago

Are you new to anime? I mean... compared to other anime of this style the ship sailed full speed ahead

Satoshi Ookami • 9 months ago

Tbh, it felt more like they actually sailed, just not officially.
Or more like now it's Natsukawa's turn to start attacking.

phoenix • 9 months ago

Honestly same i don't want the mc to end up with main girl and I'm proud, Natsukawa doesn't know what she wants. I thought this series would be better. There were way better girls in this series but he still went back.

xX><Xx • 9 months ago

It would have been nice to see Sajo get somewhere with someone else, but I don't think that it's really as interesting as development between him and Natsukawa. She is the girl he was obsessed with and who was sick of him for following her around all the time. Then when he realizes that what he's doing is unhealthy and problematic, and decides to back off, she realizes at some point that she liked the attention on some level and even that he has qualities about him that she likes, which is something that could happen because of the change in his behavior towards her. The other characters are great, but nothing is as interesting as this dynamic is.
There's nothing really wrong with not liking Aika, but reading the comments it feels somewhat like the most common reason for disliking the show or at least the outcome here (anime original ending which could be considered a 'technical confession') is that people can't stand Aika or would strongly prefer to see Sajo with one of the other girls. I suspect if Aika's development had been handled better, she would be less unpopular. One of the obvious ways to create conflict and result in development for both of them would be to have Sajo enter a relationship with another character. It even feels like a missed opportunity. The point would ideally be to develop characters properly, because like I said, in my opinion, Aika's relationship with Sajo is the most interesting. (This has nothing to do with liking or disliking her character.) At any rate, I don't think the story should be judged by how one feels about the character that ended up with the MC in the end.

I was actually interested enough in Sajo's character that I happened to start reading the web novel. It's rough, but interesting. Apparently the author started writing it to practice English, so it's quite rough. I haven't made it too far but it's clear that the anime adaptation mixes the pacing of things up from early on.
Another random thing, the ball was supposed to slam loudly against a wall in front of Wataru, which kind of worked better than just having it fly past his head.
It's definitely not a great adaptation, though I guess they managed to capture some of the things about it that are appealing.

Srrymania • 9 months ago

Nah, they are gonna continue the ship next season

STAX • 9 months ago

Such a weak end with a weak "Get Together". Makes me sad, would have liked Aika to be more developed or Sajo to get with one of the Better Girls, Disciplinary Committee Pres, or Kei.

Well, it is what it is, and it isn't much.

Vii X • 9 months ago

So... I have to ask, what's with gogo constantly changing names?

Tis important, sites like gogo are resistance against organizations like DMCA from taking down anything free and turning the internet into a virtual shopping mall. Once money becomes involved, everything gets screwed. Companies get involved, incompetent management, trying to manipulate perception, comments, making bad product, censoring, forcing ideas, forcing or faking reception, etc etc. Just look at Reddit, tumblr or Crunchyroll for examples of sites that are ruined.

Me myself, I'd say this little bit of disqus comments is the last place in the internet where I can pop to talk, comment, etc etc. Like we used to be able in blogs. I can't think of other places.

ohmiodio • 9 months ago

Money IS involved in anime. regardless of you watching it for free or not.

But not too much money. The more money gets involved more incompetent medium level managers get involved. Then comes the "think smart"decisions that only ruin the product. Anyways what I meant is that gogo is resistance against censorship and manipulation of the market. Kinda what Disney and Netflix attempt by pretending their content is adored by their audience. Netflix no longer has the five stars for example

ohmiodio • 9 months ago

Anime marker share is in the Billions.

Good lord man, you must be the most brilliant international market analyst I've ever met. Hurry now!! We must tell other men!!